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Career Management Plan Report


Many companies are increasingly incorporating career development plans into their strategic plans (Greenhaus et al 276). The recruitment of the new staff for Interclean Ltd was just the first step towards developing a fully-fledged department and a vibrant company that is capable of delivering results.

After the six-month training is over, the sales department members will be absorbed fully into the system of the company. They will form part of a large team that have built career out of the company. With the merger, the company is a lot bigger and one of the challenging tasks that the human resources department has to grapple with is the career management plan for the new employees.

The HR is not the only department that will deal with the management of the employees’ careers. Other management teams will be fully involved playing their roles in the development of the new staff for the long-term benefit of the company.

The plan will involve the setting and reviewing of the performance of the new staff while assisting them improve on their weak areas through continuous appraisal based on the feedback that they give. The plan will involve the submission of feedback to the employee, enhancement of the performance of the staff, provision and availability of advancement opportunities as well as educational opportunities and the scheduling of the working periods.

It is important to not that the plan will, be geared towards preventing a big turnover rate for the sales staff of Interclean company.


The necessity of employer feedback in any organization cannot be overstated (Schuman 76).This will be feedback that the Interclean management will give to the employee concerning their performance in the company. For effectiveness and goal achievement to be realized, it is not advisable to have a timetable for dissemination of these feedbacks.

Daily attention will be needed from the management team in order to ensure closer observation from the managers. The observation will help employees to know which areas that the employees need to polish up so that they can hit their targets easily. In giving feedback, it’s important, for manager to give credit where it’s due. It’s a major morale boost for them.

Additionally, the feedback should be accompanied by a candid explanation of why the manager feels the employee is underperforming and the tips how she /he should improve the performance. It’s important for the management if interclean to make a list of all employees and evaluate them according to their job descriptions. The best opportunity that the management is going to give to the employees after feedback is the chance to make an improvement.


Feedback that will be given to employees of Interclean is meant to help them improve performance in their specific sales jobs. The management has a crucial role to play in the realization of good performance. The sales leadership of Interclean will address five issues that will enable the sales staff to perform.

The leadership will define the clear meaning of performance generally and for Interclean Ltd employees. This will help the sales staff know their expectations and work towards them. Secondly, regular feedback between employees and management will be necessary to ensure the staff performs well in their posts.

It will help identify their fears and challenges that they face so that they can be solved. During the training period and considerable appraisal, the management will have clear picture of who fits where. This will help them make required adjustments and if necessary reshuffle the employees according to the skills where they have strengths.

One of the arduous issues and tactic to improve performance is to help the sales employees of Interclean to develop commitment and willingness to work at the company and to do their job they have been assigned to do. The employees should never feel that they put too much in the job than they gain.

Finally, capable leadership will help them respect authority besides inspiring them. Solid and focused leadership will be necessary to ensure high performance is achieved. A good understanding leadership that will serve every employee individually will ensure high performance.


Promotions and job advancement heavily depend on the performance of the sales employees of Interclean. Similarly, advancement in education will also be a factor in improving the chances of employees getting promoted. Career advancement at Interclean will be guaranteed for any employee that shows initiative.

Already, there is a plan in place that clearly outlines the steps one needs to move to a higher level. Given that the company is growing, the current sales staff will be given first priority when expansion of the departments they work in implemented. Additionally, the company encourages its employees to further their education especially on their respective fields as it helps them have competitive advantage.

Besides, Interclean is willing to offer education advancement incentives to the top performers who will qualify immediately they reach the levels as defined in the career plan. Other sales employees at Interclean who will express desire to advance their education will also put through the tuition assistance program.


Flexibility is desired by every employee (Greenhaus et al 200). The responsibilities of dual career parents demand that they engage in some level of multitasking. The programs for interclean sales employees will be flexible for such people but only to the extent that it will ensure productivity and retention of the employee.

They will be offered incentives for spending more time on the job to ensure they don’t get low pay which will be a demoralizing factor. However, it should be noted that the sales leadership of the company will demand nothing less of adherence to sales schedules and meetings so that consistence is achieved and mentioned. That way productivity will not slump.

Adapting to Diversity

One of the most important business management aspects is the adaptation of manager to the diversity of their employees. According to Henderson, diversity is like adding color to an old black and white television. It makes watching this particular Television interesting to watch (89). Similarly adapting to and acknowledging diversity will add experience and new ideas to the sales team at Interclean so that performance is improved.

At Interclean, every person’s career is important and all of the employees will be treated as such. The leadership will have to understand that every position is unique and will need special attention on an individual basis. That way every problem will be solved uniquely according to everybody’s specialization.


The approach fronted by this paper mainly involved non-monetary commitment to the management of the employees. The key here is, understanding the needs of the employees which more often than not are not money related.

Sound management of interclean sales staff will lead to a high satisfaction of the workforce hence high retention levels. Apart from education ventures the employees will take, the monetary commitment for the department will be very minimal.


The career management plan will ensure long-term stay for the employees of Interclean hence saving on costs and time during the period.

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