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Autism Treatment Network Proposal

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Updated: Oct 22nd, 2020

Resources for the Program

There are several major resources that will be used in this program. First, the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) is a network that assists in collaboration among the best hospitals and institutions that deliver medical care for people with ASD. The design standards of care that address the most problematic conditions related to ASD. The ATN shares important information with clinicians that practice across the country. Also, it provides the largest database that contains up-to-date information. Scientific studies on the problems of autism disorders, evidence-based guidelines, educational materials, and training courses for specialists working with autists are the major areas that the ATN covers. Another valuable resource is ABPathfinder. It is a new technology that enhances the effectiveness of different autism programs. ABPathfinder reduces paperwork, offering a wide range of services that improve data outcomes.

In order to use these resources in PEACE, it is necessary to establish a budget that will cover expenditures on training courses for specialists involved in the program, educational materials, seminars, and individual counseling. Also, the college will provide computer labs as the program requires the application of modern technologies. In addition, PEACE provides various opportunities to volunteers who need to gain valuable experience, working with professionals.

Lesson Plan

The main focus of our program is on cultivating basic social skills in college students with ASD. In this lesson plan, they will practice different patterns of conversation starters. Various models of communicational behaviors will be introduced to the participants as well. Students will learn how to ask appropriate questions and keep the dialogue going. Such classes will take approximately one hour, depending on the demands of students.

Students will be engaged in several types of discussions that include group, face-to-face, and instructor-led discussions. Therefore, participants will get an opportunity to put theory into practice with different partners. Opinion exchange and developing ideas will help students to enhance their social skills. Also, classes will include writing tasks aimed at improving English grammar that is necessary for building confidence and self-esteem. Students will get various cards that contain visuals and conversational patterns. These cards will broaden the students’ vocabulary and help them practice new skills.

Finally, students will be taught how to use these models during job interviews. The instructor will underline the main aspects that help students appropriately introduce themselves and discuss professional duties. Therefore, participants will be able to apply their newly acquired skills to find decent jobs.

Strategies for Stakeholders

Stakeholder management is an important aspect of our program. There are several effective strategies that can help to engage more stakeholders. First, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis in order to identify potential stakeholders. Several factors should be emphasized: their needs and wants, expectations, and interest in the program. Also, it is important to take into consideration the college staff and administration. Second, the main goals of the program should be clearly identified and demonstrated. The general public needs to understand the possible benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, communication through social media and the Internet might help to attract new stakeholders. Third, it is necessary to look for opportunities. Potential stakeholders that are less interested in the program should not be neglected. Strategies have to cultivate a positive perception of the program in people who are skeptical about it. Therefore, the development of a mitigation plan can attract them. It should demonstrate measures that reduce the impact of risk factors and improve the profitability of the program.


PEACE is a complex program that is aimed to help college students with ASD to successfully integrate into our society. This program covers several important aspects and focuses on cultivating necessary social skills. People with ASD experience various difficulties in communication. It prevents them from completing educational programs and finding appropriate jobs. PEACE offers services that are highly demanded these days. Although there are different obstacles that stand in the way of the program’s implementation, it has a good chance of success.

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