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Avant Company: Marketing of Medical Devices Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2020

Discuss How Avant Healthcare Can Further Leverage Its Brand Loyalty from Its HCP’s to Helping Its Business

Avant has for long adopted the peer-to-peer strategy that has integrated different strategies that address creative capacity, medical acumen and agency’s intelligence (“Avant Healthcare Marketing”, 2010). Within this strategy, there is, shared ownership of some significant strategic decisions, compelling and compliant campaigns as well as getting involved in tracking real-time data.

To improve on the business activities, Avant should embark on improving the academic technology as well as the partnership with other businesses. The increase will ensure that the complexities are addressed and hence paving way for business growth. In addition, it should embark on initiating better ambulatory, retail and post acute diversification. Since Avant mostly deals with advertising of products and services, it should embark on delivering these products and services.

In addition, if Avant was to focus on co-branding and co-marketing, it would increase the returns and the business would project increased profits. Increasing of the brand equity and shifting the strategic plan to align with the overall business initiatives can also improve the business position.

Discuss How Avant Proactively Asking Its HCPs about Possible Concerns Can Help Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is influenced by information, both internal and external associated with the corporation. By getting information from the HCPs about the possible concerns associated with the brand, there is developed brand intelligence. Brand intelligence concerns gathering meaningful consumer and market information that enable Avant to identify the market strengths and opportunities that are important in improving the brand loyalty and hence increase the organization’s returns (Hoyer, Macinnis, & Dasgupta, 2008).

In addition, the information collected from the HCPs serves as a brand strategy to drive for demand and stimulate loyalty. This is because the information will provide for brand value proposition answers, which would estimate the position of the company against its competitors. It would also aid in brand activation and alignment, all strong factors that influence brand loyalty.

This information would also increase the brand communication that would create a duo dialogue by establishing a strong relationship between Avant and the patients. Investigating on the brand’s impact also serves as an avenue for brand performance in which the market place trends are investigated and analyzed.

How Do The International Medical Staffing Firms that View Customer Complaints as Nothing More than a Pain in Their Side Contribute to Customer Disconfirmation Formation by Their HCPs?

Disconfirmation can be experienced as either positive or negative depending on the levels of performances and the expectations from the consumers (Babin, & Harris, 2011). In the event that the performance falls below the expectations, then there arises a negative disconfirmation whereas in the event of a positive disconfirmation, the performances exceed the expectations.

When the international medical staffing firms view customer complaints as pain other than a matter of paramount importance, they undermine the already visible concept of negative disconfirmation.

Failure to address the negative disconfirmation and otherwise terming it as pain overlooks the ideas and the issues leading to these complains. The HCPs of Avant focus on improving performance within the health facilities.

Whenever these aims are not achieved, the consumers and other involved individuals result to complaining. Instead of the international medical staffing investigating the causes for complains, they pretend that the performance does not fall below the expectations, resulting to a gross assumption that can greatly affect the business activities.

There ought to have a thorough follow-up on these complains for the disconfirmation to turn positive. Otherwise, the disconfirmation will always remain negative and this will serve to increases complains and other verbal dissatisfaction chants.

Discuss the Long-Term Implications of Negative Word-Of-Mouth Have on International Medical Staffing Firms

The negative word-of-mouth on the international medical staffing firms is mostly due to negative disconfirmation, caused by unfulfilled expectations. Through constant rebuke and critiquing, the negative attributes firstly affect the reputation of the firms. People associate the firms more with the positive attributes than with the negative ones (Hoyer, Macinnis, & Dasgupta, 2008).

Secondly, the consumer trust is reduced as many will perceive the international medical staffing firms as incompetent and as disrespectful of the consumer needs and rights. The brands being marketed under these firms are undermined causing their loyalty to reduce. On the long-term, the whole perception and repute prior held by customers to these firms will be jeopardized. Mistrust will develop and hence causing even the employees seeking attachment through these firms to fear for services of low quality.

In conclusion, the issues have proven that the consumer behaviors are influenced by among other issues, the perception of the consumer, the brand identity and command, the marketing strategies and the levels of consumer disconfirmation. Positive disconfirmation have been found to have positive influence of the consumer while negative influences, which are mostly caused by unfulfilled expectations, negatively influence the consumer products, brand name and have long-term effects of the corporations.


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