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Background Mckenzie River Tourism Term Paper

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Updated: Jul 11th, 2019

The McKenzie River is a Willamette River tributary which runs 90 miles and is approximately 145 km. The McKenzie River was named after a Scottish Canadian, Donald McKenzie who was a fur trader. It is situated in the western part of the Oregon, United States. McKenzie River flows to the south most end of Willamette Valley and drains some part of the Cascade Range which is in the east of Eugene.

The river has six large dams in this river and its tributaries. The Valley of McKenzie forms one of the most popular destinations for recreation in Lane County and Oregon. The valley is internationally recognized for the superb tout fishing that it provides.

It offers a variety of recreational activities ranging from shopping from distinctive gift shops and art galleries, by the river relaxing, golfing at the beautiful courses, running in a drift boat, raft or kayak and hiking in the wilderness among other recreational activities (Solomon, 2010).

The McKenzie River has a wide range of attraction besides the recreational activities mentioned in the above paragraph.

Some of these attractions include; the McKenzie River Trail and hiking; floating in the McKenzie River, flying fish in the McKenzie River, the hot springs, driving the scenic Hwys, riding the horse through the forests, playing golf at the Tokatee, taking a Row Boat out on the clear lake, biking and riding at the road, visiting waterfalls and snow bikes at the HooDoo.

The McKenzie River is generally a scenic site that has many attractions to its tourists and satisfies them with the wide range of recreational activities that it has in its vicinity (Nancy, 2004).

Target Market for McKenzie River

The current target of the McKenzie River is basically tourists and people who are out to look for vocational areas and destinations. Those tourists and people who earn a lot of money may access several recreational activities and therefore they form part of the current target market for The McKenzie River.

The target market of the McKenzie River may be described as those who are old or aged in need of vocational places which offer everything they need. The new target market of the McKenzie River include those with small families, the elderly, newly weds and those with huge salaries.

The consumer perception on the McKenzie River Tourism include things like the environment full of fun, convenient services, and heavy marketing to get many users (Nancy, 2004).

The four P’s of McKenzie River

The Products that are offered here include hiking, rafting, biking, sightseeing, fishing and camping among others. The old services should however be improved and new ones developed. The promotion of the mentioned services creates awareness of the recreational activities available.

The McKenzie River does this through its online website, brochures focusing on people between 30 to 50 years old and the local enlightenment of the people around about their offerings. The price of the activities offered here are affordable to those people who are looking for vocational area and those with huge salaries to spend.

They may not be favorable to people who are sensitive about the price. That is why the target market is the old people who can afford and spend on the services.

The place and distribution of the McKenzie River services is done through the fishing stores where people shop their fishing supplies. The online website and store are their major distribution areas. This is also done by publishing brochures about the place and the services they provide (Solomon, 2010).


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