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Beverly Wilshire Hotel’s Marketing Plan Elements Research Paper

Product Marketing

Beverly Wilshire Hotel focuses not only on providing exceptional hotel services but also on a vast variety of facilities including spa and dining to underline its fashionable and historical nature (“Beverly Wilshire: Welcome” par. 1). Glamorous, unique, and high-quality services have to be regarded as the essential elements of the product marketing to depict the critical philosophy of Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The hotel is aimed to sell a part of the history, elegance, and exceptional experience in its facilities while respecting its visitors individually and ensuring the efficient flow of the processes. Meanwhile, each service has to be discovered separately by portraying the unique features of each exceptional component.

Firstly, the accommodation is the core service of the hotel, as it tends to offer a unique experience for each person by providing rooms for young, families, and single guests (“Beverly Wilshire: Accommodations” par. 1). In this case, the promotion aimed at delivering individual approach, glamorous design with the historical notes, and high quality of the facilities. To underline these matters, additional services such as pool, fitness, and business services are offered to ensure the applicability to each target group.

In turn, the hotel tends to provide different tours aiming at various social groups, as people have a tendency to have different preferences about the traveling and sightseeing. The tour programs have a high reflection of the glamor on the hotel while aiming at the delivery of the services for each visitor separately (“Beverly Wilshire: Experiences” par. 1). In turn, dining is represented by restaurants, lounges, and an opportunity for private dining (“Beverly Wilshire: Dining” par. 1). The hotel aims at offering its values though through and sophisticated menu while combining elegance, modernity, and history in its dishes.

Furthermore, a spa is also regarded as a discrete service since it is a separate existing facility and has its own exceptional features (“Beverly Wilshire: Welcome” par. 1). The presence of this facility underlines the concept of relaxation while adding glamorous notes to the life, and it has to be promoted by emphasizing its features. Lastly, the hotel has a tendency to organize weddings and honeymoons while aiming to the value proposition with elegant and historical halls, catering, and unique menu with a combination of delicious and exceptional flavors (“Beverly Wilshire: Weddings” par. 1).

In the end, all services mentioned above tend to form a unique marketing proposal and share similar values in the customer’s support by emphasizing the individual approach, glamor, and history of the hotel. The hotel aims to cherish high quality while depicting the personal preferences of the customers to provide a memorable experience in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, it has a tendency to offer elegance and sophisticated features while dividing customers by their needs and desires.


Price is the most critical element, which assures company’s competitiveness on the market while offering the best opportunity for an appropriate price. Meanwhile, the pricing strategy has to comply with the value proposition while emphasizing the significance of the value with a combination of skilled labor, high recognition, reputation, commitment to the pricing development (Baker 49). It could be said that the relevance of the pricing formation is defined by the proposed service with the understanding of the value offering and demand for the mentioned services in the market.

In the context of the presented case of Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the value proposition implies offering historical, elegant, and glamorous experience while combining it with the exceptional features such as spa, dining, and tours, increasing customers’ loyalty, and having an incomparable reputation. Meanwhile, the customers are satisfied with the services due to the presence of the individual approach and unique features.

A combination of the factors mentioned above emphasizes the understanding that the company has a well-developed value proposition and can freely focus on premium pricing. In this case, the company can freely adapt this pricing strategy for all of its services since it complies with its value proposition while meeting expectations of the customers and has a well-developed customer base.


The role of promotion cannot be underestimated, as it assists in delivering the right message to the potential users while highlighting the unique features to underline the exceptionality of the experience (Stone 88).

In this case, the company should not utilize the advertising as a priority tool, as it will be impossible to select the right channel for the message delivery. In this instance, the company has to be substantial attention to the actions in the social media, as encouraging customers’ sharing in the social networks contributes to the spread of the exceptional quality of the hotel (Greenhalgh 30). In this case, the company should maintain its website and pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure a high recognition of the hotel in the world.

Additionally, it can propose its facilities for the organization of the various events while sharing their occurrence via the social networks. In turn, the streaming of the events can be portrayed on the website while using digital technology and spreading the information with the social networks. This matter will establish the full portrayal of the hotel’s services while attracting the users to its facilities and share the experience with their friends on Facebook. Meanwhile, the hotel can also provide various discounts for the participants of the events to ensure their return.

Furthermore, PR practices have a high correlation with the social media and website advertising, as it aims at building the two-way contact with the customers (Deuschl 15). In this case, the company can utilize press releases to portray their corporate and social responsibility and provide replies to the common issues related to its operations. This matter will help the company strengthen its public opinion while emphasizing their values.

Lastly, the sales promotions can be viewed as an exceptional instrument, as, in this case, the visitor have a chance to try another part of the service with the discount or a free supplement to the accommodation. For instance, an individual could have a free dinner and unlimited access to the spa while purchasing five days of stay. Another example is a free tour of the choice as a supplement to booking. These offers can be introduced during the personal contact with the customer and via emails and social media.


Apart from the core services, the supplementary services tend to exist to ensure the efficient functioning of the hotel and assure the ability to provide exceptional facilities to the users (Cant et al. 293). In this case, the hotel is represented by the activities of the front and back office, as the controlling nature of the front office and its communication with the customers allows maintaining the quality of the services and compliance with the brand image (Mudie and Cottam 50). The primary goal of this section is to discuss the services, which build the augmented service offering separately.

Customer support can be viewed as one of the most important aspects, which defines the ability of the company to deliver the required message to the visitors while establishing transiting relationships. This matter is the core duty of the front office since it ensures the individual approach and formation of the personal booking and plan for the vacation. Meanwhile, the front office controls catering, cleaning, and other types of supplementary activities. Catering and other services are aimed to ensure the flow of the processes and eliminate the waiting time, as these matters are critical for the ability to assure the delivery of the values mentioned in the marketing mix and increase customer’s loyalty.

Contracts with guides is another part, which ensures the augmented service offering, as the accessibility of the various tours is available by developing the relationships with the tourism agencies. In turn, training is one of the vital matters, which forms the mentioned value proposition and hotel’s features, as it tends to supply the employees with the required skills to ensure the delivery of the exceptional and sophisticated experiences.

Meanwhile, the training is vital for the both front and back office employees to guarantee that the services support the hotel’s marketing principles including the delivery of an elegant, glamorous, high-quality, and unique experience.

In the end, all supplementary services mentioned above have to be used with the core services simultaneously, as the hotel is a complex mechanism, which has to ascertain the integrative functioning of its front and back offices to deliver the value proposition (Mudie and Cottam 50). It will contribute to the formation of the relevant image while promoting the key values. Meanwhile, the supplementary services are the core elements for building customer’s loyalty.

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