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Cadbury Company Advertisement Plan Essay

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Updated: Jun 21st, 2020

The Appreciation of the situation

The company discussed in this paper is called Cadbury, it is based in Birmingham, England. The population density of this city is rather high; there are about 1,092,330 residents in Birmingham. The West Midlands area where the city is situated is expanding quickly, the urban part is building up, which facilitates the population growth. Birmingham is rather developed technologically. The area has excellent economy supported by the latest innovations. All of these factors contributed to the development of the Cadbury Company. The city it is based in is a significant commercial centre on the international arena which worked in favour of Cadbury. Another important factor is the area’s well-developed transport infrastructure which is very helpful in the distribution of products (Cadbury, 2015).

Company Background and Industry

Cadbury Company operates internationally, it is based in the United Kingdom, and it is owned by Mondelez International. It is the number two largest company in the UK. Its operations are carried worldwide (The Guardian, 2007). It produces confectionery products of high quality such as chocolate bars, beverages, crème eggs, beverages, low-calorie chocolate bar, and ice creams. The company was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury, who offered teas, coffee along with ingesting dark chocolate. Together with his brother Benjamin John Cadbury developed the business and afterwards, their children carried it on. Currently, the supply chain of this business includes many direct and indirect participants and covers in many countries around the globe (Cadbury, 2015).

Cadbury Low-Calorie chocolate bar only has 200 calories which can be broken down by means of a simple exercise such as swimming. This low amount of calories is not harmful to one’s health.

Problems and Opportunities Facing the Business

One of the well-known issues is the revolt against the Dairy Milk. The loyal chocolate customers complain due to the change in taste as well as the shape of the Dairy milk bars from rectangle to the curved shape.

Besides, the customers are claiming that the products currently have high sugarcontents, the very oily and unfavourable texture of the bars, as well as the smell different from the initial products due to the tempered recipe; this is making the loyal customers shift to other brands from different companies. It is a significant challenge for the company (The Telegraph, 2015).

The Issues of Importance

The company should respond quickly to the upcoming events as a result of its products. The company delayed informing the public health organization of the misfortune caused by its supplied contaminated products so as to take actions on time. This could have led to massive loss of lives.

The company should take precautions to make use of labels to inform people what the products contain. The company supplied Easter eggs which contained nuts. This was scaring to the entire society, and eventually, the company was ordered to withdraw the Easter eggs.

The problems facing Cadbury

The organization produced chocolate which was contaminated with salmonella. FSA claimed that the food supplied did not conform to safety requirements need for food to be consumed. This could have been as a result of leaking pipes, and low standards of hygiene in the company and the company’s system for ensuring food safety was not up to date. The consumers who ate those contaminated foods suffered from food poisoning. A large number of chocolate bars was as a result withdrawn from the retailers. This is a challenge for the company since it brought in loss of confidence in their products to the customers. This resulted in the loss of revenue.

Moreover, the company supplied chocolate with worms. In 2003 FDA had to prosecute Cadbury organization after testing the chocolate samples which were found to have insect infections. The organization could then be sued. The company was at risk of been unlicensed to continue manufacturing chocolate. The company was forced to take back the chocolate products they had supplied.

The Need for Advertisement plan

The necessity for an advertisement plan is to improve public perception. The blunders which occurred after the company supplied products affected by salmonella, chocolate with worms and unlabeled Easter eggs which contained nuts and this could be allergic to some people. These series of misfortune led to a negative feeling of the public concerning the company and its products. The advertisement campaign will help to attract and retain the consumers and convince the public that change in the recipe of the chocolate bar was for better (What flavour do you favour? 2015).

The two outdoor media advertising

The two outdoor media advertising.
The two outdoor media advertising.

The advertisement on a vehicle:

  • Customized placement may target the vehicles that move around the most (cabs, buses) or the ones that are connected with food (delivery cars, food trucks)
  • contains a brief and catchy slogan
  • includes attractive pictures of the product and happy consumers
  • guarantees to be seen by many people every day

The billboard advertisement is:

  • placed at the areas where target customers of the low-calorie bar gather (near beauty salons, stores, fitness clubs)
  • changed regularly to remain attractive
  • designed in a way favouring the product (featuring slim people)
  • very big and noticeable


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