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California Culture and Geography Essay

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Updated: Oct 25th, 2021

California is one of the favorite locations for people from every cultural background and the land is very much known for its multicultural elements incorporating American, African, Asian, Hispanic, and naïve cultures of the world. One of the most significant factors of the culture of the land which I noticed as different from that of mine is its beach culture and the land’s propinquity to the ocean has been central to the development of such a culture. Thus, I came across a culture that is marked for the multicultural elements in it and the most uniting factor of beach culture. And the event that I dearly remember about this culture is my experience of getting acquainted with the sport of surfing which is recognized as a very much central part of the beach culture. The water sport that is enjoyed most by the people of this land suggests the culture’s closeness to the nature-based way of living. Another aspect of this great culture that relates to the central elements in the culture has been the liberal outlook of the people. This interest for the liberal values can very well be recognized in the way of life of the people of the land and the incorporation of several cultures under the broad culture of the land illustrates the characteristic feature of the culture. Therefore, the central finding that I was able to conclude from the cultural aspects of the land is that it is a place of diverse cultures meeting together to form a significant culture for the land and the foremost part of this culture has been the beach culture surrounded around the seashore, the water sport, and the beach restaurants.

The cultural understanding of California in my case was made possible as a result of my acquaintance with its beach life as I stayed in a restaurant in California. The most central aspect of my experience with the beach culture of the land has been my newly cultivated interest in the wonderful water sport of surfing. One central factor relating to this sport has been the fact that every individual of the land with all types of cultural background enjoy the entertainment and this also suggests the important role of the sea-life to the culture of the land. The experience of being carried along the face of the falling waves and moving over the tides of the great ocean is a vital aspect of Californian culture. Various types of surfboards, kneeboards, and bodyboards are used by wave riders for the experience of surfing over the surface of the water. The meeting of the people from a diverse cultural background in the water sport of surfing also suggests the significance of the sport to the multicultural aspect of the land as well as suggests the nobility of the culture. As part of the beach culture, Californians celebrate several types of entertainment including films, music, and the cultural celebrations of every culture included. Therefore, the state of California, situated on the western coast of the United States, along the Pacific Ocean, is most celebrated for its beach culture relating to the way of living of its people closely in touch with its geographical reality. The geographical elements of California are very closely related to its culture as the landscape of the sea is celebrated with the beach culture of the land.

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