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Cyanotech Corporation Business Ethics Essay

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Updated: Nov 5th, 2021

It should be stated that implementing and sustaining the quality initiative is generally regarded to be a matter of leadership, communication policies, and culture. Originally, these issues are the basics for any successful business activity, and the aim of this paper is to comment on these matters.

The CANTECH Corporation is a publicly traded, multi-national, manufacturing company in the USA which annually sells around $10 billion. Considering human resources of the company, that is managers, workers, executives, inspectors, and so on, it is impossible to avoid the information that working with the Chemical Business Group, the CANTECH Corporation should have experts of high quality who are able to work with the specific reactions and equipment. The company works with people any quality problems should be decided inside the company. The Quality Assurance should care about customers and face their problems, as there are customer service problems. These problems mainly appear at a facility near Denver, CO. Product Quality and Distribution Problems at the Denver facility also require some changes. The slow growth and bad work with customers do not develop the company, but vice versa, “kill” it. In addition, new rules (the automotive industry) created several problems in product quality. These problems were primarily due to its imposing on all of their suppliers.

The situation is not so bad as it may seem at the first sight. Some changes should be provided and the company will be able to enter the world market with the bravely raised head. Leadership plays one of the main roles in the company as an only strict discipline and structural organization of the company may promise the company to be successful. Every department should have an experienced and skillful leader in order to raise the productivity of the company. There are a lot of programs for leaders training, so it is not going to be a problem to raise the qualification of one of the company’s workers (Schein, 2004).

Information and communication are “very important resources for the organization” of the company (Koh & Maguire, 2009, p. 99). Those who possess information possess the world, and it is impossible to argue. There are several steps that should be followed while using the information that as “obtaining the information, getting that information to the right place within the organization and digesting it so that appropriate corrective action can be taken” (Schein, 2004, p. 89). The correct use of the information is also very important.

After analyzing several companies, the conclusion was made that none of them works without policy and code of cultural behavior. People are different and everybody has his/her own understanding of right and wrong behavior. To avoid misunderstanding, the “Business Ethics” document should be created, and the workers of the company should follow it. The culture of communication should also be signed there and the problems with unsatisfied customers will be reduced to the minimum (Johnson & Turner, 2003).

So, leadership, information, culture, and behavioral policy are the main company’s supporters in leading a successful business. The problems with customers appear when the workers of this company do not want to follow simple rules which are written in the “Business Ethics”. The quality of the products and services, which the company produces, maybe much higher when the strict leader is at the head of every department. The changes which were offered will help the company become more successful and flourishing.


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