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Cell Phone Magnifier Essay

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Updated: Jul 26th, 2019

Marketing cell phone requires multi-generational marketing strategies. Williams and Page (n.d.) state that each generation has unique tastes, preferences and history. Consequently, companies must reach out to these age-groups in order to convince them to buy their products.

Multi-generational marketing, thus, takes place when a business caters for unique needs and conducts of more than one generation (Williams & Page, n.d.). For a business to succeed in the US, its marketing plan must take into account Baby Boomers, Generation X and other age brackets.

On top, each generation calls for a different marketing strategy. This helps in creating relationships, trust and business opportunities. Cell phone manufacturers are now taking advantage of the exploding market of the aging Baby Boomers. For that reason, a market for cell phones magnifiers exists since a sizeable portion of the aging population is visually impaired. This essay provides an insight into the cell phone magnifier market.

Luecke (2006) reiterates that mass marketing has stalled due to intense competition and an increase in the number of customers with unique demands. As a result, producers have been forced to differentiate products as way of satisfying various tastes and preferences. Many producers are now focusing on the distinctive needs of smaller groups of customers. These groups are known as market segments (Luecke, 2006). Market segmentation entails employing different marketing strategies to diverse groups of people.

Cell phone magnifiers are meant to cater for the needs of a special segment of the mobile phone users. More specifically, this product is aims at helping the visually impaired, across all generations, to use their mobile phones with ease. Magnifiers enable phones to produce bigger fonts with more contrast. As a result, it is easier for the visually impaired to use phones. The Jitterbug models, designed for the old, are typical examples of phones with screen magnifiers (Squidoo, n.d.).

Statistics on vision impairment tend to favor production of cell phone magnifiers. Therefore, there is a market for these gadgets. Recent projections indicate that there are around 7.9 million people who are not able to see words or letters in a newspaper properly across the US (Leonard & Gordon, 2002). Worse is the fact that this problem persists even when these individuals are wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Leonard and Gordon (2002) add that an estimated 8.3 million people are totally blind or use one eye. Additionally, majority of middle-aged and older people with eyesight problems are partially blind. This is the group that struggles to use mobile phones. Accordingly, cell phone magnifiers are designed to help this population use mobile phones without any hiccups. For that reason, the Baby Boomers population is one of the market niches targeted by this product.

Although, the oldest Baby Boomers are around seventy years, corporate America is not ignoring this group of consumers. This generation is said be in the league of big spenders. Baby Boomers triggered an increase in the price of diapers in the 1960s. Furthermore, this cohort provided the largest market for power suits in the 1980s (Bryon, 2013). In the 2000s, the same age band spent huge amounts of cash on luxurious cars.

In view of that, cell phone magnifiers have a ready and willing market. Just like other companies, mobile phone companies must change product designs to accommodate this aging generation. Baby boomers do not like to be reminded that they are old (Bryon, 2013). Helping them own a mobile phone is, hence, one of the methods through which they can be made to feel young again.

The prevalence of self-reported visual impairment among people aged below forty five years is 1.7% (Leonard & Gordon, 2002). In the United States alone, this represents a population of three million people. This information indicates that eyesight problems cut across all age groups.

Additionally, the market of cell phone magnifiers can be sustained by other generation if the aging population reduces. Instances of future declines in the market of these gadgets are, hence, minimal. According to Squidoo (n.d.), a magnifier enlarges a phone’s content by 200% by slipping over a phone’s screen. Therefore, these phones can be converted to normal cell phones by removing the magnifier if their market declines drastically.

Cell phone magnifiers employ a simple technology to magnify the contents of a mobile phone. They are, hence, a new and innovative product for people with vision problems. Moreover, cell phone magnifiers companies and market strategists must focus on the aging population as it is associated with eyesight problems. “The prevalence of self-reported vision impairment increases with age” (Leonard & Gordon, 2002).

Furthermore, 21% of people aged sixty five years and over are visually impaired. According to Squidoo (n.d.), the oldest Baby Boomer is just below 70 years. For that reason, this technology targets this generation. Since Baby Boomers are big spenders, this industry can be sustained. Nonetheless, visual impairment cuts across all ages. Consequently, cell phone magnifiers’ market will not be under any serious threat if the aging population declines.


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