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Charles Garnier, Opera, Paris Term Paper

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Updated: Jul 13th, 2022

Construction entails the accumulation of materials and energy for developing the structures and building for individual or institutional use. Assembling and erection of structures apply diverse techniques depending on the industries. The Opera building readied for construction in Paris will take fourteen years to complete. There will be unavoidable challenges during the construction process in the now and in the future. Similar to other existing buildings, Opera will experience its own challenges. Reasons for constructing Opera include purposes to contact ballet. Each house in the building will have a distinct design and a well-defined social character. For a construction process to occur successfully there must be construction techniques, form, materials used, styles, expressions, and responses to the site. Constructing Opera will be a process of making informed decisions in terms of dealing with challenges and observing the construction process in detail. My main aim is to initiate a unique and detailed design that will accommodate a great audience.

Opera building will take a unique and monumental style with considerations of typical Beaux-Arts. In addition, the Beaux-Arts will incorporate axial symmetry in plan and eclectic exterior ornamentation. Neo-Baroque decorative elements will also accompany the eclectic exterior ornamentation. I am aiming at constructing one of the largest theaters in the entire world. Opera will have one thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine seating capacity. Due to its predictable striking look, Opera will attract different individuals from different parts of the world. In addition, Opera will not contain any visit restrictions. For an unpredictable period, Opera will stand as one of the best designs done in this particular period. Integrating all these best and unique qualities and designs, Opera will surpass other theater buildings across the world. It is my pleasure to introduce my properly earned skills in construction to the world and make a difference.

The design of the structure will attract a diversity of materials. The number of colors used, such as the façade, will open the fairy-tale world of the proposed building. Having two side pavilions, both regular subscribers and Emperor will have some accommodation. The famous group of dancers will occupy the right side of the entrance hall. The stairs will have decorations of marble and onyx, which characterizes a factual theater of worldly events and the lobby decorated with a Venetian mosaic. There will be two rooms specifically made for the moon and the sun separately, leading to the main foyer, a princely gallery of gilded luxury in which Paul Baudry’s mythological characters and allegories stand out. Eight tapestries made by the Gobelins, an inspiration from a ceiling of Georges Clairin, will adorn the rotunda. Talking about the auditorium, it will feature a great chandelier, illuminating the ceiling by Marc Chagall. Chagall influences each painting as a living image concerning the festive spirit surrounding every performance. Accompanied by luminous, fluid figures heave onwards, will be contrasting with the red and gold tones of the entire theater.

Constructing a building that supports my vision is my greatest desire in service delivery. Opera will take a form of cross-sectional division hence being more than a theater in the ordinary view. The setting will consider the audience as actors in the aspect of participants in the rite of social happenstance, thus fulfilling the point of seeing and being seen. The ruling class will be parading their wealth while promenading along the new boulevards and posing in the Opera’s main foyers. I am glad that the building will accommodate individuals from all diversities. As well, audiences will be occupying seats as per their category. It will be a safe place to watch performances and other entertaining activities such as seeing oneself. The opera building will be an innocuous place to relax, the reason being, that there are different exits, and one will not be restricted from exiting in any of the strategized areas.

Such challenges as discovering an underground lake might be experienced. Completing any construction in forbidden places, such as riparian lands, exposes the building to easy damage and its inhabitants to danger leading to monetary losses if it floods. It can happen in case of buildings lose their strength to frequent floods and predispose humans to water-borne diseases. Taking more time to deal with the raging waters and repairing the damaged building are challenging. It is costly to pump out water, especially in already constructed areas. The technology needed for such a task might cost more as compared to the initial cost. Influential bourgeois might interfere with the construction process and replace the aristocracy of yesteryear. With time, Opera might be conformed and adapt to the customs of the middle class. Working with the best team available and individuals who understand their economic activities well makes work easier.

Facing competition from other designers is another test; there are 171 competitors with reliable experience. I believe my level of competence and unique working skills are an advantage that will lead to approval by the Emperor. At the age of 32, unknown by many, I was afraid, but my ability to invent and complete this design initiated the courage to face challenges that are even more complicated. The opera building will accommodate large audiences, improving its chances of approval by the emperor. I look forward to erecting such a beautiful design, and I am glad that I am the one doing it.

War and financial issues amount to difficult moments that I will experience while doing this project. The public might be not pleased with constructions they have little participation in, leading to resistance. The extreme reaction that may lead to the public wanting to bring down the building will demoralize and break me down. I expect the government to calm any reactions from citizens regarding the construction of the building. The construction can be rescued from the floods within the stipulated time if plans are set up to avert any dangers. It is possible to pump out the amount of water at the site within a short period. After pouring out the water, construction can commence immediately, creating job opportunities for others too. It is society’s responsibility to ensure that construction sites are secure from invasion by irate individuals. Patience also contributes to the success of an attractive structure.

In conclusion, construction is one of the fulfilling activities an individual can engage in. There are challenges along the way, but taking courage and conquering through makes an architect satisfied. Construction is not easy as one might think; there is the incorporation of technology, materials, industry, energy, and even time. Opera will be a unique design here in Paris and across the world. The capacity to hold thousands of people contributes to its ability in the entire world. Involving the empire in the decision-making process concerning Opera construction was ideal. The design has perfectly fitted the rite of social interaction; people are not restricted in actor participation. The exterior and interior designs have outlined the importance of class. The upper-middle class has immensely contributed to the ideas and construction of the building. As well, challenges in construction sites make designers be more vigilant and keep doing what they love most.


Baker, T. (1926). The recent fiftieth anniversary of the “New Opera”. The Musical Quarterly, 12(1), 13-21.

This article talks more about the achievements associated with The Opera building in Paris. Such great events as musical concerts have been handled here successfully. The article indicates most of the features that have attracted an audience to the building over the past five years. People have interacted and shared ideas in the Opera building through music. Dancing ballet has as well contributed positively toward economic achievements in the country. Music is an influential and powerful tool, in terms of a country’s economic development.

Simon, Y. (2020). The mingling of opera genres. In C. Newark & W. Weber (Eds.), Oxford handbook of the Operatic canon (pp. 185-203). Oxford University Press.

This particular article analyses in profundity the performances are done in the late nineteenth century. The production that was created in 1882 in the new theatre demonstrates how interim theater would differ in terms of the genre presented. The different opera performances done in the building are well outlined in the article. The article focuses on stating the main features in the building that have made performance a success. The construction was made in a manner that the audience could feel their presence through reflective features.

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