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Child Parenting Guide and Challenges Essay

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Updated: Sep 11th, 2020

Child Parenting

Child parenting refers to the way a child is raised from his/her childhood to adulthood. Parenting role is, in most cases, carried out by parents and teachers at school. Where a child is an orphan, the parenting role can be carried out by good wishers or a guardian who may be a relative or a friend to the parents. Child parenting has been the key to the emotional and psychological growth of children (Berk; 2008). Children’s behavior during their childhood and adulthood are derived from the parenting styles they acquired from their parents or guardians. For this reason, parents must learn how to guide their children and how to mold them into decent adults.

Issues affecting Child behavior

In today’s society, children and young people have become immoral, ill-mannered, and rude; largely, this has been caused by poor styles of parenting. Some children have turned out to be rude and immoral people in society because their parents did not give them the love and the care they needed. Some parents even call their children names, thus ruining their self-esteem. There are many real-life cases that are practiced by parents during parenting. Below are practices that parents adopt during parenting;

  • Some parents do not tell their children the truth because they fear that they will get annoyed. This is not a good parenting style because children end up being impolite because they were never corrected whenever they did something wrong.
  • Whenever children do something wrong they should be corrected to avoid repeating the same behavior. Some parents call their children names and this can be very destructive to the child’s self-esteem (Levine; 2008).
  • A parent should always discipline a child whenever he/she does something wrong. When parents fail to discipline their children when they make mistakes; the children may not realize that they did something wrong. The parents should not rebuke their children; they should always try to talk to them calmly (Berk; 2008).

Guide to parents from Gay Uncle Brett

  • Despite the fact that Brett is referred to as the Gay Uncle without a child of his own, he has lived with many children and from his experience, he guides so many parents regarding parenting styles. He states that effective parenting entails focusing on molding a child’s behavior (Victor; 2009). In his guide, he gives parents the following practices to apply as effective styles of parenting;
  • Making child purchases; there are many children items that are sold in the market, some are basics and others are just made to make children happy. The advice that Brett gives parents is that a parent should only buy what is basic and helpful to children. This will reduce the chances of children growing into spendthrifts (Willett; 1998).


Parents should understand that the parenting styles they use when raising their children are very imperative. Research studies show that 65% of children behaviors are derived from the parenting styles used by their parents or guardians. Parents are advised to adopt effective parenting styles that will help their children grow into well-behaved adults in the future. Parents are also advised to avoid calling their children names; if a child does something wrong, the parent should correct him/her calmly without destroying his/her self-confidence. Those bad names remain in their minds and they end up ruining them little by little. Parents should call their children good names; this makes them feel loved and appreciated.


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