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Coaching Versus Other Leadership Approaches Essay

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Updated: Aug 4th, 2020

Building Effectiveness Relationships

Leaders should build the best relationships with their followers in various project management circumstances (Building relationship and ethical leadership, 2015). Project managers are the right people who can promote desirable team behaviors. When they establish positive relationships with their teams, chances are high that desirable results will be realized. The leaders should use powerful strategies such as influencing others, managing conflict, promoting cultural awareness, and appropriate leadership styles (Building relationship and ethical leadership, 2015). The use of a coaching leadership approach can result in effective relationships throughout the project’s lifecycle. The established relationships will address the challenges affecting the project’s lifecycle.

The Potential of the Coaching Approach

Project managers can use the coaching leadership style to build powerful relationships. This style promotes interpersonal trust (Wickramasinghe and Widyaratne, 2012). The followers are motivated to share ideas and knowledge. The leadership model also promotes personal interactions and team-based initiatives. The leaders use face-to-face communication to influence the behaviors and goals of their followers. The leadership strategy promotes the concept of ethics. This practice results in a positive organizational culture. New relationships characterized by trust emerge. The teams collaborate with their project managers in order to maximize results.

The coaching model has been observed to ‘promote positive policies, roles, authorities, and responsibilities’ (Muller et al., 2014, p. 40). The leadership style creates powerful relationships that result in positive outcomes in virtual teams. The leader interacts constantly with the followers in order to address the existing challenges. The wellbeing of the virtual teams improves accordingly. Ethical considerations are also taken seriously by the leaders.

Coaching Versus Other Leadership Approaches: Advantages and Disadvantages

Leadership theorists support the use of different managerial approaches to deliver project goals. Coaching approach is embraced by managers because it creates positive relationships. The strategy borrows numerous ideas from servant and charismatic leadership models (Farok and Garcia, 2015). Managers use the style to address conflicts. Project managers guide and empower their followers to produce positive results. Coaching is admirable compared to delegative and authoritative leadership styles.

However, the coaching approach might not support the needs of virtual teams. Ethical issues might arise and influence performance. The approach might encourage the followers to relax. The leadership model is associated with role conflicts (Parris and Peachey, 2013). New concepts such as teamwork and collaboration should be considered in order to support the targeted project.

Role of Followers in Coaching and Other Approaches

In the coaching approach, the follower should be involved in an attempt to produce positive results. The individuals should offer meaningful ideas that can support the project (Parris and Peachey, 2013). The followers must act ethically, focus on the targeted objectives, and promote the best practices. This should be the same case whenever different leadership approaches are used. The followers should work hard to support their projects.

Role of Ethics

Different leadership approaches support the idea of ethics. Project managers should encourage their followers to act ethically whenever pursuing the targeted deliverables. They should avoid temptations in order to produce positive results (Cianci et al., 2014). Leaders should be ethical whenever guiding their followers. When the concept of ethics is considered, the established relationships will support the targeted goals. Ethical practices support cultural awareness, diversity, and performance. Additionally, positive approaches to ethics make it easier for managers to address every questionable issue. These measures can ensure the targeted project is completed successfully.


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