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Cognitive Children Development Essay (Critical Writing)


The key objective was to understand and review the significant aspects of human development. These aspects are naturally connected to a number of issues and are contingent on different interpretations of social development (Slavin 2009). Throughout the process of learning, I have paid close attention to the peculiarities of Piaget’s theory and realized the cornerstones of human development. Nonetheless, I believe that there are several reasons that may trigger criticism, as Piaget’s approach is not flawless. After finishing this chapter, I am able to provide a detailed description of the Neo-Piagetian method and a view of development that presupposes information processing (Slavin 2009). Moreover, I have learned about Vygotsky’s understanding of cognitive development. I reviewed both developmental theories and came to the conclusion that they closely relate to each other, and both are critical to the teaching process. This chapter provided information concerning Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development (Slavin 2009). The opinions of moral development elaborated by Piaget and Kohlberg were also reviewed and thoroughly studied. Nonetheless, Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s methods are not interconnected, and there is a number of essential details that should be taken into consideration before implementing these theories into practice (Slavin 2009). In my opinion, a teacher should pay the most attention to the children’s cognitive development at all stages of education.

Language and Literacy Development

After finishing this chapter, I have learned a lot about language and literacy development during the preschool/ school years. This information is essential if I want my students to become active speakers, writers, and readers (Slavin 2009). This chapter is rather essential in terms of providing information about the development of the key competences. I have learned that there are characteristic patterns that impact the process of development. The chapter emphasizes the importance of spoken language and discusses the implications of the most notable studies in the field (Slavin 2009). After discussing the theories, the chapter dwells on the process of applying theory in practice. I have learned about the ways of engaging children in reading, speaking, and writing activities. It is also important to understand that there is a significant difference between literacy during the elementary and secondary years. From what I have learned from the chapter, the central objective of the language and literacy development is the process of building a vocabulary. Moreover, the teacher should be able to implement motivational theories into practice in order to help the children to build their vocabularies efficiently (Long 2000). During all the stages, the students should be properly motivated. In order to achieve this objective, the teacher should encourage the students and use cooperative learning methods. Overall, children’s literacy progression is contingent on their experiences.

Reference List

Long, M 2000, The psychology of education, Routledge Falmer, UK.

Slavin, R 2009, Educational psychology: Theory and practice, Pearson Education, Boston, MA.


This reflection perfectly describes the key factors that subsidize to language and literacy development. There is a number of critical aspects that impact children’s development and should be approached rather carefully. I believe that this reflection provides the reader with a sufficient amount of information on the topic of language and literacy development.

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