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Company Analysis: Del Monte Foods Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 11th, 2019

Del Monte Foods Company is a processing plant that deals with the production of consumer products and pet foods from the processing of fruits, vegetables and ingredients. In aiming at reducing production costs while maximizing output, they locate their processing plants close to where their raw materials are located.

Raw materials used by this company include, energy which consists of natural gas, fruits, vegetables, aluminum cans, tomatoes, grains such as corn, sugar, spices, meats, meat by-products and fats. Fruits like bananas and pineapples are obtained from Caribana in Costa Rica. The pea and corn processing plant in Markesan obtain its raw materials from growers in Central Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Central Sands which is an area in Central Wisconsin (Fiscal, 2007).

Del Monte Foods started its operations in Markesan, where it performed green beans operation. Seasonal production of whole kernel and cream corn, organic peas and baby whole carrots were carried out in Toppenish, a Washington state. Yakima in south central Washington State is a plant responsible for packing dark sweet cherries and Bartlett pears.

Cambria located in north of Madison processes peas, green beans, wax beans and corn. Plover is a processing plant responsible for production of green beans, potatoes, beets and carrots. Another crystal city processing plant is in Zavala county and Texas winter Garden region (Jackson, 2009).

Del Monte Foods Company has its core in California manufacturing base where most of its products are manufactured. This is because of it being close to the place where the raw materials are found. Del Monte products are manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Henig, 2008).

Distribution of products involves taking the product to the market that is to the customers, at the right time, and in the right condition. Del Monte Foods sells its products through U.S grocery stores. It has ten distribution centers in U.S. Another distribution centre is in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Also there is a distribution center in Western states located in Lathrop, California, located closer to Californian production facilities. Retail business include, trade rail and truck service to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii together with export trade and transfer sea van to the Pacific Rim. Food service business includes: transfer rail and truck service to the US (Blumer, 2007).

Del Monte Foods is responsible for the production, distribution and marketing of pet products and food products for the US retail market. It therefore deals mainly in these two major products. Its headquarters is located at San Francisco in California. The major drawback of the company is the high rise of the price of raw materials, especially that of corn. This is because it is used in the manufacture of ethanol, thus not able to catch up with the customers’ demands as it faces competition from other companies (Hoft, 2007).

Despite the drawbacks that the company faces, it continues to be a leader in the US market through its production of foods, which are traded using famous brands in the American market. It is also because of the strong brand names, and the ability of the company to produce and avail its products to customers in a timely manner that make it right to say that the company will continue grow its business the United States and around the world.


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