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Concept of E-Market: Improvement Factors Essay


With advanced technology, e-business plays a very important role in modern business. Several studies have indicated the growing significance of e-business in the world. As a result, the value of e-business has increased significantly. This has given rise to the concept of e-market which is gaining importance each and every day. E-market involves the use of internet technology for the purposes of marketing. E-market has enabled marketers to perform their tasks in an easier way. This is due to the possibility of marketing globally without having to travel. However, e-market has had several ups and downs its applications. In fact, the concept has experienced many failures in the past years.

Due to the great role, it plays in modern marketing marketers have been resilient in working towards revitalizing the concept. Several attempts, therefore, have been incepted with the aim of affecting the working of e-market. As such plans have been laid to surmount the challenges faced by e-market. The aim of this paper is to navigate through the entire concept of e-market. Special reference shall be given to developing countries.

The paper will henceforth endeavour to discuss in detail the factors that improve e-markett in developing countries. The focus will be given to developing countries due to the fact that the concept of e-market is still picking up in developing countries. In developed countries, e-markett is well developed and functional. However in developing countries, a lot of obstacles elated top technology ad capital has hindered the working of the same. The paper will taker a keen look at the whole aspect of e-market and come up with the various methods through which the concept can be improved. In order to succeed in this endeavour, the paper will be divided into three parts. Each part will tackle a special factor and how it plays a crucial role in the whole process.

Four Types of Reliability

Reliability of e-marketplaces is a major consideration when analyzing the application and success of e-markets. As a result, there are several ways in which the reliability of the e-marketplaces can be ascertained. The several types of reliability identities help in the understanding of the essence and significance of e market places.

A successful analysis of e market place, therefore, involves a number of parameters that must be put into consideration for the success of the entire process. There are several reliability identities which are used I the study of e market places. They include inter-observer reliability, examining re-examining reliability, parallel figures reliability and inner consistency reliability [1]. These go a long way in providing a better understanding of the places of e-markets. The information gathered is crucial in the formulation of policies for the handling of the same. Proper application of the above indicators is crucial to the overall success of e-markets. Just as the formulation of policies for a company, e-market also requires a proper understanding of the situation on the ground. This makes the decision-makers to cope up with realistic approaches to handle the concept of e-market.

Reliability Identity Essence
Interobserver reliability Scope of e-market
Examining re-examining reliability Desired results
Parallel figures reliability Diversity role
Inner consistency reliability Consistency and depth

Inter-Observer Reliability plays a significant role in the whole aspect of determining the scope of e-market ion a given area. This method works in a unique manner to bring about the results. Inter-observer reliability as the term suggests is used in the analysis of how viewers of different calibre perceive a particular market place. Under normal circumstances, there cannot be the same evaluation from different observers. As results, it happens that with the use of inter-observer reliability, there will be different evaluations of the same aspects.

Therefore the method seeks to analytically analyze the conflicting perceptions and derive meaning from them. This is considered crucial due to the fact that several observers have different abilities and methods of evaluating a given situation. As a result what one observer misses in the whole analysis can be noted by the other observer or viewer. The method is therefore a win-win situation through which great success in the understanding of e market places can be obtained. This is crucial bearing in mind that several opinions have the capacity of giving a better understanding to a given concept.

The marketing strategy may also be hindered by the distribution of the product [2]. The company may do all that they can to ensure that their products are known all over. Such efforts may however be hindered by the fact that the consumers are not access to the products that they have been told about. As a company launches into extensive marketing strategy, it should also have in place a strong distribution channel that will ensure that their products go as far as their marketing strategy. With the expansion of e-marketing, local products are gaining a lot of popularity on the international market. The customers that may be curious to have a taste of the products may however be disappointed as they realize that the company cannot supply them with the products

Examining-Re-examining Reliability works in a special way to bring about the desired results. Under normal circumstances the aspect of consistency plays a crucial role in the determination of the nature of a place. Therefore examining- re-examining reliability evaluates the consistency of e-market placers. Through this it becomes possible to understand whether the place is viable or not. Marketing is an n going parameter and the consistency of a placer to deliver results is a key factor in the whole process pf evaluating e market places [3].

Through examining-re-examining reliability it becomes possible for the markets to determine the consistency viability of the place. This helps in decision making. Since consistency goes a long way in helping the understanding of a place, decision makers can come up with various methods to take advantage of the viability. However the understanding of the place is crucial so as to avoid the mistakes of wrong decision making. A market place might by high performing but the consistency might be low. Therefore it becomes necessary to ascertain the consistency of the same.

In conducting the ascertainment of several e market places a number of studies are done. Most of these are conducted with the aim of getting the information on the ground. This information is meant to aid the decision making function of the company. However the results so acquired might not be sufficient in bringing the necessary information for application. It is against this background that the Parallel Figures Reliability plays an important role.

Antecedents and Their Relationships That Increase Security on eMarket

As far as e market is concerned security is a major consideration. In fact the success for e-market directly hinges upon the aspect of security. As a result much attention is given to security so as to ensure the success of e market. There are several factors that ensure security of e market. Under normal circumstances the internet has attracted a number of security matters. These have come as a result of the acts of hackers who intercept communication and access private information. At the same time the introduction of unaccounted information has increased the rate of insecurity. E-market has also been subjected to the vagaries of insecurity on the internet. New technology comes with several challenges.

The introduction of a new technology, for instance e-market, is usually followed by certain measures that will ensure that the risks that come with it are taken into consideration. Work force training and uncertainty of its significance are just a few of the many challenges that accompany the introduction of new technologies. A critical look at the process and implication of the introduction of new technologies in developing countries is necessary [4].The purpose of e-market is to optimize the value of a country’s citizen. Under normal circumstances the organization exists primarily to serve the purpose of the owners. As a result, they always endeavour to get back value on top of their investment.

Therefore e-market serves well the purpose of giving stakeholders a better return on their investment at the same time achieving the objectives of the organization. First of all e market plays a pivotal role ion the creation of value through a comprehensive process involving various aspects and segments of the organization. As a result e market as a strategy of marketing is holistic in nature and incorporates several factors.

This makes the whole organization process more convenient and successful in its application. E market involves three distinct parameters which in its application [5]. They include the creation of an organizations identity, mobilization of people in support of the organizational identity and communication. Through these three aspects, e market creates value for the organization establishing a pool of resources and network through which the endeavour of the organization is achieved. The value of e market is vast and most predominantly translates into business performance. This happens through different ways. The perception of the organization by customers’ changes favourably, this happens due to the value created through e-marketing. The pooling of human resources translated into synergy which plays a pivotal role in the success of the organization.

A company simulated in the e market can make good use of marketing to achieve its marketing goals. This can be done in various ways. As a result such a company can benefit a lot from integrated marketing. The development of an e market plan will propel the company to greater heights of performance. However the development in itself does not sufficiently serve the purpose. The country has come up with a multi faceted implementation plan to ensure progress. An e market plan will go along way unbefitting the company. First and foremost an e market plan will develop the company’s brand identity which is a crucial tool in marketing. This identity will also bring about a change in the perception and attitude of the customers towards the company.

Pooling people resources together for the purpose of organizational success is another major benefit of an e market plan. This makes all the employees of the company to pool their efforts toward the marketing goals set in the plan. Through communication the e market plan achieves synergy and unity of purpose in the company. This creates value for the company and manifest in increased sakes of the company’s products In order to generate specific marketing outcomes, the company must come up with relevant strategies. However these should be in line with e market since it is through that the company can achieve high outcomes. Analysis will be importance in the achievement of the outcomes. Therefore various forms if analysis will be needed so as to enhance the generation of the aforesaid outcomes.

Security Factor Relevance
Technology Safety of technology
Privacy Protection of privacy
Sharing Prevent unauthorized sharing
Data Protection of data

The diagram below summarizes the anticipants and their relationships that increases security on e-Market Places;

Summarizes the anticipants and their relationships that increases security on e-Market Places
(Epstein, 2004. p 5)

Antecedents and Their Relationships That Increase Regularity on eMarket

The introduction of online marketing by developing countries has been considered as a major breakthrough as far as technology is concerned. This is due to the convenience that surrounds the inception of the technology. Market data can now be accessed conveniently. However the technology came with a set of responsibilities and obligations. First and foremost the company had to train its staff to work with the new technology.This was the major hurdle since all workers were only familiar with the manual system of recording patient data. As such, the new technology was strange to them and none of the employees could operate the machines.

Therefore the company had to invest a lot of capital and time in training the employees so as to be compatible with the new technology. This was to involve some costs which would be an inconvenience to the company since it had not planned for the exercise. Another major hurdle that the company had to face was the uncertainty that came with the new technology. The operations and activities of the company changed drastically with its introduction. This was due to the newness of the system of operation. The general performance of the company was affected due to the mistakes that were made by employees who were trying to familiarize themselves with the invention. The process of adapting to the change in technology also involved other different aspects of change.

The recruitment of high technological personnel was another major feature of this change. This became necessary since the online storage area network required technology savvy individuals to run the system and oversee the process. As a result the company had to recruit new employees that were conversant with the new technology. The environment of the organization consequently changed so as to reflect the new technology [6]. This was due to the discarding of old methods of storage for patients. The purchases of new technology machines and gadgets became necessary. Several departments and sections of the company had also to be restructured so as to embrace the new technology. The customer service department for instance had to change so as to make use of technology during enquiries.

The technology causing developing countries to move from the present state to the desired future so as to increase effectiveness was the storage and retrieval of marketing information. This involved both the technological capability as well as organizational abilities. However the change of technology also involved a change in human resources. This was due to the training of human resources so as to reflect the change of technology. At the same time, new employees had to be recruited so as to operate the new technology. The change of technology had a lot of changes in the organization. Currently the population of the older people (80 and over) stands at 9 million in the United States.

However future projections indicate that the e market population is set to increase in the United States. However this will not only affect the country alone but also the world over. For instance in 2050 the older population in United States is set to increase to 30 million. There are several factors behind the increase on one hand as well as major issues and concern over the health care for the increasing older generation. One major concern is the e market service provision for the aging population. This is due to the fact that as the older generation population increase, the number of marketers and other care providers decrease. As a result this will put as strain on the healthcare service provision for the older generation.

Marketing costs pose the biggest concern as far as the aging population is concerned. One major consideration concerning the same is that older people are no longer employed and as a result tend to be dependent. Therefore the costs of e market are a big hurdle in their efforts to access e market. It is against this background that majority of the aging population miss the opportunity to access e market. According to federal statistics the current aging population includes the people who were not in the contemporary generation. As a result due to lifestyles, diets, education and other factors they have a lot of complications.

Apart from these majority of them had no savings or insurance. Some of the older people survived on casual jobs for most of their lives. As a result they are in no position to meet the increasing costs of health acre. The aspect of increasing health care costs as many dimensions. First and foremost is the increase in the older people in society [7]. This has led to pressure upon the marketing. At the same time the decrease in the number of business providers especially nurses has had a profound impact on the cost of health care. This has led to a situation where health care providers who have to serve an increasing demand for their services. However this trend has not reached its peak in the united sates. Statistics indicate that by 2050 there will be too much strain on the marketing with regard to older generation. This will be brought about by the increase in the number of older people in the society.

As a matter of fact the e market costs have had a lot of impact on the aging population as far healthcare services are concerned. For instance the inability of many older people to meet their business costs inn the United States has been cited as one major impediment in their quest for health care. As a result the health care section has remained a forum which serves only those who are well to do. The health carte in the united sates have therefore begun focusing much on the aspect of wealth as a major component of health. The government has consequently advocated for policies that can assure the underprivileged older population of.

The provision and access of e market services for the aging population is plagued by many issues. At the centre of the whole discussion is the shortage of manpower to provide the services. It is projected that the population of older people in the united sates is set to rise from the current 9 million to 30 million. At the same time the number of business marketers is set to experience a nosedive [8].

The major issues of concern here is how the services will be availed to a large population by a small number of service providers. Therefore one major issue at hand in the provision of health care services in the united sates in that of shortage of the supply of health care providers. However there are other issues which also pose a huge threat to the whole aspect. The increasing healthcare costs will have a negative impact on the whole aspect of health care services for the old. Several factors have been attributed to the increase in the healthcare costs. First is the strain on health care services coupled with the increase in demand. This is due to the high population of older people who will put pressure on the services. This will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of health care. Another cause of the increase in the costs of e market services is the advancement of technology which will make the provision and access the services more expensive.

The increase in the population of the aging people is another aspect that affects the provision of health services. This has led to a number of complications that have plagued the whole process. On one hand the increase in number has led to the pressure upon the health services. This has in turn led to the increase of costs of healthcare for the aging. On the other hand the increase in population has made it difficult for the older generation to access e market services in the United States.

The government has focused on the aspect of wealth so as to deal with the issue of heath. As a result focus is on the universal provision of health care. In order to do this the government has come up with a number of policies which are friendly to the aging population. Insurance has therefore been the focus by the American policy. This has been intended to ensure that all people have a health care insurance so that they can be able to meet their health care costs. This is aimed at reducing dependency which has made the access to healthcare difficult for many people [9].

However there have also been other endeavours with the aim of making sure that health care services are accessed by the older generation. The manpower shortage has been a major concern. Therefore there have been efforts to try and bridge the gap of the reducing number of health workers [10]. This has attracted a number of measures with the aim off bridging the gap. This is major aspect of the efforts to bring services to the old. It is seen a s a major cause of worry bearing in mind that health acres services cannot be availed conveniently without the adequate number of service providers.

The diagram below summarizes the anticipants and their relationships that increase regularity on e-Market Places.

Summarizes the anticipants and their relationships that increase regularity on e-Market Places.
(Kulviwat et al, 2004, p 250)


E market is increasingly becoming popular in developing countries. However several challenges threaten the spread of e-market in these countries. Under normal circumstances the major challenges that face e market I developing countries include technology and capital. As a result there are a lot of efforts required so as to boost the aspect of e-market in developing countries. The concept has taken root in developed countries due to the fact that developed countries have high technology and also capital. The task remains to increase the rate at which e-market grows in developing countries. New technologies change the way organizations operate in developing countries. The introduction of new technology comes with a different set of changes that must take place so as to reflect the new technology.

E-marketing is an important component in the management of a business organization. As a result, the success off e-marketing involves the proper development of a marketing plan. This involves the inception of credible advertisement and promotion campaigns with the aim of reaching the customers. However e-marketing goes beyond the short term goals of marketing. This is because e-marketing involves several parameters. Therefore the result of a successful e-marketing strategy leads to customer loyalty, good product branding and changed customer perception the organization.

An organization seeking to introduce new technology must be prepared to navigate through the process so as to make the new technology applicable. The paper has discussed the process of introducing new technologies in organizations. The implications involved have also been discussed; special reference has been given to e-market. The paper has taken an analytical look at the entire concept of e market. Special focus has been given to its development in the developing countries. As a result the various factors that affect the development of e-market places have been analyzed. Great care has been taken so as to ensure that all the parameters that play a role in the whole situation have been taken care of.


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