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Concepts of Decision of making Essay

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Decision making is act of making a choice between alternatives. On the other hand uncertainty is the absence of all or some information about the future. According to Longford, S. (2008) intelligence is not only the information that has been selected and collected, but also analyzed and evaluated and distributed to meet the unique policy making needs of an enterprise.

Decision Making

Intelligence can be a possible way of reduction of the uncertainties that may exist in making decisions. This is made possible through the intelligence cycle. Intelligence cycle commence with direction, collection, collation, evaluation, analysis in respectively.

First intelligence enables the decision maker to deviate from the norms. By so doing the decision maker reduces uncertainty because new and better actions will be taken to reduce the risk in decision making. Indicators is a prerequisite in this case because there must be some set of limit.

Secondly, for one to possess intelligence, he/she must have undergone training. Training is a means through which one acquires the essential skills, models, tools and techniques for processing information. Employment of this tools and skills enables one make appropriate decisions hence reducing the uncertainties.

Another process in the intelligent cycle is direction. Direction is the definition of the problem which the decision makers want to make. When a vague and uniformed direction is undertaken improper decisions will be made and uncertainties increased. Skills posed by intelligent decision makers help them give specific and informed direction leading to reduction of uncertainty.

After defining the problem, pertinent information must be gathered to aid in decision making. Intelligence ensures planning and lateral thinking i.e. considering all possibilities. When all possible results are incorporated in decision making, the uncertainty level gets filled. Planning as well makes sure that proper sorting is done thereby availing the appropriate data. All this is only possible when there is intelligence.

Moreover, the intelligence stage of evaluation is instrumental in the minimization of uncertainty. Evaluation can be described as the determination of the quality and than truthfulness of information. Awareness will then be created and tactics designed to help mitigate the menace of misleading information. When this is reduced, the decisions undertaken will be viable and this reduces uncertainty levels.

Cognitive bias makes a decision maker to be skewed in the kind of choice made. It entails the situation where perception outweigh need and the mindset that limits the scope of wider thinking. Intelligence reduces this problem by encouraging products delineated assumption and specific uncertainty and sources.

It also ensures periodic reexamination, emphasis on procedure and realism. This will add value to the decisions made and thus declining the uncertainty levels


Finally, effective dissemination of information also reduces uncertainty. If information is properly disseminated, the loophole of conflicting sources that may further increase uncertainties is eradicated. In this way intelligence reduce uncertainty, It can thus be concluded that intelligence reduce uncertainty and therefore should be upheld when making.

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