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Congress is a Broken Institution Evaluation Essay

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Updated: Jan 25th, 2020


The unending public and political debates concerning the credibility of the present Congress House of the United States have provoked constitutional changes (Sinclair, 2009). Political analysts and some of the open-minded American citizens have considered the Congress to be an ineffective institution, because the American government seems to manipulate the organization.

Complaints against the sovereignty of the institution are diverse and range from its obvious partisanship, its demeaned civilization, to its record of numerous legislative ambiguities. America is embarking on a series of constitutional reforms that would stabilize the Congress (Sinclair, 2009). Pertinent to such notions, this essay analyzes some recently proposed constitutional amendments aimed to refurbish the Congress.

Oversight over the Federal Government

The American constitution vested the executive powers upon the president (Sinclair, 2009). However, the recently witnessed close relations between the Congress and the president have made the congress seem ineffectual and partisan. The American Anticorruption Act of 2013 is a recent Congressional reform, which will probably assist the Congress to curb political corruption and bribery.

The levels of corruption have become unbearable, while the recent Democratic and Republican leaders have remained focused on raising money for elections (Ruby, 2010). The Act may thrive due to its promising power to reform the American politics, which have proven uneconomical to the nation.

The Health Care Reforms

The healthcare department is one of the heavily affected national departments since the Congress became dysfunctional, and almost overpowered by the executive. According to Ruby, the government has been manipulative in its overall sovereignty in the healthcare department, since it imposes frustrating restrictions and reforms (2010).

The uncontrolled Obamacare health project has been costly and has caused severe economic crunches in America. Ruby (2010) also asserts that the Patient’s Choice Act of 2009 and the Empowering Patients First Act that may replace the Affordable Care Act might assist the Congress to have power over the executive on the important healthcare issues.

Protection of Civil Liberty

The close relationship witnessed between the Congress and the president has hampered civil liberty (Sinclair, 2009). One of the proposed amendments is the improvement of the Sunset Extension Act of 2009. The Act is under the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. The USA PATRIOT Act 2001 was an effective Congressional law that strengthened the civil autonomy over the national issues about security and healthcare (Ruby 2010).

The amendments of this Act may happen due to the rising concern over the uprising Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS), and its terror missions across the United States (Ruby 2010). In addition, the Justice Act of 2009 will transform the sovereignty of the American citizens and their rights to exercise their civil independence.

Power over the National Budgeting Process

Congress lost its national responsibility of overseeing the budgeting process of America. Such loopholes have resulted to poor government control on the national expenditure. The proposed amendments of the constitution include efforts to revamp the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act (Ruby, 2010).

The Act allows the formation of a committee that consists of members from both the Congress and the Senate Houses. The committee is important in the control of the federal budgeting processes. According to Ruby (2010), the act will empower the Congress to reduce the direct power of the president over the budget. Such amendments may succeed because the parliament wants to minimize the budget.

Control over the National Security and the International Wars

The biggest concerns of the American government are the rising levels of insurgency, the Muslim extremism, and the safety issues of America as a world giant economy (Sinclair, 2009). The American army and its security personnel have scattered across the world to counter extremists, terrorists and insurgents.

Such approaches are raising fear and national anxiety, although the government seems to ignore these tensions (Sinclair, 2009). The American parliament is seeking to reform the USA PATRIOT Act 2001, and the War Powers Act of 1973 to control the powers of the government over the national military and its engagement in the global warfare (Sinclair, 2009).


The executive branch of America is unfair and manipulative. The close relationships between the Congress and the president have resulted to controversies that have inspired the people to consider Congress an ineffective institution. The American parliament has proposed credible amendments to the national constitution.

The reforms include Acts that support healthcare reforms, control the national budgeting process, the national and international security affairs, and protect the civil liberty. These Acts may succeed because they target the main concerns that affect the American economy, its national security, and its national cohesion.


Ruby, J. (2010). Sound and Fury, Confused Alarms, and Oversight: Congress, Delegation, and Effective Responses to Financial Crises. Harvard Journal on Legislation, 47(1), 210-252.

Sinclair, B. (2009). Question: What’s wrong with Congress? Answer: It’s a Democratic Legislature. Boston University Law Review 89(2), 387-397.

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