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Consulting Discussion Members Responsibilities Essay

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Updated: Jan 3rd, 2022

Roles for Each Member in the Consulting Firm

A business management consulting company may be divided into key departments that are required for a full-fledged company performance:

  • Training Team (3-5 trainers)
  • Analysis Team (2-3 analysts)
  • Marketing and Promotion (2 market specialists)
  • Financial department (1 financial management)
  • Customer care (1 specialist who may be engaged in marketing)

The training department involves trainers and lecturers that may be engaged in several training activities:

  • Time management
  • Business processes
  • Qualification improvement and employee monitoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Leadership and organization

The marketing and promotion department will be engaged in advertising the services of the consulting company and participate in various tenders to increase the consumer awareness of the brand, as well as increase the customers’ base. The key aims of this department are hitting the target audience and communicating with advertising agencies.

The financial department will be engaged in the following tasks:

  • Financial management and price policy
  • Cooperation with banks and assessment of the market developing tendencies
  • Share market analysis

The customer care department may be regarded as the most important, as it presupposes effective communication with the clients of the consulting company and the training center. The key aims of this department are to communicate with consumers and define customer care strategy pivots. Hence, this department should involve all the means possible for keeping consumers satisfied and make them return for further successful cooperation.

List of Duties

The duties for the team are generally defined by the key aspects of the company’s activity as well as marketing situation and strategy, performed by the company.

Duties of the analysis team:

  • Communication with the client and definition of the required analysis spheres
  • Elaboration of assessment forms and criteria for studying client’s business performance
  • Gathering of the information and data required, communication with the client’s employees
  • Assessment of the collected data and results derived
  • Creation of the completed report

The duties of the training team may be closely linked with the duties of the analysis department. Hence, the duties of the training team are as follows:

  • Assessment of the data collected by the analysis team
  • Communication with the analysis team on the matters of companies analyzed
  • Creation of training programs, timetables, and lecture plans
  • Elaboration of knowledge assessment criteria and arrangement of test papers for trainees
  • Participation in quality improvement activities

Marketing and promotion:

  • Elaboration of the proper marketing strategy
  • Control of the target audience preferences
  • Arranging promo campaigns and promoting new products

Financial Department:

  • Managing finances and financial flows
  • Assessment of the company’s performance from the perspective of financial management

Customer Care:

  • Communication with consumers and implementation of individual approaches towards each
  • Stimulation of customer base growth

Roles of Each Member of the Firm

The selection of the duties and responsibilities of each member is performed following the company’s aims as well as the skills of each member. In general, the importance of this role assigning process may be explained by the necessity to differentiate the responsibilities and activity spheres to avoid interference.

Each member is suited by his or her abilities. Hence, trainers are appointed for their communicational skills as well as ability to teach and improve their knowledge base. This department is closely integrated with the analysts’ team, hence, trainers can analyze and assess the activity of organizations, and can offer clients educational programs.

Analysts are free to communicate with anyone. They are psychologists and teachers who can persuade people to tell what they need. Hence, they are appointed for these positions for their communicational skills and analytical abilities.

Marketing, promotion and customer care specialists are professionals in advertising and market analysis. They are appointed for their abilities to create attractive advertisements or promo, and for the communicational skills required for keeping in touch with customers. This is of particular importance when new training programs are implemented, as the new products should be offered for the existing consumers, as well as the target audience in general.

The financial department is responsible for all the financial processes and control measures. This member is appointed for his/her responsibility, ability to control financial flows, and be able to regulate expenses by implementing effective financial management strategies.

The established responsibilities and roles are intended to create an effective consulting company. In general, this is closely linked with the fact that consumers wish to get high-quality consulting or training services, hence, they would like to see a highly professional team who knows what they need to do, and what do consumers need to see. (Massarik and Pei-Carpenter, 301) In general, the key aspect that will help win consulting contracts is the visibility of the company’s development. These factors will help to attract new consumers and expand the team by attracting new specialists and experts in the spheres of training, management, and analysis.

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