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Crime Scene Management Coursework

A person, material article/ item, organization or occasion that operates as a catalyst for transformation is considered as a change agent. In the following scenario, the neighborhood involved is in dire need of enhanced security due to frequent cases of break-ins as well as increased insecurity. The circumstances below depict me as a change agent for the members of the community, who have not quite been able to organize some sort of defense mechanism to counter the rising insecurity in the neighborhood. The ultimate goal is to achieve total security in the community.

Apparently, countries in the world have been known to present us with new and impulsive antagonistic environments. The world is full of foreign rivals declaring war to the other countries, terrorists within the country declaring war to innocent citizens, open murders and violent crimes among others. The best course of action is to face it head-on. The best way to counteract this in a communal setting is to link up with the other members of the community in creation of safe environments. But the question remains, how can this be done?

Taking a situation whereby members of a particular community are experiencing residential burglary as well as violent crimes; there must be a way in which this can be stopped. This necessitates a change agent to initiate a neighborhood watch program that will deter intruders. A change agent within the community will be a huge milestone in the implementation of a neighborhood watch program. Change agents as well as other community members are charged with apprehending and reporting criminals to the necessary authority. Therefore, to counteract criminal activities within a community, one has to consider first the residents of the region (Beaufort-Moore, 2009, p. 119).

As a change agent I will have to first of all take the responsibility of sending messages to all the criminals to stop their unusual activities before the law takes its course on their side. There is need to call for a meeting where I will encourage the community members to be on the lookout for any strange activities taking place. This can be termed as neighborhood watch. A neighborhood watch necessitates working jointly in protection of children, property and threatening activities, improving the quality of life by stripping away fear after averting crimes and provision of safety among the community members (Clair, 2002, p. 107).

First of all, I will have to begin by contacting the local enforcement within the community if they have already incorporated the Neighborhood Watch Program within their system. If not, I will have to offer myself to not only initiate the program but also increase its awareness.

This will be followed by running background inspections in the houses of the neighbors. This can only be done after asking for permission from the local law enforcement. However, if time is a limiting factor, then individuals have to carry out limited background checks online. I will then have to walk from one home to the next with any other community member, introducing myself to the community members. Talking to them and also getting to know them will also be of great importance.

Informing them that I am a change agent who is concerned with the community’s security and safety will act as a leeway to my agenda. I will have to clarify to the community members how Neighborhood Watch has successfully reduced the rates of crimes in other communities. This will be followed by an invitation to a Neighborhood Watch meeting where there will be a demonstration of how the members of the community can work jointly with a common aspiration of offering protection to not only children but also property. As Leicht (2011) observed, this will be demonstrated through the fight against both criminals and terrorists. The available funds will have to be incorporated in the preparation family datasheets to monitor vehicle movements, suspect and vehicle description sheet to be used when crimes are being reported, neighborhood watch map and phone trees.

Being a member of public with no special exposure to significant information on criminal activities, the rates of crimes within the community may be unknown to me. This will be taken care of by the law enforcement as they will have to give me the statistics on the rates of crime within the community.

While facilitating a neighborhood watch program, one will have to ascertain the key staff by focusing on their dedication and tasks that match with their talents. The level of dedication should be gauged as one walks while discussing with the community members. I will have to encourage them to participate and inquire over their abilities.

I would recommend the Neighborhood Watch Program strategy whenever one wants to reduce crimes within the community since the activity does not consume a lot of time. The program is suited for its purpose as it aims at improving the quality of life and freeing the community members from terrorism threats. This program has been attested to avert the rates of terrorism and crimes. Neighborhood Watch ensures documentation, monitoring and reporting of any unusual and suspicious activity.


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