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Customer Care Qualities and Organizational Culture Report (Assessment)



Customers are the most important elements in any business and therefore, any business that acknowledges this is likely to excel in its performance. To enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction, most organizations seek the services of customer care professionals. This paper discusses the qualities of a customer care and in relation to this; the essay focuses on a new Pack-All customer care representative. In addition, there are the interpersonal skills that are necessary for appointment to this post. The paper will also discuss the possible question that the new employee may enquire from the supervisor in order to enhance effectiveness in delivery of duties. There is expectation of the customers as well as how the customer care representative should handle their needs. Finally, the paper will look at organization’s culture with examples from United Bookseller Company.

Customer Care Representative at PackAll Company

What interpersonal skills do you currently have that will allow you to be successful in your new position?

Customer service is a role and from my training and experience as a customer care representative, I acknowledge that customers are the greatest asset of any business (Evenson, 2007). For this reason, I have developed strong communication skills to communicate with customers effectively and in relation to this, I have good verbal, writing skills as well as being a good listener. In dealing with the customers, maintenance of image of the business is necessary and therefore I am an honest person who esteems integrity. The task of dealing with customers is not easy and for this reason, I always have a positive attitude towards my work. I am highly motivated and possess a passion for customer care, and for these reasons I can work with minimum or no supervision.

The main objective of this position is to make and maintain sales and for this task, I have good negotiation skills in making quick and accurate decisions. I may not have all that is required for this position and therefore, I am an open-minded, very flexible, and able to learn new skills fast. In addition to this, today’s employees should possess skills that make them effective team player and I can assure that I am an effective team player (McIntyre & Salas, 1995). Finally, through my training in customer care I know that professionalism is essential in the development of my career and the organization. For this reason, I shall perform all the duties assigned to me professionally.

The main objective of this position is ensuring satisfaction of the customers according to the ability of the business and I would ask my supervisor a couple of questions in order to understand my role and improve my output. The first question I would ask is how to deal with an unsatisfied customer. The next thing that I will enquire from my supervisor is how the previous employees in this post have performed. Finally, in relation to my career, I would like to know from my supervisor exactly what areas to work on in order to improve my career. In addition, I would request to know if there will be training or if I can enrol in part time classes.

If a customer asks for a service that PackAll does not provide, how will you handle the situation?

Our main objective here at Pack-All is to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that they get the best value for their money. I would like to appreciate and thank you for wanting to do business with us. However, I would like to inform you that we currently do not offer the services that you have requested and on behalf of the company, I apologize for any inconvenience. I shall forward your request to the management so that in future we shall provide you with this service. Thank you for taking your time to ask for this service as well as your understanding.

Customer Service Person at United Booksellers Company

Are there indicators of United Booksellers’ service culture? If so, what are they?

In order for an organization to develop value for its customers then it must do all that is required to ensure that its customers are happy and satisfied. To do this the organization needs to ensure that its employees and environment demonstrate the required culture. According to the description given, United Bookseller observes service culture. The first indicator of service culture is that the organization recognizes that customer’s happiness is the first priority in any business. The setting of a coffee shop where the customers can read from as they relax indicates this. In addition, this reading place has a friendly atmosphere, which makes the customers happy. As the customer reads and interacts with the staff in this coffee shop, the organization will obtain feedback from him or her in the form of complaints or suggestions.

“A service culture is an absolute requirement for an organization that is committed to the concept of delivering quality services” (Allen, 2000). In order to maintain service culture the organization must ensure that its staffs are competent and therefore United Bookseller has gone that extra step to train its employees in order to assign them duties. Effectiveness of employees is not possible if the working environment is not conducive. In order to achieve this United Bookseller has high standards facilities with sufficient number of employees.

If you were an employee, in what ways would you feel that you could contribute to the organizational culture?

If I was an employee of United Bookseller then I would be active in matters of the development of the organization’s culture. This is because I acknowledge that organization culture is essential to organization’s performance (Philips & Gully, 2011). The first thing that I shall do is to emphasize on the importance of having a positive culture among my colleagues. I will also advice the management to come up with a scheme of rewarding outstanding workers. In relation to the same issue, I shall encourage my colleagues to participate in sports and other co curricular activities that promote good relationship among employees.

If you were a customer, what kind of service would you expect to receive at United Booksellers? Why?

As a customer of United Book seller, I need recognition and for this reason, I would like to request the organization to consider having discounts for its customers. I would also request united Book Seller for a system for delivery and payment of books without the need for customers to come to their shops physically.


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