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Decision to Get an MBA Essay

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Enrolling for an MBA requires one to invest a lot of time and resources. Therefore, people are very careful to find out if enrolling for this program is beneficial to them. This paper will deal with the issues that surround one’s decision to get an MBA.

Raising and countering objections regarding the decision to get an MBA

Studying MBA helps one to think like a business leader since it helps one be aware of the complex issues in the business world, and how to deal with these issues. The program enables one to have business skills that are essential in running a business successfully. Additionally, one acquires soft skills. These include skills such as leadership and inter-personal skills. These are some of the important skills that a leader should have to be able to run a business successfully (Robbins & Judge, 2011).

An MBA is an important tool that helps one in the development of their career. Enrolling for this program helps one to get skills that lead to new opportunities. One is also able to have access to many senior positions that were out of reach previously. Once a person has done an MBA, there are many professional possibilities at their disposal. These include changing careers and promotions in the current career. A person who has earned an MBA is also viewed by the employer as one who is able to handle challenges.

Studying MBA may usher one into new levels in their careers. Getting a promotion in senior levels translates to an increase in one’s salary. Better compensation is motivating to many people and every one seeks to earn a good salary. It is estimated that people who have an MBA earn an average of 66,500 dollars annually (Study2u.com, 2011). After graduating with an accredited MBA, one guaranteed of a salary increment in their place of work.

Getting a salary increment is one of the major reasons that people choose to enroll for an MBA program. A recent study shows that 70% of the people who enroll for an MBA program choose the program because they want to access new opportunities, which lead to better remuneration. Another study shows that 70% of the people who have graduated with MBA work in senior positions, such as board directors (Study2u.com, 2011). Others also work as senior managers and other high ranking positions.

MBA is a program that is recognized globally. Therefore, people who have an accredited MBA can work anywhere in the world. One is free to look for opportunities in countries abroad, which may offer a better package than the locally based companies.

Studying MBA is beneficial to people who do not have a business background. The program helps in giving such people practical knowledge in the area of business. This knowledge is very useful because they are able to operate in the field of business administration just like people who have a business background. Studying an MBA also offers one an opportunity to change from one career to another.

MBA provides a person with competitive advantage over others because people who go through the program acquire leadership skills that make them competitive and qualified leaders. These are the leadership qualities, which are acquired from studying an MBA, which most companies look for when hiring people in higher management positions (Nickels, McHugh & McHugh, 2010).

An MBA program has topics which teach people how to start their own businesses. This helps one to be independent instead of only thinking about being employed. People who go through the program are provided with hands-on training that helps them deal with real life challenges in the business world. Therefore, the program helps in molding independent business entrepreneurs, who are able to run their businesses successfully.

How raising and countering objections has helped inform my own decision to get an MBA and the reason(s) I have decided to go back to school

According to Hoch, Kunreuther & Gunther (2001), there is a variation in human behavior when it comes to making choices. The choices that one makes are influenced by certain factors. My decision to choose MBA was also influenced by certain factors. By understanding the importance of an MBA in the contemporary world, I have been able to unearth the truths and the lies being peddled around about this program.

I have been able to understand that it is one of the most enriching and informative programs that one can enroll in. it is a program that can accommodate people from all fields without one having to struggle to understand the concepts being taught. Moreover, the benefits that one gets after completion are numerous, making it an investment that is worth. I have, therefore, decided to go back to school to study an MBA because I want to progress in my career.

I want better remuneration as I work in high ranking position locally or abroad. Additionally, the skills I will get will enable me to start my own business enterprise in future. I am sure I will be able to run the enterprise successfully because I will already have the entrepreneurial skills that are necessary. The sources that I selected are credible because the authors of the books and the articles are people with vast experience in the areas they have written about.


MBA should be the choice for anyone who desires to advance in their career, change their career or start their own business. It is a very enriching program to people who have a business background and those who do not have any background in business.

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