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Description of the Mediums of Advertising Essay

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Marketing is an essential strategy used by organizations to attract customers and establish lasting relationships with them. It comprises various activities, inclusive of promoting, selling, and delivering products to clients. The medium of advertising determines the number of potential consumers reached as well as the sales a business makes. This essay evaluates the factors which influence the selection of advertising medium, the advantages and disadvantages of using television in marketing, and the media which can be employed to advertise mascara.

Advertisers consider the firm’s objectives, nature of the products, and potential markets. Businesses’ advertising and general purposes vary, which may include informing, persuading, or reminding consumers about a product or a service. Equally, the organizations may be aiming to create prestige and enhance sales and profitability (Kotler et al., 2017). The nature of products or services determines effective promotional media. For instance, digital and television advertising is the most appropriate marketing channel for the products which require demonstration. Companies need to identify products’ potential markets, which are defined by such features as population, interests, age, gender, level of income, and geographical regions. Indeed, the media chosen by marketing agencies vary depending on products’ nature, targeted market segment, and the objectives for promotional activities.

Moreover, advertisers need to factor in such elements as the cost of the medium, audiences’ class, and extent of coverage. The budget for promoting products and services varies across and within media. The amount charged must be within the total a company is willing to pay for an advert (Kotler et al., 2017). Notably, marketing through radio and televisions is likely to be more expensive than when a firm uses a newspaper for promotion. It is essential to consider the targeted audiences’ class because certain products connect with particular people, defined by gender, age, religion, and other factors. The number of individuals an advert will reach is also important since it is proportionate to the potential buyers. Undeniably, the type of audience and extent of coverage influence the marketing cost.

Media availability and advertising medium’s reputation are important factors to consider when selecting a marketing channel. The necessary media for the promotional campaign may be unavailable at the appropriate period (Kotler et al., 2017). The issue is common with such platforms as television and radio. A medium reputation can influence the way audiences perceive advertised products and services. Magazines and newspapers are considered respectable marketing channels since most people view them as trustworthy and reliable sources of information. Indeed, reputable media adds prestige to the advertised products or services, evoking audiences’ trust.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television Advertising

Television is one of the advertising mediums used by most organizations to promote their products and services. It has several advantages, including the ability to grab attention, combine sight and sound, foster empathy and emotion, and reach a wide range of targeted audiences (Kotler et al., 2017). However, the medium is associated with various disadvantages, such as high charges, stressful and time-consuming advert production, and a challenging and expensive process of making changes. Therefore, small businesses cannot afford television advertising despite its benefits.

Advertising Mascara

Magazines would be the appropriate media for advertising the well-known brand of mascara. This platform will help target a specific demographic, the young females who live in urban areas and love to improve their beauty. Additionally, the medium increases the likelihood of pass-on advert exposure since people can read magazines at any place and share them with friends. Moreover, magazines are an affordable advertising option, which is effective for all products.


Conclusively, advertising is an important aspect of marketing, which helps organizations reach their customers and increase sales and profits. The selected advertising medium influences the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Advertisers consider such factors as the company’s objectives, nature of the products, potential markets, cost of the medium, audiences’ class, the extent of coverage, media availability, and advertising medium’s reputation when choosing a promotion platform. Magazines are some of the media platforms used in advertising products such as mascara.


Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., & Opresnik, M. (2017). Principles of marketing (17th ed.). Pearson.

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