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Adidas Campaign “Yalla! Go For It” Evaluation Report

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Updated: Aug 24th, 2022


The age of millennials is indeed a unique time, in which people live, evolve, and advocate for their self-identification. The central theme of the “Yalla! Go For It” campaign assigned by Adidas is primarily the representation of the true version of oneself as part of the social media society. I believe that social networking is mainly used to demonstrate a hyper-idealistic version of oneself that is not necessarily a true version. My campaign is targeted at the female population of the UAE region to reinforce the Emirati women and their uniqueness. For me, the most significant issue is the empowerment of women in the UAE who serve as a model the world should follow.

One of my intended goals is to choose the key hashtag associated with the campaign’s headline and intertwined with its core idea. Therefore, the hashtag that will be incorporated in my campaign is #UNIQUEME. It is short and concise and reveals a strong concept that I aim to manifest in social media advertising. The decision to integrate these two inspirational words emanated from their meaningfulness and manifestation of crucial aspects of my life and, therefore, my identity. The decision to include the hashtag was based on its prevalence in today’s world of social media. It plays an essential role in my life and the millennial generation in general. #UniqueMe so that sticks and stones will not break my bones, but words will never harm me, which is inspired by the song that symbolizes the liberty of choice.

The Background of the Campaign

Adidas is one of the major leaders on the market that pursues changing the future for young female athletes in key cities across the globe. Most importantly, the company addresses the barriers that forced women to drop out of the sport, such as a legacy of inequality and opportunity. In addition, Adidas pursues changing the lack of access, role models, as well as funding, and, thereby, building the women’s future. As such, the company requires a long-lasting change concerning the mental and physical barriers that girls face, as well as the engagement of women into sports.

The Key Insights and Elements of the Campaign

Our generation is a unique and complex phenomenon, which is why the millennials are my target audience for this project. According to Barry, the modern consumer becomes “more sensitive, sceptical, and complex” (11). Thus, it is crucial to generate not only new ideas, but to focus on “problem-solving approach, perceptual choice, and periodic reassessment” (Bono 43). I want to create a campaign for Adidas based on promoting sports in the UAE for the female population, specifically those females who wear headscarves. The advertisement will be showcased in the most prominent areas where teenagers spend most of their time.

Thus, I chose public transportation as the aimed place for commercial, namely the female side of the metro, which is designed specifically for females with children. Concerning the fact that I sit along with other females on the metro, I consider it as a great advertising strategy for my campaign.

The critical insight of the “Yalla! Go For It” campaign is to stay true to yourself and be in love with your own body because you only have one. This stands for all the Emirati women who will be inspired by the campaign and challenge themselves in a variety of sports activities. The social media framework for my project is the Instagram platform that is focused on promoting love and respect to own body and engage the female audience into sports.

The advert will be represented inside the train, at the metro entrance and exit, in the magazines, as well the at the Adidas store itself. The core idea of the campaign is to emphasize the unique passion and determination of women in the UAE. The campaign will have its own “Yalla_Go_For_It” nametag on its Instagram profile, which enables every woman involved in it to tag the campaign and, therefore, promote it worldwide. The advert inspires women to appreciate their bodies and shapes and follow this journey.

The critical element of my advertising campaign is the young female who is working out on the beach with a marvellous view on the bay and the ferris wheel. The advert embodies a healthy, enthusiastic, and energized spirit that the girl transmits to the viewer.

She is free to choose a preferred sport within a broad spectrum of activities, whether it is a rugby or tennis. Thus, I added the thinking speech balloons to highlight a wide selection for every female engaged in the Adidas’ campaign. Emirati women fulfil critical roles that shape their future economy and society. Having analysed the role of the women, I now think that the audience will respond well to the “Yalla! Go For It” campaign. I created the visual representation of the advertisement in the store to demonstrate how the female consumers regard the campaign favourably.

Recommendations for Future Practice: Reassessing the Weak Points

One of the major weaknesses is the limited range of visual aids. More specifically, only one advertising poster is used for all the target areas of my project. The proposed solution is to cooperate with inspiring female celebrities, perhaps the Emirati politician or even a female athlete. Previously, I did not question myself about the prominent female figures of the UAE. I examined the list of inspirational Emirati women and was greatly surprised by a large number of females and their incredible achievements.

For instance, the advertising campaign can engage with Nahla Al Rostamani, who is the first female Emirati F3 driver, and focus on the motorsports equipment. The company might work with Mariam Al Safar, who is the first Emirati woman to drive a train in the Middle East and proves that women can be more than the passengers. Asma Al Janahi is another Emirati female who is the female-first fencer and breaks the stereotypical views regarding women’s role in sports.


I consider the benefit of broadening the visual scope and creating more adverts with these prominent women. Although engaging the ordinary females of the UAE might be more efficient as it will inspire and empower more of the general female public. “Yalla! Go For It” is a striking example of a wide array of opportunities one might attain once involved in the campaign. Every woman engaged in this project might create a unique hashtag and inspirational quote based on her personal experience. Hence, each of the target areas will include different posters with different Emirati women to broaden the scope of the campaign and make it a significant change, not only the advert.

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