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Diagnostic Summaries: Healthcare Sector Coursework

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2022

John could be diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. The key characteristics of schizoid personality disorder include detachment and aloofness. At grade six, John became disinterested in quarterbacking and became withdrawn. As a teen, his relationships existed in his imaginations. Narcissistic personality disorder manifests through grandiose and dramatic behavior, e.g., shooting the president to win Jodie’s love and obsession with fantasy and success. A secondary diagnosis for John is moderate delusional order seen in his vivid fantasies. The provisional diagnosis made is borderline personality disorder characterized by his hypersensitivity to rejections and diminished response to his motives or actions. Since John fits the DSM-V criteria for these personality disorders, he could be regarded as criminally insane.

Fiona Anderson stars in the movie Away From Her. She is an elderly childless woman with ancestral roots in Iceland, but brought up in Canada. Presently, she is unemployed and stays with her husband in an inherited house in Ontario. Fiona’s husband, Grant Anderson, is a retired professor. The couple leads an active lifestyle that includes skiing within the area. Fiona and her husband rarely meet their friends. The two have no drug problem, except for occasional drinks at their house. The two have no relationship problems. However, there were allegations that Grant had an affair with a student as a professor. To deal with this problem, the couple moved to this remote place after Grant’s retirement.

In the movie, Fiona’s actions indicate symptoms of memory loss. In the first instance, she is seen placing the frying pan in the fridge. As the problem progresses, she sticks labels on lockers as reminders of where items are stored. Later, she confesses that she sometimes does not remember the meanings or pronunciations of words like ‘wine’. She does not remember how to mail a letter, despite giving correct responses to questions concerning mails. She loses her sense of direction and wanders off away from their farmhouse.

In multiple occasions, her husband finds tasks that Fiona had abandoned midway or forgot to do. In one instance, Grant finds out that she went outside after placing a pot of water on the cooker to boil and forgot about it. Later, she is admitted to the Meadowlake medical center for treatment for her memory loss. However, she does not remember ever being married to Grant. Although she recognizes his face, she does not seem to remember being married to him. She develops an attachment to a male caregiver at the facility who she claims does not confuse him.

Fiona fits the criteria for mild neurocognitive disorder due to Alzheimer’s disease. Fiona’s gradual memory decline and impaired motor abilities, including forgetting word meanings are symptomatic of the disease. She also presents with behavioral disturbances, including wandering. Hence, a secondary diagnosis of the major neurocognitive disorder is made. She also displays dissociative amnesia symptoms. Her memory loss is not triggered by physiological factors or substance use.

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