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Divorce in the American Families Essay

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Updated: Sep 13th, 2018

There has been an argument that United States has the weakest family in the developed world and this is based on various aspects. As far as this paper is concerned, we will look at the aspect of divorce in American families. Various stakeholders have reported that America has a divorce rate of more than 50% but this has not been fully authenticated for proper accuracy (Coontz, 2010, p. 23). At this rate, more marriages are likely to end in divorce as time goes by and this is not good news at all.

It should be known that the divorce rate is more prevalent in third marriages than in first marriages. As a matter of fact, those couples that have children have recorded low rates and levels of divorce than those ones without children. Currently, there are all indications that divorce rates are declining but this is more so on people who are just living together instead of marrying.

Most couples who had been married before and divorced never marry again and this is startling. In this case, they have never been ready to give it a chance and trial. The marriage rate has been declining as time goes by and people are opting to be single parents. Because single parenthood is on the rise in the United States, it gives us a good insight on why the country is having a lot of divorce rates (Coontz, 2010, p. 35).

It should be known that more divorce cases are prevalent in married women than in married men. This means that they are the ones who call the shot when things are not going on well. An increase in divorce in American families is not good news for children who end up being raised by single mothers. This therefore denies them an opportunity to be raised by both parents as expected of a good family.

Apart from touching on divorce, other family unions are not progressing well and this is a matter of concern. This means that such unions are not stable and it explains a given trend that is taking shape in the American family. Children are supposed to grow up with their biological parents and this can not be achieved with such divorce rates. To reinforce the point on why United States has the weakest family in the developed world, we can still base our point on an increase in solo parenting.

The African American home has suffered a lot of divorce cases and this is something that needs to be looked at (Ruoff, 2002, p. 28). Because divorce rates are prevalent in families with children, this seeks to explain to us something. In this case, couples have seen children as a burden or they have had problems with raising a family with children thereby opting to divorce.

Couples have always given various reasons as per to why they opt to divorce and this needs to be looked at. In this case, males and females give different reasons for divorce based on their own understanding. There are various factors that have transformed the institution of the American family over the past few years.

This revolves around various economic and cultural features. There has been an argument t that most couples do not give comprehensive reasons for divorce but this has always varied. In this case, it should be known that not all marriages can always fail for the same reasons (Ruoff, 2002, p. 36). As far as reasons for divorce are concerned, there are others that have been prevalent than others.

Couples have always blamed poor communication for divorce and this has been recorded from different couples. In this case, the couple fails to connect well thereby leading to divorce. There are cases where financial problems have also led to divorce and this is a major reason and concern. It should be known that partners that have not been able to take care of their families have caused problems thereby leading to divorce.

On the other hand, financial problems have brought about disagreements that have occasionally led to divorce (Baskerville, 2007, p. 38). Some partners and couples have cited lack of commitment as a reason for divorce and this is a reality. In this case, one of the partners is never committed to the marriage and that is why it has always ended up in divorce. This means that families are supposed to commit to the relationship for long term sustainability.

Commitment is necessary for success in everything and marriage has not been an exception in American families. As much as couples have given different reasons for not being committed, it has been one of the reasons for divorce. A dramatic change in priorities is also another reason that has been given for divorce. In this case, couples have been known to shift their priorities beyond family hood and thereby led to divorce.

When a partner changes his/her priorities, it will not be easy to live together as a family and that is why it has led to termination of the union (Luscombe, 2010, p. 48). Infidelity can also be considered as the reason behind divorce in American families. There is no partner who has been ready to see the other cheating and lived with it. This has been the reason behind bitter divorce cases in recent years and partners need to be faithful.

As much as there are other reasons for divorce cases in American families, these ones have been cited as the most prominent. Other reasons, though major, have not been prevalent and common in America. For instance, unmet needs and failed expectations have also contributed to divorce. In this case, people always have various expectations from their partners but when this is not met, partners have felt let down and opted for divorce.

Marriages in America experience various problems and this needs conflict resolution skills for success (Bratter, 2009, p. 43). As far as problems are concerned, some couples have lacked conflict resolution skills in the family and that is why we have had cases of divorce in America. Although minor, cases like substance and emotional abuse have also been responsible for divorce cases in America, this is something that can be taken care of by the society.

Divorce and the American family are an intertwined issue and topic that needs to be looked at by the whole society for long term sustainability. A good marriage should be saved and there is no reason for divorce. In this case, divorce in America should be effectively looked at as time goes by.

This is based on an increase in divorce rates that has been witnessed in recent years. When we say that the divorce rate in American families in more than 50%, this indicates that couples are more likely to break up as time goes by and this is not good news to the American society (Luscombe, 2010, p. 37). The American belief has been cited as one of the reasons behind divorce and there is need for change. As a matter of fact, Americans believe in freedom and this can be replaced with love as much as there is commitment.

It is undeniable that divorce is an aspect that has gained precedence and prominence in the American family in recent years beyond reasonable doubt. Different couples have admitted that they prefer to marry with high expectations but this has not been practical and that is why they have ended up in divorce. This has always been done if they think the family will not give them the happiness and safety that they had desired.

Because most Americans love freedom, this has made them to think of themselves being at the center. This has been done at the expense of the family and children that one has (Bratter, 2009, p. 39). Any rise in divorce will ultimately have bad effects and impacts on children and that is why it needs to addressed. This is based on the fact that our children are the future generation and they need to grow in a stable family with both parents.

Children develop their own personality from both parents and that is why divorce should not be entertained in the modern American society. In this case, a child can learn something different from both parents and that is why they should always be there for them. Couples should learn to persevere and live together no matter what because divorce is not always the best option (Coontz, 2010, p. 52).

The American family has been undergoing a lot of transformations and this is based on changing trends in the society. As much as the American family is changing in relation to modern needs, divorce is not a good trend that should be encouraged in the society. The family as an institution is supposed to change for the better to have a good American society.

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