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Engineering Education and Competencies in Australia Report (Assessment)

Strengths, weaknesses, and interests

My key strengths are that I am analytical, open-minded, and a team player. I am suited for engineering since engineering requires an analytical mind to be able to disintegrate and re-aggregate vast quantities of different kinds of information. With all the viewpoints on how to solve problems in society, it is important to have an open mind. Anyone discipline will provide too narrow a viewpoint to tackle sufficiently the complex challenges of modern life. It is also important to be able to function well within teams, either as a team member or as a team leader. This becomes more crucial because of the fact that most problem-solving teams in real life are interdisciplinary and multicultural. To survive, great team skills are necessary.

I consider my weaknesses to include perfectionist tendencies and impatience with weak leadership. Engineering is not a perfect trade. Measurements need to include tolerances, and errors form part of the everyday practice of engineering. The pursuit of perfect solutions would make engineering impractical. Settling on effective yet imperfect solutions remains my greatest frustration with the trade. In problem-solving, clear focused leadership is a vital ingredient. To the extent that leadership in engineering fails, to that extent does the development of solutions fail. I find this difficult to swallow.

I am very interested in Megastructures.

Current skills and qualities assessed against Engineers Australia’s PE1 (Knowledge Base)

My mathematical knowledge base is sound enough for me to apply analysis and synthesis techniques applicable to engineering and related fields. I have acquired a sound knowledge base in the physical sciences, life sciences, and information sciences basic to engineering, and I have developed an appreciation of the scientific method. I am able to work from first principles to tackle technical problems.

I have acquired knowledge in engineering, where I am now capable of using mathematics, science, and engineering science to solve problems within this area. I can confidently select materials and techniques to solve problems. I have advanced knowledge that enables me to tackle complex challenges. I have developed an interdisciplinary appreciation in the course of my learning, enabling me to solve problems with a wider scope of complexity and to know what input to seek in the process of solving the problems. I have also developed the ability to appraise projects, to determine that they are technically sound, and to troubleshoot, seeing problems at an early stage. I can tell clearly, whether their basis is sound theory and whether they sit well with fundamental principles.

I have the skill to develop various models for the purpose of situational and design analysis, and problem-solving while appreciating the limitations of the various modeling methods. I am skilled in the use of AutoCAD as one of the computer-based applications for problem-solving. I understand their limitations. I am well versed in a wide range of laboratory procedures for carrying out tests and experiments, error management, and relevant safety protocols. I can safely design experiments for use in testing various sections of projects.

Current skills and qualities assessed against Engineer’s Australia’s PE2 (Engineering Ability)

I am capable of identifying technical problems and using quantified assumptions to simplify them. I can study such problems in depth in order to ascertain causative factors and their effects.

It is my understanding that there are interactions between various systems, with technical systems being just one of them. I appreciate that technical systems must have the ability to interact with other systems. This means that as an engineer, I am required to interact and work in a multidisciplinary environment and to ensure that my technical contribution integrates well with the other systems.

I appreciate the need for a systems approach in the solution of ill-defined problems involving both technical and non-technical components. This requires planning and quantifying performance over the project’s life cycle and risk management. Through this means, it is possible to define alternative approaches to solving the problem at hand with an eye on each system component, evaluated by the total system outcome. I appreciate the need to identify the optimal solution, and I have the ability to justify such choices based on its effectiveness, cost, and sustainability.

Through my training, I have developed skills for employing the knowledge I have in design, choice of tools, and material to design the components, systems, and processes to meet any reasonable performance criteria. Through my design project, I conducted a major design project demonstrating these abilities. I have documented the outcomes based on the preset standards using engineering conventions through my project report.

I appreciate that engineering exists in a business context, and as such, there are systems and processes to observe to ensure the success of an engineering project.

Current skills and qualities assessed against Engineer’s Australia’s PE3 (Professional Attributes)

I have developed good communication skills appreciating that not everyone I interact with will have a technical background, and as such, there is always the need to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing. I appreciate that different media are available for simplifying technical communication and that communication is a two-way process, requiring good listening skills from my side.

I have developed the ability to locate and assess the accuracy, reliability, and authenticity of the information from various sources, including various publications. I am able to maintain a professional journal and to produce engineering documents, including reports, proposals, and technical directions.

I have inculcated the skill of critical thinking in relation to the engineering discipline to identify gaps in practice and to challenge popular viewpoints. I seek information continuously from other areas to enrich my approach towards providing solutions for the engineering sector.

I am familiar with the Australian engineering code of ethics, with a fair grasp of the legislative environment that regulates engineering practice. I can conduct myself well in a multidisciplinary, intercultural environment as a team leader and team member. I appreciate the need for good communication in those environments. I appreciate giving and receiving mentorship. I have made a commitment to lifelong learning to enhance my professional effectiveness since I understand that I have knowledge limitations, which can limit my effectiveness, and that new knowledge generation continues. This commitment stretches to professional conduct in all my dealings with clients, colleagues, and other professionals, which include upholding intellectual and ethical values.

Learning experiences relevant to improving Engineer’s Australia Stage 1 Competencies

This trimester, I have completed the following courses that are relevant to improving my Engineer’s Australia Stage 1 Competency; Modeling mathematics, Algebra, materials, and management. I had completed AutoCad and Physics in the last semester.

Lessons in modeling mathematics built my appreciation of the application of mathematical models in solving engineering problems. It augmented my understanding of algebra, which provides a basis for mathematical models. Algebra built my skills in finding relationships between various variables and helped me to appreciate how a change in a set affects outcomes. Learning about materials provided me with an understanding of how to apply different materials for different applications. The differences in material qualities such as thermal qualities, mechanical properties, and crystal structure make them suitable for some situations and not others. The two areas built more perspectives to my understanding of engineering design, as presented in the AutoCAD learning experience.

When I studied management, it made me realize the importance of developing good skills in overseeing projects. The main thrust was resource management. Resources include finances, time, and human, with each type requiring different skills to provide effective management for favorable project outcomes. Through these learning experiences, I have sharpened my competencies.

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