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Ergonomic Chairs: Product Marketing Essay

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2020

Strategy to Hook My Listeners

Experts strongly believe in a comfortable working environment for every employee. Every worker should have a comfortable chair in order to improve his or her productivity. Such a worker will become comfortable and focus on the best results. Individuals working in offices for more than six hours should have ergonomic chairs. The best chair should accommodate the needs of the targeted worker. It should also support the individual’s working style. A healthy sitting position increases productivity while at the same time, preventing future health complications. Every person who wants to increase his or her productivity should look for the best ergonomic chairs. Such chairs will address different physical body needs.

Customer’s Key Issues

The targeted customers need the best chairs that deliver comfort and quality. Such customers want to achieve the best business goals. The changing nature of blue-collar jobs explains why more people are using such chairs. Different customers tend to have unique needs. For instance, some people have big bodies than others. The height of every targeted customer should also be put into consideration. This situation explains why our firm seeks to address these key issues.


The above analysis explains why every worker should get the most appropriate chair. Such a chair should be selected in a proper manner. To begin with, customers should focus on the right seat material. It should also have a comfortable backrest. This backrest can have a width of 13 to 19 inches. There are many types of ergonomic chairs in the market. Every customer should be aware of his or her needs. The important thing is ensuring that every chair supports the health needs of every targeted worker or client.


Our ergonomic chairs have superior features that make them comfortable and reliable. The chairs marketed by our company do not strain the structures of the body. Every chair is made using quality materials. Such materials are soft and easy to clean. These chairs make it easier for targeted customers to get the best health benefits. The chairs also support the posture of every potential worker. Every seat also supports the lower back of the targeted user. The user can also move around using the chair. Our records indicate how different customers have gained the best health benefits from such chairs. The chairs are designed in a professional manner in order to deliver desirable results.

Making the Close

Working in a typical office can be strenuous. This knowledge explains why workers should use comfortable office chairs. Many employees spend most of their lives on such chairs. This situation explains why our company has produced superior chairs in order to support the health needs of every worker. The chairs will be availed in different locations at very competitive prices.

Responding to Objections

Some people might be objected to this campaign. Such people will argue that there are many ergonomic chairs in the market. Our chairs are produced by professionals who understand the health issues arising from poor sitting positions. The chairs have quality features that can produce the best results.

Formal Business Letter

  • To:
  • The Supervisor,
  • Dear Sir/Madam,

Every office wants its workers to be productive. Many companies are purchasing ergonomic chairs that suit the needs of their employees. Such companies have empowered their workers, thus promoting the best practices. The decision to purchase such chairs has produced positive results.

Our team has identified a new opportunity for marketing quality ergonomic chairs. The increasing level of demand in the market explains why more people are looking for comfortable chairs. I strongly believe that our organization should be the first one to benefit from these ergonomic chairs. This fact explains why our fellow workers should benefit the most from this opportunity.

The proposed marketing campaign focuses on specific clients who can support our business objectives. This campaign seeks to inform every potential client about the benefits of our ergonomic chairs. The campaign will also focus on different offices, companies, and institutions that have a large number of white-collar employees. The marketing strategy will also be undertaken by competent individuals who understand the changing demands of the targeted customers.

I am writing this letter to inform you about our marketing campaign. It will be appropriate for the organization to consider the benefits of these ergonomic chairs. The targeted chairs are also marketed at pocket-friendly prices. Such ergonomic chairs will empower many employees and eventually improve the organization’s productivity. I request you to support our team in order to achieve the best results.

We can have further discussions regarding the benefits of these ergonomic chairs.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert Name]

Office Memo to my Coworkers

  • Date: [Insert Date]
  • To: All Employees
  • From: [Insert Name]
  • Re: Campaign for Ergonomic Chairs

This memorandum informs every employee about the ongoing campaign for our ergonomic chairs. The nature of many working environments requires comfortable chairs that can support the needs of every worker. New health complications are being reported every day. Such complications are partly contributed to by our office chairs. This situation explains why our firm has come up with the best solution to this problem. We have produced superior ergonomic chairs that can address the needs of every potential user. Such chairs are equipped with the right parts, such as seatbacks and armrests. These parts are intended to address the needs of every user. The benefits of our chairs are immeasurable. Interested persons will benefit the most from these chairs.

The chairs are also available in different outlets across the region. Interested persons can also place their requests or suggestions. Every person is also encouraged to visit our outlets in order to get the best advice. The targeted ergonomic chairs can also be used in different homes and private offices. The important goal is increasing productivity. Our customized chairs will deliver the best promise to targeted customers.

Finally, customers can purchase these chairs at very competitive prices. The chairs come in different colors, sizes, and materials. These approaches will ensure every customer gets what he or she wants. Our salespeople are also ready to advise every targeted customer. Every suggestion, question, and the comment will be highly appreciated.

Please share this information with your workmates and friends within the institution.

Thank You,

[Insert Name]


Many people are looking for the best health outcomes. People should, therefore, consider their physical body needs. That being the case, individuals who work in offices for more than 6 hours per day should use comfortable chairs. Our ergonomic chairs will support the needs of every user. The prices of these chairs are always pocket-friendly. They will also be availed in different locations. Our ergonomic chairs will, therefore, improve the productivity of many employees.

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