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Etisalat Company’s Supplier Evaluation Essay

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Updated: Jul 20th, 2020

Etisalat is a company that provides a range of internet services to consumers in the United Arab Emirates. The major services offered by the organization include broadband, 3G, and 4G internet services for businesses and individuals. Due to its wide scale of operation that covers a large part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the organization needs to have exceptional criteria that facilitate superb evaluation of suppliers.

Kersten and Mansi ( 2009) state that the need for exceptional supplier evaluation criteria arises because the company needs to deliver its services on time and as required by its wide spectrum of consumers in the UAE. Among its list of suppliers is Huawei, a company that supplies the requisite skills and expertise to Etisalat. Being one of the renowned and leading suppliers of the internet in the region, Etisalat has to evaluate Huawei, which is one of its suppliers, and asses its performance. It is within this backdrop that the essay explains supplier evaluation rationale and its influence on the value of services delivered by Etisalat Organization.

There are several methods and criteria used in assessing supplier performance. Some of the criteria include assessing the performance using time of delivery, quantity of delivered products, and the effectiveness of the suppliers (Gordon 2008; Moser, R 2006). The rationale behind the evaluation is to ensure that suppliers like Huawei, which is the supplier in context, delivers products that match consumer expectations on time.

In addition, Etisalat needs to assess the effectiveness of Huawei in undertaking the requisite services as promised and agreed. Using the stated criteria, Etisalat can make informed decisions, which lead to augmented value and service quality. According to Kusiak (2000), suppliers need to ensure that their products arrive on time and in their desired states. Therefore, by assessing Huawei about its supply efficiency, Etisalat is in a good position to make informed decisions and increase the amount of revenue as well as its market share in the UAE.

Fundamentally, supplier evaluation is very important in adding value to the services provided by Etisalat in the UAE. It is imperative to assert that modern consumers, who form part of Etisalat’s clients, are trendy, and hence, focus on aspects such as quality and fashion. Failure to match the expectations of these consumers is tantamount to loss of revenue and market share. Therefore, an exceptional criterion that facilitates the evaluation of suppliers is vital in improving the quality of services to potential consumers of Etisalat in the UAE.

For instance, through assessment and constant evaluation of Huawei, Etisalat has increased the quality of its services and rose to be one of the leading internet providers in the UAE region. Luzzini, Caniato, and Spina (2014) elucidate that informed decisions from Etisalat initiated a successful cooperation, which has improved its service quality, value, and its overall performance in the UAE. As such, it is crucial to state that a good supplier evaluation criterion is core in advancing the quality of services delivered as well as the revenues earned by an organization. ,

Supplier evaluation is one of the cornerstones that determine the overall performance of a particular organization. As a leader in the provision of internet services in the UAE region, Etisalat has to engage in supplier evaluation constantly so that it can enjoy an increasing market share and win the loyalty of potential consumers. Suppliers such as Huawei need to be subjects of the selected evaluation criteria that assess their performance in relation to delivery, communication efficiency, and management of their supply chain. Notably, poor suppliers lead to delivery of products that are low in quality, whereas smart suppliers facilitate delivery of high-end products. As a result, supplier evaluation is critical for Etisalat Organization.

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