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Final Selection and Recruitment Proposal

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The process of hiring new employees is the most crucial task in any company. Hiring the effective staff ensures that the performance of the company will increase. The organization should make sure that it employs the most effective personnel that have the desired characteristics for the company to achieve its objectives.

Organizations use different tools in selecting their employees hence selecting the appropriate tool is always a challenge. Gilliland should focus on behavior and psychology based tools in selecting their employees. The majority of the selection methods use the behavior and cognition of an individual; as such they are useful in determining the ability and skills of an employee (Losey et al., 2005).

In selecting employees, there is a need to validate the content in order to see if an individual fits for the job in the organization. In order to determine the skills of an individual, psychological and behavioral selection methods are appropriate since they provide personality details. These tests are useful in determining the strength and weaknesses of an employee.

Tests based on psychology and personality help in cultivating a personnel team which is diverse. This research proposal explains the various ways Gilliland may use in selecting the best-qualified staff in the organization (Cascio & Aguinis, 2005).

Selection Tools

Myers-Briggs personality test: This test determines different traits of an employee and focuses on the qualities of an individual that are crucial in the success of the company. The test is a psychological test based on the conscientiousness, openness, extraversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness. This selection tool is important since it gives a profile of each individual, description of personal details and work history.

The profiles have descriptions of the various characteristics that are useful in the job category. The profile descriptions also help in establishing individuals with better skills and qualities for other job openings (Edwards et al., 2003).

The Kolbe Index test: this test answers the most important questions such as those establishing whether the individual fits for the position or not. In fact, it provides detailed information on the characteristics of the individual. The method establishes ways in which individuals perform tasks, and how the person accomplishes the task. The test bases its argument on the conation theory that predicts interaction between knowledge, cognition and the will of the individual (Edwards et al., 2003).

Sales Team Member

The best selection tool for this position is the Kolbe Index test since it ensures that the sales member is able to deal with different tasks. As a sales person, the individual should have the knowledge to formulate a strategy on how he will achieve various tasks assigned to him by the management.

The interview questions for this job are structured in such a way that every employee gets the same type of question. This provides an equal opportunity for all interviewees and gives enhanced objectivity through asking the employees the same question. However, the interviewer should come up with a strategy to verify the candidate’s resume from former employers.

The past cognition behaviors of the candidates are key aspects determined in structured interviews. In the future, the company may decide to fill the position with an internal employee that involve promoting the current employees for the position (Cascio & Aguinis, 2005).

Regional Sales Manager

The structured interview applies in selecting the appropriate employee since the position requires an individual who is result oriented, has good managerial skills, excellent communication skills, and ability to come up with quick workable decisions. The best selection tool for this position is the Myers-Brigg’s personality since the test ensures that the organization hires the individual with the necessary qualities.

The individual should be intelligent and display professional maturity. A structured interview is appropriate to fill this position as there is the need to expose the employees to the same interview questions. Since the person to fill this position must have sales experience, the current sales representatives are the best individuals to fill the position.

However, the final interview for this position is unstructured so that the company can determine the candidate’s ability to deal with stressful situations (Losey et al., 2005).

Vice President of Sales

Kolbe Index test selection tool proves the best selection method in selecting an individual who displays characters involved in performing a certain task. This selection tools enable the employer to select the vice sales president who is fit for the job. The person should possess excellent interpersonal skills, an ability to deal with stressful situations along communication skills.

In filling the position, the company may decide to find an employee from its current employees (Cascio & Aguinis, 2005). This will reduce the training costs and ensure that an experienced individual who is a member of the sales tea fills the position. However, the limitation to this selection mode is the lack of employee’s files.

Recruiting the employees from external sources will make the current staff compete and update their skills and qualifications. However, external recruitment lowers the morale of the current staff since they may feel neglected hence they may not work hard to ensure success of the organization.

In formulating a succession plan, the organization should consider the way the workforce change will affect the future goals of the organization. The management should also consider the skills and competencies of the future employees (Brannick et al., 2007).


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