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“Fish!” by Stephen C. Lundin Report

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Updated: May 7th, 2022

The book explains different ways of achieving excellence at the workplace. Lundin (2000) points out four principles that should be employed by an organization as a way of energizing the workplace and also increasing customer and employee satisfaction. The four principles identified by the author are play, attitude, interacting with customers and good relationships among employees, customers and other workers.

In terms of attitude, the author notes that all the employees of an organization should be able to comprehend the kind of attitude they bring at the workplace on a daily basis. The type of employee attitude may affect an organization either positively or negatively. This means that if employees portray a negative attitude at the place of work, there is a very high chance that the organization will be affected negatively. On the other hand, employees with positive attitude are likely to accelerate the performance and growth of an organization. In nursing, this concept can be applied by nurses in different areas which require high levels of concentration. This is due to the fact that nurses are required to make very accurate decisions when attending patients. Since nurses undertake their duties using highly complex equipments, a negative attitude may drive them to make errors when using such equipment. This might greatly affect the recovery process of patients bearing in mind that improper diagnosis may lead to poor prescription of drugs and eventual loss of life of a patient (Lundin, 2000).

Employees can also realize an energized workplace by introducing interactive sessions such as team building exercise and retreats. In some cases, certain play activities among employees might be boring or tedious. Under such circumstances, employees are expected to come up with other innovative ways of reducing boredom in such activities. For instance, employees should seek suggestions from all members within an organization in order to introduce an appropriate play activity that appears to be interesting to all the members across the board. In nursing, play is not merely beneficial to the nursing fraternity. It also provides significant benefits to patients who are eventually given full and dedicated attention by the nurses. Involving patients in play activities also affects them positively. Play can make patients to forget certain painful experiences that occasioned their sicknesses. Play activities also assist patients to accept their present health realities and forge towards the process of recovery. Since nurses are busy for most of the time, play serves as an important way of relaxing both body and mind (Lundin, 2000).

The third concept requires employees to make sure that all their customers are provided with quality time. This can be easily achieved by involving customers in enjoying activities like playing. When the latter is achieved, customers are able to see themselves as part of the organization. This helps in building an energized workplace and also improves the performance of an organization (Lundin, 2000).

Employees are also expected to show their willingness to work by readily availing themselves to work on various tasks. This goes hand in hand with the ability of employees to establish close association with customers and other people at the workplace. Moreover, good relationships help to improve the performance of nurses especially while attending patients. According to Biro (2001), being enthusiastic also helps in realizing an energized workplace. In this case, employees are expected to show a lot of excitement or interest in everything they do.

In recap, the author asserts that an effective application of these concepts translates into a conducive and improved organizational performance.


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