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Franchise Agreement: Term Definition Essay

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Updated: Oct 28th, 2021

Franchise agreement is a contract signed by the Franchise and Franchiser that formalizes and specifies the terms of business arrangements.

Advantages of Franchise Agreement

  • The franchisee can benefit from the franchiser experience and he can be saved from the cost of bulk purchasing and effective advertisement as well as promotion of business.
  • It is easy to start the business because the Franchiser offers the Franchisee the advantage of starting up anew business quickly based on a proven trademark and formula of doing business. For example a well run franchise would offer services such as site selection lease negotiation, training and ongoing support.
  • It enables the franchisee to expand his business easily, that is, he can take the business to a level that would not have been without the expert guidance of the franchiser.
  • The franchisee is offered training which would not be available to free individuals starting their own business.
  • The Franchiser markets and advertises the franchisee goods.
  • There is lower risk of failure than for an entrepreneur business because the Franchisee is offering services or products that already sell successfully.
  • The Franchisee can be able to predict success from the already operating Franchisees under that Franchiser.
  • The Franchiser may also offer management assistance to the Franchisee.
  • It is possible to acquire low cost goods and supplies because of the superior purchasing power of the Franchiser.
  • The business is based on a proven idea. The Franchisee can check where other successful Franchisees are before committing himself.
  • The Franchisee has exclusive rights in his territory i.e. the Franchiser cannot sell other Franchisees goods in his region.
  • It’s easier to acquire financial assistance because banks and financial institutions are likely to lend money to buy a Franchiser with a good reputation.

Disadvantages of a Franchise Agreement

  • The Franchisee looses the control of the business whereby they are supposed to follow the system and get approval for changes from the Franchiser.
  • There is no true ownership of the business i.e. its like renting or leasing.
  • It is expensive to start and operate a Franchise business where the Franchisee has to choose and adopt the standards set by the Franchiser. The Franchisee should also pay a fee, ongoing royalties and advertising contribution.
  • There can arise conflict between the Franchiser and Franchisee i.e. if either side is incompetent. For example where the Franchisee is incompetent he may damage the goodwill of the Franchiser.
  • There may be a risk of the Franchiser failing to maintain a high quality of continued support to the Franchisee. He may also make policies that may be of negative impact to Franchisee.
  • The Franchisee Agreement has restrictions on how to run the business this implies that the Franchisee may not be able to make changes to suit his local market.
  • The Franchisee may only sell his Franchise to someone approved by the Franchiser.


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