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Frustration and Stress Managing Expository Essay


Stress can occur in all spheres of our life and derive from different factors nowadays. It can be described as an emotional, mental and physical torture or strain that is associated with anxiety or overwork. The stress that is a result of waiting and anticipation is a kind of stress that can be controlled. One of the most difficult frustrating experiences is to wait.

Many thing always make us wait. Most people in the process of waiting lose their patience, become bored, angry, and this eventually leads to anxiety. The feelings of anxiety are influenced by the mood of an individual.

Depending on the mood, the time of waiting can be minimized or increased. This is because the amount of time that is wasted during waiting is a perception. For instance, most of the waiting process of the emptying of a cruise ship to get your luggage can certainly be frustrating.

Factors that make waiting frustrating

One of the factors that make waiting become frustrating is the fact that one is thoroughly aware of time. In most cases, a minute can feel like hours, and this plunges a person into gloom. Most of the time wasted on waiting is a result of mistakes made by someone.

For example, some of the patients arrive in hospitals for their appointment like one hour earlier, and then they later complain of the long time they have to wait in the queues. Concerning the stresses associated with sitting in a traffic jam, it is necessary to learn to adopt ways that will reduce the stress. For example, favorite music or turning on a favorite radio station helps in calming the body tension.

There are many ways of managing this kind of stress. However, despite a lot of various ways, it is not easy to be prepared to face stress daily. Some of the strategies that might work include taking a book or iPod with you to keep busy with this distraction being absorbed in reading, thus reducing the factors causing a boredom.

Controlling daily frustrations

Frustration is a typical and convincing expressive reaction to daily obscurities. Some irritation may be part of daily living, but tremendous disappointment has serious penalties.

In many cases, frustrations can come up from putting a lot of energy in transforming the things that cannot be changed, or situations that are beyond the control. Everyone is able to minimize the effects of trauma in daily living as it occurs.

Anticipation and waiting can undoubtedly be extraordinarily stressful. Almost in everyone’s life, there are cases when one has to wait for something in different occasions, whether it is to sit in traffic, or to wait in long queues in the cafeteria and banks. However, with practice, it is possible to learn to manage these stresses.

The first step to control the stress is through recognizing it. Many people live in stressing situations that they even have forgotten what a fantastic feeling it is to be in a relaxed state.

Expectations and anticipation throughout daily lives play a significant role for affectivity emotions. These states can be positive or negative. Waiting and anticipation can cause disappointment, negative surprise and psychological torture.

However, positive effects of waiting and anticipation arouse a feeling of relief and fulfillment. There tends to be negative impacts of waiting, as no one knows what is to be expected and, therefore, the feelings of being threatened come as a result.

Physical calming down can be appropriately used to intervene; for example, engaging in a simple activity helps calm down. Other physical measures include counting to ten, taking long and deep breaths, walking and trying to collect the thoughts. The standard practice of recreation techniques can also help in managing the frustrating conditions.

Try such a form of relaxation exercise for a few minutes every day. Sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet place can help in alleviating the daily frustrations. Controlling the breathing using different techniques teaches to take slow, deep breaths that help in relaxing. In the process of taking slow, deep breaths, a feeling of safety may appear in some cases.

Staying in a restful place and repeating a calming word or phrase aid in calming the body and emotions. In case of standing in a long queue in a bank, or at the restaurant, the best way is to try to pick up a conversation with someone around. This will ease the chances of being conscious of time passing.

The best way to avoid becoming angry is to avoid the instances that can lead to being enraged. Humor is one of the many forms that can be used to blow up stress. This is because being enraged will not speed up the process or reduce the time wasted.

In any case, being irritated will result in increased blood pressure, and ulcers, and eventually lead to heart diseases.

Reactions to stress

When an event occurs, there is no time or chance to think over the actions on how to handle the situation. Taking immediate actions can be impulsive and cause many mistakes. The moment an individual responds to the event rather than reacts to it causes frustration.

The easiest way to avoid stressful conditions is rather through acceptance of the daily events than through trying to find out the causes of the problems. This can be the cheapest and the most effective way of changing the feelings of frustration.

Cursing, regretting, and blame affect mostly an individual him/herself, leading to stress development. In daily life, it is easy to get annoyed and frustrated reacting to an event. Frustration, as a result, ends up in overeating; however, sometimes, we are concerned with a problem that does not even exist.

Even if the problem exists, sometimes, there is no solution for the events. Several processes take place the moment before the outburst of emotions arises from frustration. A picture of the event runs through the mind of a person and results in an intensive helplessness as an individual thinks he/she cannot influence or change the situation.

This consequently fires feelings of frustration. Controlling emotions in the moment of frustration requires a lot of efforts to be done as the feelings tend to intensify the frustration.


In conclusion, there are three most common ways of managing stress. These include the following. First, accept that frustration is common in the daily lives and cannot be easily avoided. The second way of frustration management is through the use of stress as a lesson and move forward in an effort of getting over it instead of being taken up with the same situation, which does not help anyway.

The third way is through formulation of new ideas aimed at creating new beliefs in one. This includes the understanding and acceptance that there are better ways of handling stressful conditions that the ones that are already existing. In addition, the choices made in situations affect the level of stress in daily life.

Expressing frustration through art and illustration is one of the best ways of expressing the feelings and taking notes of one’s everyday life. The choice of avoiding frustration leads to better outcomes in the future.

It is advantageous to believe that all what happens has a purpose in life. Focusing on positive intentions, which bring positive purpose, leads to more comfortable and peaceful life.

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