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Global Health Policy Analysis Research Paper

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Updated: Mar 14th, 2022

Global Health Policy Analysis: Tuberculosis around the Globe

The main purpose of this analysis is to establish and analyze the current global health policies concerning the various causes of tuberculosis disease across the world and its consequent implications in the global context. The review on global health policies on the major causes of tuberculosis will be conducted through researches on the world web and also through the online researches electronically available at the library of the University of London. Global issues on how tuberculosis disease has affected people in various parts of the world and the impacts created would be established and analyzed.

Further, the methods related to the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis disease in various parts of the world would be reviewed and thereafter summary and recommendations will be established. Topics related to the World Health Organization declaration on tuberculosis will be discussed and analyzed. Various case studies from different parts of the world will also be considered and the measures taken to prevent and cure tuberculosis in such regions will also be reviewed and analyzed.

More so, other indirect and direct effects of the tuberculosis disease will also be considered and the ultimate impacts that the disease has on the victims include the following. More precisely the research will establish any direct or indirect relationships between the tuberculosis disease and other human diseases. Topics related to the policies and measures by various global health organizations will also be critically analyzed and reviewed. Special case studies by the World Health Organization will be considered and analyzed; to establish the absolute and relative causes and effects of the tuberculosis disease on the victims and the society; within the global context. The study will further address the rates at which the tuberculosis disease spreads to people in various parts of the world. Based on this also, research on the rates of death caused by the tuberculosis disease in which its prevalence rates will also be established and analyzed. The research will also focus on the key impacts caused either directly or indirectly by tuberculosis disease and the subsequent aftermaths to the people living with tuberculosis.

Measures to reduce the levels of tobacco consumption in the developing world

The levels of tobacco consumption in most parts of the world especially the developing countries have recently been very high. This high level in tobacco production is due to the lack of enough information regarding the health detriment attached to the consumption of tobacco; and its subsequent long-term effects both to the individual and the society at large. In this respect, therefore, this research paper will seek to establish various strategies that can be devised to reduce this high level of tobacco consumption within most of the developing countries (Hamilton & Rumbold, 1998).

Public campaigns and seminars form the other health aspect of tobacco consumption which have been made to educate and make it known to all the people; the effects of tobacco consumption in the health as consumers. Further, various governmental policies regarding tobacco consumption have been devised and enacted; to ensure that the consumption of tobacco declines to a certain given extent. Some of these policies that most developing countries have devised and enacted include; the restriction of tobacco smoking in public places, and the restriction of the age groups involved in tobacco smoking among others. Based on this, fierce punishments are given to the people who violate these rules in which most of the victims are heavily fined leading to decreased tobacco consumption in such countries (Hamilton & Rumbold, 1998).

More so, the governments in these developing countries should indirectly discourage the consumption of tobacco by enacting industrial laws which inhibit the production of tobacco-related products. By so doing the government will cut off the supply of tobacco-related commodities which will to an extent lead to a decreased consumption of tobacco among the people in these countries. Lastly, the high pricing of tobacco products is also another measure that can be used to ensure that the number of tobacco consumers is reduced. Due to the poor financial conditions that most people in these countries are in, their tobacco consumption will automatically be reduced as the commodity will be expensive for them to afford in large quantities (Hamilton & Rumbold, 1998).

It can thus be concluded that tobacco being a very harmful commodity to human health, its consumption should be reduced as it will enhance improvement in the people’s social and economic welfare within the society. Following the tobacco consumption implications to an economy; various governments in the developing world should strive at achieving the minimum levels of tobacco consumption among the people in such countries. These laws are enacted through various sectors in the economy in which to a great extent, the levels of tobacco consumption among people in these countries would consequently decline.

Reference list

Hamilton, M. & Rumbold, G. (1998). Drug Use in Australia: Harm Minimisation Approach. London: Oxford University Press.

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