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Glowork’s A Step Ahead Career Fair Report

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Updated: Jun 15th, 2020

A Step Ahead Career Fair

The third edition of the Glowork’s “A step Ahead Career Fair” is due in April 2015. This event is anticipated to be the largest career fair involving women in the entire Middle East region. It is expected to exhibit massive improvement in comparison to the two preceding events. The upcoming edition shall not only be held in Riyadh as has been the custom, but shall also make its debut in the cities of Aldamam and Jeddah. This new development is aimed at broadening the event to incorporate a larger number of participants from across Saudi Arabia. As of now, the 19th booth has already been sold. This is an indicator that participants are scrambling to be part of the event as its importance and fame skyrocket. Saudi Arabian firms are gradually acknowledging the significance of the event and are embracing it. As such, it is imperative that female job seekers follow suit because this event exclusively focuses on them. It is time to dispel the myths and cultural obstacles that have previously kept Saudi Arabian women in the confines of their homes despite having enviable qualifications.

The Saudi economy needs their input to become more prosperous. Marketing efforts have been doubled and the prospective participants as well as sponsors have that have expressed interest have already been made public. The trend will continue as more companies show interest. Awareness campaigns have been stepped up as well. The aim of the campaigns is to raise the awareness of Saudi Arabian women insofar as the career fair is concerned. It is critical that they understand that the event is all about them as it seeks to motivate them, link them with suitable prospective employers, and encourage them to embrace various rewarding careers that they have shunned in the past. The event is organized for the benefit of all Saudi Arabian women ranging from fresh graduates to those who have the highest post graduate qualifications. A step ahead career fair is a two-day event in which workshops are held by participating companies and sponsors in addition to a general conference that brings together all participants and invited guests from across the world. Women benefit from the career fair because they receive advice and guidance from experienced and successful career women as well as wonderful job opportunities. Participating companies benefit because they advertise themselves and access qualified and competent employees. Sponsors benefit because they get an opportunity to showcase their activities to the Saudi Arabian public. Therefore, at the end of the event, everyone is a winner.

Abdulrahman Tarabzouni

Abdulrahman Tarabzouni is an extremely successful businessman in the Middle East region. He was a keynote speaker at a meeting held in August by the leadership of Glowork in preparation for the next career fair. He narrated his experiences right from the time of he graduated to the time he came to be recognized as a successful business person. The prime idea behind his narrative was to encourage the young people who were present at the meeting not to lose sight of their dreams and goals. He exhorted young people to choose the right careers because only then can they have the motivation to advance. Thus, he outlined useful tips that can guide individuals in the process of choosing the right careers. He underscored the idea that it is critical for individuals to be adequately informed so as to know exactly what they want in their careers. Adequately informed individuals can choose careers that match their characters and personalities.

Consequently, they will have the impetus to prosper in their careers because they end up working in fields that are of interest to them. Those who are already in the workforce, but seek to advance their careers were not left out either. Tarabzouni took time to talk about how people can enrich their skills and knowledge in their respective fields so as to advance in their careers and achieve their goals. Tarabzouni spoke with authority because besides being a renowned businessman in the Middle East, he has held several senior positions in prestigious organizations in the region and across the world. He is hailed as the man behind Google Arabia. Currently, he is the head of Google’s Android Business Developments and Partnerships division in the Middle East region and the CEO of Mubadiroon. He has also worked with Blueprint, Microsoft, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Atos Origin and Saudi Aramco and made notable contributions in each of them. As such, he gave invaluable tips on career choice and development.

Recruiting 25 Employees for Exciting up Project

In a move that is seen as an attempt to keep up with its women empowerment agenda, Glowork recently hired 25 women to work on one of its projects. The organization has been known as an advocate of women empowerment because its activities largely focus on inspiring women to join the Saudi Arabian workforce. It partners with other organizations to deliver this agenda. As its name suggests, Glowork’s main objective is to find glowing careers for Saudi Arabian women. However, with the hiring of 25 women this month for its own activities, the organization has chosen to lead by example. Its future endeavors are likely to be inspired by the practical experience it will gather from working with the women. Prior to this development, Glowork’s female workforce was relatively smaller than the male workforce. The addition of 25 women may not necessarily change this state of affairs, but it is a significant step towards striking a gender balance within the Saudi Arabian workforce. In addition to the fact that this move aims at reducing women unemployment in the country, it is consistent with the country’s desire to make its women active participants in its economic activities.

Glowork has therefore succeeded in changing the perception of Saudi Arabians on matters pertaining to the formal employment of women. As its career fair initiative continues to gain popularity in linking qualified women with prospective employers, it has moved a step further to employ 25 women at once to prove that women are indeed employable and are capable of discharging their responsibilities in formal organizations. All these developments are aimed at ensuring that Saudi Arabian women stop over depending on their men because they will also have their own incomes. When every Saudi Arabian understands and embraces the activities of Glowork, the economic impact of the activities will be unprecedented.

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