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Healthy Nutrition: What to Eat? Essay

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Today, humanity faces a significant problem related to people’speople’s weight and health. The given two issues are closely connected as, to a greater degree, the physical state of an individual depends on what he/she eats and what nutrients he/she consumes. In such a way, the topic of the appropriate selection of food acquires the top priority nowadays. The choice of healthy recommended products and food to eat is the best way to preserve the high quality of life as they provide elements needed to support the body and guarantee its efficient functioning.


In the last several decades, the number of obese people increased significantly. To a greater degree, it is preconditioned by the inappropriate diet and the wrong choice of products that are included in a menu. Multiple investigations devoted to the issue show that people prefer to eat products that are easy to prepare and that give the feeling of fullness (Roizen et al. 89). It is a convenient way to satisfy hunger; however, such a menu often results in the emergence of extra weight and the development of obesity.

At the same time, researchers note the tendency towards the deterioration of the quality of life because of chronic diseases or long-term conditions caused by existing dietary habits. There is a direct correlation between the food we consume and people’speople’s health status. For instance, fried meals can precondition the evolution of gastritis (Roizen et al. 89). Moreover, obesity mentioned above also has a negative impact on the health status and creates the basis for the emergence of multiple cardiovascular diseases, lack of physical activity, and deterioration of the quality of life.

Additionally, the rise of the food industry to satisfy the growing demand triggered the evolution of environmental concerns because of waste and the prevalence of unrecyclable products. It becomes a serious problem for the world because of the negative factors associated with this issue and their impact on the nation’s health (Roizen et al. 90). Products and their packages constitute a problematic concern for all people regardless of their social status. In such a way, the wrong choice of products results in the emergence of new themes for the discussion.

Moreover, the wrong choice of food and nutrients results in the emergence of problems with mobility and limited physical activity. It can be considered one of the critical concerns of contemporary society. The recent research devoted to the issue shows that about 40% of the population in Western countries suffer from the lack of physical exercises needed to support their bodies and shape (Roizen et al. 44). The appropriate level of mobility is a key to a high quality of life which means that it is essential to choose what to eat wisely.

The scope of these problems evidences the need for the intervention to find an appropriate solution. One of the dominant opinions on the question supported by the majority of prominent researchers is that the wise choice of the products to eat can be a potent intervention to ensure the elimination or at least improvement of the issues mentioned above (Roizen et al. 78). For this reason, the question of what food to consume becomes critical for the further evolution of society and preservation of people’speople’s health status at a high level.

Importance of Nutrients

As it has already been stated, poor diet is the root cause for the emergence of problems mentioned above. Researchers outline the direct correlation between the choice of products and the appearance of health problems, lack of physical activity, long-term conditions, and deterioration of the quality of life (McDonell). For this reason, a person who cares about the state of the body and wants to remain healthy should be ready to select products regarding the existing recommendations towards the composition of products that will be consumed.

First of all, nutritionists emphasize the significance of the balance of elements and nutrients a person consumes to avoid obesity and health problems. In other words, there is a particular norm of the basic elements every individual need per day to support the functioning of the body at the appropriate level (Plotnikoff). Excessive or insufficient income might result in the emergence of health problems. For this reason, it is important to monitor the nature of consumed products to calculate the approximate number of nutrients and preserve the balance.

The choice of what to eat should be preconditioned by the fact that various products have different nutrition values and impact individuals in many ways. For instance, vitamin B12 can be found in beef that contains a huge amount of this element, while other products that can be part of the diet might not contain it (Hyman 56). It means that selecting food to eat; a person should be aware of its composition to ensure that the basic needs of his/her body will be satisfied to create the basis for further development.

Food Choice as Effective Prevention

There is also an idea about the positive impact of the diet on people’speople wellbeing. Thus, products comprising the daily ratio can help individuals to improve the state of their health by providing elements needed for their bodies. For instance, patients with anemia are recommended products rich in iron, such as beef liver, pomegranate, and dark chocolate (“Healthy Eating Plate & Healthy Eating Pyramid”). They will provide the needed elements to restore the balance and improve the quality of people’s lives.

At the same time, a number of undesired states can be avoided by selecting appropriate products that have a positive impact on the body and support it. Nutritionists outline the fact that in multiple cases creation of the needed diet for a person might help to reduce the probability of the disease’sdisease’s onset (Roizen et al. 111). For instance, a patient with a problematic digestive system will benefit from the diet excluding fat and fried products. The same rules can be applied to other cases.

Opposite Perspective

However, there is an opposite perspective on the problem stating that the role of diet is overestimated. What we eat is not as important as nutritionists state because the majority of degenerative diseases are caused by the lack of physical exercise. In such a way, health problems associated with poor nutrition can be solved by introducing appropriate physical exercises to support the body and eliminate roots for the evolution of the issues mentioned above.

At the same time, the perspective states that there is no significant difference between products we consume as they all provide the needed elements and energy to live and work. In such a way, the emergence of multiple health issues is preconditioned either by genetic factors or by the lack of activity and physical exercises, while the role of nutrition is not essential as the majority of people consume the same products.


However, this opinion is not true as there is credible research evidence refuting this assumption. Multiple research papers prove the existence of the direct correlation between a diet and the state of body’sbody’s systems (Hyman 56). Moreover, some diseases demand the introduction of appropriate rations to minimize negative outcomes. For instance, diabetes depends on the level of blood sugar and its alterations, while patients with liver diseases should monitor the income of fat and alcohol (Roizen et al. 121). It means that there are no grounds for stating that eating behaviors play an insignificant role in people’speople’s lives.

At the same time, research works prove there is a significant difference in the composition of various products and their impact on the health of individuals, which means that the choice of food is critical for the appropriate income of needed elements. In other words, it becomes one of the fundamental factors that precondition the preservation of the health of a person and the high quality of his/her life.


Altogether, there is credible evidence emphasizing an outstanding role of a diet in the life of individuals and proving the positive impact of the appropriate products on the state of health. Only by using the existing guidelines towards what to eat can individuals ensure that their bodies will remain in good shape and no serious diseases will evolve.

The topicality of the issue creates the basis for future research about how various elements impact our bodies, organs and contribute to the prevention of multiple diseases. The opportunity to use diet as a potent intervention to help patients with long-term conditions and improve the quality of their lives should become an important question in modern society and should be investigated.

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