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Heritage Healthcare Agency Evaluation Essay

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Updated: Dec 27th, 2019

This paper will focus on Heritage Healthcare Agency, which is located in New Mexico. The core business activity of this organization is to provide medical services to patients in their homes. The organization’s target market is the adult and geriatric populations that live in New Mexico and Arizona (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013).

The programs and services provided by the organization include Tele-health, go steady, speech therapy, medical social work, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Tele-health is a service that enables doctors to monitor patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure and hypertension.

The patients’ health conditions such as blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation are monitored from their homes. The go steady program targets patients who are suffering from prolonged dizziness, vertigo, and frequent falls. The clinical operations of the organization involve providing comprehensive health care services at the patients’ home.

The objective of these services is to restore health and to reduce the adverse effects of diseases and disability (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013). The organization has a team of highly skilled registered nurses who provide medical and therapeutic services to patients. The services are provided on occasional visits and on a continuous basis.

The nurses also provide follow-up services by monitoring the progress of the patients after treatment. The services of the organization are marketed through promotional activities such as advertising. The adverts are placed in print and electronic media, as well as, the organization’s website.

Additionally, the organization engages the public in regular conversations about its products in order to obtain the feedback that enables it to improve the quality of its services (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013). The billing for the services is done per visit. Patients pay for every visitation and services provided by the organization. The payments are done through private health insurance and programs such as Medicare.

Vision, Mission, and Values

The vision of Heritage Home Healthcare Agency is “to be the leading regional provider of quality home health services, recognized for uncompromising dedication to the provision of comprehensive, professional, and compassionate care” (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013).

The mission of the organization is “to be creative, innovative, and a trendsetter in healthcare delivery, offering challenging and dynamic employment opportunities, encouraging and supporting the talents and energies of our staff and managing the company in a profitable manner” (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013). Heritage Healthcare Agency’s vision and mission statements are based on its core values, which include creativity, excellence, integrity, and respect.

Strategic Planning Model

Heritage Home Healthcare Agency uses the alignment model to develop its strategic plan. The main objective of this model is to align the organization’s mission to its resources in order to facilitate effective operations. The rationale of choosing this model is that Heritage Home Healthcare intends to fine-tune its strategies and to identify the obstacles that might prevent it from achieving its vision and mission.

The strategic plan of the organization is to improve the quality of its services and to expand its market share. In this regard, the organization intends to improve the productivity of its employees and to reduce the cost of its services in order to make them affordable to the majority of the citizens. The organization’s vision, mission, and values are fundamental in the process of implementing its strategic plan.

The vision statement describes the organization’s desired future, as well as, that of the community in which it operates. It specifies the long-term objectives of the organization. In this regard, it helps the organization to identify the goals to include in its strategic plan. Additionally, the vision inspires the staff and the community to support the organization in its quest to implement its strategic plan.

The role of a mission statement is to describe the purpose of an organization. Thus, Heritage Home Healthcare Agency’s mission statement indicates what the organization stands for and what it is currently doing in order to achieve its mandate. Concisely, it specifies the activities that the organization must include in its strategic plan in order to achieve its vision.

For example, the organization intends to promote creativity and innovation in order to provide excellent services. Value statements describe the core ideology that underlies the operations of an organization. The core values guide the process of executing the organization’s mission. The core values define the limits within which the organization carries out the activities outlined in its strategic plan.

For example, the organization intends to promote excellence and creativity in every activity in order to achieve its mission. The core values also guide the organization’s operational culture, which focuses on staff development, use of advanced technologies, and improving service quality standards.

Organizational Structure and Key Leaders

Heritage Home Healthcare Agency’s organizational structure consists of two levels of management namely, the executive board of directors and line managers. The executive board consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Vice President, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Director of Quality Improvement and Compliance, and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The executive board is highly involved in the implementation of the organization’s strategic goals. Concisely, they are responsible for setting the goals and identifying the activities that must be done in order to achieve them. They are also responsible for the provision of the resources that are needed to implement the strategic goals. Implementing the goals is essentially a change process that requires effective leadership.

Consequently, the organization uses Kotter’s 8-step change model to pursue its strategic goals. This model involves implementing change in eight steps, which include creating agency for change, forming a powerful change coalition, developing a vision for change, communicating the vision to members of the organization, eliminating obstacles, creating short-term wins, building on the change, and incorporating the change in the organizational culture.

Service Delivery Support Activities and Strategic Resources

The main activities in the organization’s value chain include providing both medical and non-medical services to patients in their homes. The supporting activities in its value chain include technology development and effective management of human resources. The organization is focusing on developing information and communication technology (ICT) in order to monitor its patients effectively.

It is also focusing on effective human resource management in order to provide the best health care services to its customers. The organization’s strategic resources include a highly skilled and professional team of medical personnel and an effective ICT system. These resources enable the organization to deliver health care at the patients’ home in a professional and cost-effective manner.


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