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How the DTC Major Supports Your Career Goals Essay

The study of a degree course in Digital technology and culture is significant to a student with career aspiration in multimedia business. This helps in creativity and critical thinking, which is very significant to employers to improve the quality of output in order to meet the consumers demand as well as expectations. The great influence has been due to the emerging trends because of improved technologies that are different from the past, with the understanding that the future largely depends on the past.

There is a great passion in multimedia where it will be upon a student to synthesize information to present to people via technology and use past occurrences among various cultures to explain solutions to problems that they might encounter. Digital technology and culture ensures that the knowledge people have in art is updated depending on the modern technology and everyone for communication to be effective understands the language used.

Culture has been the way a particular group of people live in their communities, where there are believes and values which they share in their day-to-day life. Different tribes have different cultures that largely depend on their affiliations such as the learning institution, religious gatherings, and even place of work. The emergence of technology makes most people to discard their own culture and drown themselves into the cyber culture, which the whole world accepts.

There are problems that people would experience if they ignore the original culture and embrace the culture that results from modern improved technology. Initially there was a reason why people developed a code of conduct and their daily activities seemed to run smoothly. This is because with good behavior they would live together in harmony, love and accept one another. When people segregate themselves, they suffer confusion and encounter difficulty in relating with those who still uphold the culture.

The digital technology on the other hand has its own etiquette and as much as it takes less time to master, those who are not interested in it sometimes find it offensive. People find themselves in a position where both digital technology and culture are at loggerheads and it is upon them to merge the two and make both ways of life compatible and even complimentary.

Multimedia is a very important field that goes into depths of culture through its research to unravel documentaries of news. The researchers interact with members of communities to gather all the relevant information, while on the other hand Multimedia uses digital technology in collection of information, its storage, processing, and transmission to the people. The awareness creation receives transmission through the same platform and it is set to reach many people in different locations.

There are professional photographs, which have featured in magazines on how to take videos as well as edit them. The writing skills that have slowly developed through experience enable one to write brief articles and report on the findings. Previous work in a local media house and after the degree will enable one to look forward to establish himself or herself as a freelancer and take the stories, edit them and present them to various media houses.

In the future, one would look forward to starting a speech training school, which would equip the young people with various skills of technology and how to use them to pick up from their own respective cultures and make both worlds compatible.

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