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How Web 3.0 Is Changing the Internet? Essay

Summary of article

The article talks about how web 3.0 is changing the internet. The article also gives description of how social revolution has come because of web 2.0 for internet. Web 2.0 gives those utilizing social media the ability to communicate instantly through web when networking with other like-minded people. The article describes this technology as internet’s second iteration. Fleischner goes on to add that the recent months have seen various rumors on the coming of worldwide web.

In that regard, the author speaks of arrival of web 3.0, which, according to him, exists. He further gives specifications that could help identify web 3.0 as that which is capable of analyzing and defining user behavior and experience respectively. According to this article, web 3.0 focuses mainly on refining website browsers as well as quickening decision-making. This is expected to help cover for billions of pages that work through the websites with increasing internet use and e-commerce (Fleischner 1).

Web 3.0 analyses various activities on web world. These activities comprise monitoring purchase history, sizes, and preferences, among other users’ behaviors. Moreover, it is flexible and collects real time data, allowing retailers to create exclusive profiles for their history of purchases. It also allows for personalized recommendations, which are based on actual information that is exclusive to each individual.

At this point, the article raises concern over privacy of profile users, although he attributes better practices to using recommendation engine as well as retail recommender. In addition, the author emphasizes the fact that web 3.0’s ability to analyze customer behavior is more important than tracking as the former provides ability to relieve customers with unnecessary emails on products of less interest. This helps relieve the burden of unnecessary advertisements on both retailers and consumers. It then concludes by recommending its use by potential consumers and the author’s brief bibliography (Fleischner 1).

Compare & contrast


The article tries to compare web 2.0 and web. 3.0. In his description of the two, the author says that social media have utilized web 2.0 widely since its inception. He continues to describe it as a social revolution, which has led to its worldwide usage. The article speaks of existence of a new worldwide web application known as web 3.0, which is an improvement on web 2.0. In essence, the applications are the same, except for a few differences based on advancement of web 3.0 (Fleischner 1).

These advancements include its ability to monitor, analyze and identify user activities. The articles provide information on current events in the internet world. Through this, he gives vital information on the new product, web 3.0 that is continually receiving attention and use in most business websites (Fleischner 1).


The two web platforms have differences. Web 3.0 is more advanced in terms of analysis and monitoring aspects than web 2.0. In addition, web 3.0 provides an analysis along with identification of customers’ history of purchases as well as tracking all the information and activities (Fleischner 1). The article speaks to specific categories of customers, online sellers as well as online users who are interested in improving their web applications.

However, this is not very clear, since he does not address his readers. The article is accessible to all online users who may not understand or have interest on these applications. In such a case, the author should try to define as well as give a brief description of these web applications and their usage (Fleischner 1).

Personal reflection

A vastly experienced SEO consultant, who specializes on marketing, wrote this current event article. He has written several articles before, including one on SEO made Simple, which reveals strategies that can be used to increase rankings of search engines. The author provides full description of web 2.0, describing it as a revelation since its inception. This includes its ability to allow for networking between like-minded people.

This show how unbiased the marketer is in revealing benefits of one product even as he introduces the other. He further gives more information on the new product, which is already in existence and provides improved web applications to users. The two products are well conveyed with more emphasis placed on the new web’s advanced tools. The article provides a detailed description of web 3.0, putting more emphasis on its ability to analyze and monitor purchases by customers as well as its capabilities to provide recommendations (Fleischner 1).

The article is well documented with marketing skills and strategies, which are employed in convincing potential users to utilize web 3.0. He even goes on to state that marketing of web 3.0 is out of free will, to enlighten potential users along with those who are currently utilizing web 2.0. However, this article does not provide sources from which the author collects his information. Since the author is a SEO consultant, it is quite essential to use some data from verified sources to back up his claims.

He seems to rely on own his own research without providing adequate information on these sources. However, it is also important to note that this consultant has shown, from his articles, that the information is credible. In addition, He assumes that majority of audience knows web 2.0 and have utilized it to recognize use of web 3.0. Otherwise, the article is well documented, presenting its marketing strategies with convincing breakdown on the advantages of each application (Fleischner 1).

Work Cited

Fleischner, Michael. “Web 3.0 Is Changing The Internet”. MarketingScoop. 2011. Web.

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