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IAMS Corporation Marketing Essay

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The paper provides an analysis of a popular clicks-and-bricks company, which specializes in the marketing of pet food, IAMS corporation. The central business firm is situated in Ohio and was founded in 1946. Except for the well-developed infrastructure of franchises throughout the world, the firm also targets Internet selling as an effective technique of production distribution. A target audience of the company embraces the category of clients, who seek high-quality nutrition for their pets, which embraces healthy ingredients.

Currently, the company leads experimentation with alternating some substances with the aim of making IAMS production accessible for the group of low-income customers. The primary challenge for the corporation is to find a balance between keeping excellent product quality and reducing the prices. The optimization of the production may create an advantageous positioning for the corporation, which may help the company to outperform its essential competitors such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Nutro Products.

The critical part of IAMS handling embraces effective SEO management, which gives the business preference over its rival corporations. The support of efficient web-advertisement contributes to the delivery of a company mission statement to the customers, which concerns the statement of healthy nutrition philosophy as well as for the placing of optimal offers for clients such as giving money back and providing quality commitment (Valdivia 2).

The Historical Background of IAMS

According to the corporation history, the company was initiated by Paul Iams, who developed a new formula of nutritional pet feeding and incorporated it in the establishment of a successful business (“Background information on IAMS company” par. 1). The ideological foundation of the business development stems from the idea, according to which the nutrition for dogs, which was produced in the world in the 20th century, lacked proteins and fat. Since the diet of Paul Iams suggested that with the selection of IAMS products the animals receive all required nutritional elements, the formula had quickly become popular in clients from different countries.

The period of the most critical company renovations relates back to the 1990s. At that time, the IAMS professionals managed to elaborate on a unique puppy life cycle formula, which assisted in accommodating nutrition choices to the personal characteristics of an animal. Moreover, the period is marked with the introduction of Omega-3 and Omega-6 as the main ingredients of IAMS products, which certified the quality enhancement of nutritional pet food. The last stage of successful products’ innovation refers to the 2000s and dwells on the use of DNA as the means of brain work improvement for pets (“IAMS Company History” par. 6).

Digital Picture of IAMS Company

Successful management of web-distribution foundation, which applies to IAMS corporation, predefines selling rates. The efficiency of the company site search completely dwells on finding a stable balance between SEO and paid search functioning. IAMS business uses a successful formula of Internet marketing since it allows users to employ available SEO, which does not only enhance the limits of Internet search throughout the site but also guarantees free-of-charge access to the basic web-site information (“Paid Search / SEM Tips” par. 8).

Since the sustention of CPC/bid inflation, which is widely practiced since the 2000s, the use of SEO possesses some consistent competitive advantages over the pay-for-click system (“Paid Search Marketing” par. 7). The research of IAMS site surfing reveals that the most popular keywords, which are employed by the customers with the aim of finding some information about the analyzed production, include IAMS, pet nutrition, Omega-rich food for pets, and some others.

The enhancement of IAMS marketing rates is sustained with the diversification of devices, which are used for accessing the company website. Thus, the managers of the business ensured that the clients are able to surf IAMS web pages from mobile, windows, android, and iOS devices. Moreover, the company sustains active informational updates through the use of social media. Thus, the clients may derive the most recent news about the IAMS campaigns from the well-developed Facebook page, which is handled by the company workers.

Conclusion: Observations and Recommendations

The analysis of IAMS marketing and advertisement strategies revealed that the company may serve as the exemplification of a successful clicks-and-bricks business foundation. The examination of the company profile demonstrated that the firm stays on the verge of becoming a leader in pet nutrition and surpassing the selling rates of its principal competitors. A stunning success of IAMS is predetermined by its historical development as well as by the employment of the efficient up-to-date web marketing system.

The analysis of the company development shows that, throughout its history, the business was embracing innovative nutrition formulas, which certified the business commitment to animal health (Dooley par. 5). Moreover, according to the overview of the IAMS web management, the company handles a successful Internet platform, which employs easy SEO applications with the aim of delivering the IAMS offer directly to the clients. Furthermore, the management cares about the comfort of its customers by accommodating IAMS web distribution services to the optimal device and social media use. The critical recommendation, which may be made for IAMS positioning refers to the extension of its job market, in international spaces, which would allow creating a successful system of both remote and local marketing.

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