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Industry and Competitive Analysis for entry Market Essay

Iran markets are strategically positioned thereby making it possible for customers to access products that are to be sold by this company. From the survey done, it is evident that there are numerous industries in Tehran and its outskirts. It is also evident that these industries are prone to pollution making the population around them to have respiratory-related complications.

Quantitatively, about 27 lives are lost every day due to pulmonary illnesses. It is imperative to note that the quality of air in Iran’s city is extremely hazardous. Moreover, the transport system has also contributed towards increased air pollution in the city.

Moreover, cars and motorcycles contribute to approximate of 30% of air pollution. In this essence, Iran can serve as a better entry market since population will highly prefer nasal screens as an alternative to prevent themselves from pollution challenge.

In terms of industrial mapping, it is always advisable to consider the attractiveness of a market entry (Global Business Union, 2011 par 2). In this case, Iran has wide range of industries in which workers need protective facilities such as defense filters to safeguard their health.

For instance, within the medical hospitals, most of the allergy sufferers might prefer to use safety defense nasal screens in order to free themselves from foreign antigens such as dust, smell and pollen. In line with this, it is clear that majority of laborers work in agricultural farms and industries.

On behalf of the company, it is highly likely that workers would benefit from our products and in the long run, they will be safe from harmful chemicals from farms and agro-industries. Eminently, Iran emerges as a competitive market entry point.

There are certain competitive sets that make viable market entry for certain product (Porter, 1990 p.22). For instance, there are no sophisticated means of eliminating nasal borne illnesses in Iran. In actual sense, there are certain strains of flu that affect the population during cold weather. Therefore, people prefer taking antibiotics in ampoule form in order to prevent or cure such strains.

Ironically, physicians in the country give prescriptions to patients which they are not even sure whether it will work or not. This implies that there are no better strategies of preventing people from getting respiratory complications in Iran.

Moreover, people in hazardous conditions rely on masks that are not efficient for the risky environment. In this case, Iran offers this company a chance to make it a viable market entry point for the nasal screens. Therefore, it is beyond doubt that Iran is an attractive market for the nasal screens.

It is also apparent that there are five forces which must be considered when evaluating the attractiveness of a target market (Porter, 1990, p.20). Considering the five forces analysis, there are no possible threats since there seems to be no many competitors for this market site. An empirical research conducted indicates that there are no other companies selling a similar product in the country.

Moreover, there is lack of other significant products that might act as substitutes for the nasal screens since they are highly effective than the antibiotics. In line with this, the customer bargaining power is favorable since they are not price sensitive to an extent of putting pressure on the company (Porter, 1980, p. 10).

On the other hand, suppliers bargaining power is excellent due to lack of substitute products in the country. Additionally, competition and market rivalry on the industry might not affect the company since there are means of developing sustainable competition through use of new technology.

The major competitors of Free Defense Nasal Screens include some of the diverse industries that manufacture face masks in USA. Although face mask industries have reached out for customers globally, these masks have not been fully convenient for people who work in hazardous air conditions.

The strategies used by such companies include online advertisements and social media marketing in order to create market entries. Nevertheless, their products in the market are being replaced by other significant products such as nasal screens. According to the analysis done, the competitors target market entries in strategic places for easier shipping of their products (Porter, 1980 p. 12).

Moreover, their marketing agents are located on sites that are accessible and densely populated to ensure that customers can easily get the products. In any business weaknesses and strengths goes hand in hand (Global Business Union, 2011 par 3). There are certain weaknesses that are associated with the competitors’ products. For instance, face masks fail to offer absolute nasal protection as opposed to nasal screens.

Moreover, the other shortcoming is that competitors’ products are not very reliable to protect individuals from highly toxic pollutants (Porter, 1990 p.22). This compels users to prefer nasal screens as opposed to face masks. Moreover, the technology used by competitors is inconveniencing as opposed to that of FDNS.

For instance, our company ensures that the model of making nasal screens is attractive and does not impede one from doing certain activities. In this case, face masks impedes an individual from talking, eating or even sleeping.

Contrastingly, free defense nasal screens are highly convenient since they don’t interfere with sleep, work and communication. However, positive strength associated with the competitor’s products is that they are barely noticeable and are relatively cheaper than nasal screens. For instance, face masks are effective and therefore convenient for use.


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