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Organizational Behavior for Manager Expository Essay

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Updated: Oct 10th, 2018

Human beings have a tendency to interact with each other by means of communication. It is this interaction that molds behaviors in organizations. Organizational behavior can therefore be demystified as the manner in which humans behave while interacting with colleagues at their work places; this includes how communication takes place in the different levels of management in an organization DuBrin and Young (2007).

The knowledge of this kind of information is a requirement to managers if an organization is to perform optimally and enjoy a competitive edge. In fact, taking the trouble to understand appropriate organizational behavior pays off with; enhanced employees’ expertise in terms of ones technical and interpersonal skills. Also some form of self development is achieved through the fulfillment associated with people getting along and self knowledge achieved.

Besides, efficiency in the organization is boosted and the organization is placed in a better state to provide for its clients in a satisfactory manner. Eventually, a sense of rationality is enhanced by widening the boundaries of what is generally perceived and accepted as common sense. DuBrin and Young (2007) These are some of the rewards Peter Flagstaff and Lindsay Gibson are aiming at to redeem their firm.

Apparently, Flagstaff marketing group is experiencing trouble dispensing and sharing knowledge from within; if this situation goes on unchecked for long then the effects could be catastrophic for the organization. For this reason, Peter Flagstaff and Lindsay Gibson have no otherwise than get back on the drawing board to strategize. At the dinner/focus group the firm’s performance is questioned and it is clear there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

Flagstaff suggests the main problem as the inability of the firm to keep and maintain record. Documentation of transactions is mandatory for future references in the event that the organization lacks automated systems to do that.

In the likely event that the demands of a client are similar to those already available in the records then it would be wise to borrow the idea and a little modification gives it a whole new perception and the ingenuity of the firm’s creativity is preserved. Alternatively, firms can share ideas through outsourcing.

This is the process through which an organization’s tasks are delegated to the staff in other firms whose expertise overshadows what is locally available. Better yet, the firm’s staff, which should be quick to learn, should tap some of the knowledge and experience practiced by competitors to enhance better performance. DuBrin and Young (2007)

The senior managers should cultivate a culture of experimentation through which staff members are at liberty to practice their innovative skills without the fear of failure. Managers should promote this through rewarding successful proposals and funding of such ventures. This kind of spirit drives the firm into territories no one else has been before and attracts fulfillment that comes with enhanced efficiency. Also, new Ideas in the organization create a sense of change which breaks the monotony of routine thus motivating the staff members.

While at the combination dinner and focus group several issues were raised by the professional staff. Garry was concerned with ideas leaking away to competitors when a member of staff leaves the team. Well this argument is not valid since most states have laws which protect the inventions and innovations of organizations.

The firm is given exclusive rights to implement its invention for a specified duration, after which it is expected that the firm has recovered the cost of its invention and the idea can be borrowed by others. On the other hand, Brenda’s argument seems valid as bureaucracies in some firms intimidate inventors once they are aware of the agony they will undergo to put their ideas across. Therefore, if Brenda was to be assisted with that then she would open up and share more.

Sharon’s argument is not quite valid as it does not have the best interest of the organization. No one can completely depend on himself fully for creativity. The essence of teamwork is basically to allow team members to learn and borrow from each other. Over the years teamwork in organizations has proved to be a strong link towards achieving efficiency. Lastly, Jason and Ann should ensure their creativity is at an all time high even if it means modifying their early ingenious creations.

In conclusion to improve knowledge sharing some changes need to be effected at the flagstaff such as the way in which people in the different management levels interact with each other. The best possible way would be to network their information systems such that information is conveyed freely and fairly. Also, the culture of operating at the comfort zone should seize and everything should be questioned whenever there is room for improvement to enhance efficiency.

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DuBrin, A. J., & Young, J. D. (2007). Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior (1st Canadian ed.). Toronto: Thomson Nelson

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