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Internet Pornography Regulation Essay

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Updated: May 3rd, 2022


Pornography refers to representations such as pictures, written materials and other forms whose primary motive is to instigate sexual excitement. The availability of pornographic materials has been enhanced with the development of communication technologies. Internet, which has for instance enhanced communication by readily providing all information that is available online has been a major factor in availing pornographic materials.

The increasing influence into internet pornography has led to mixed reactions from the society with some people calling for its regulation. This paper seeks to express the opinion that internet pornography should be censored. The paper will look into the effects and dangers of internet pornography to support the view that internet pornography should be controlled.


Pornography is a term that is controversial in every society and in all of its aspects. The controversy over pornography begins with its definition that raises arguments over what constitute pornography. Though agreements may be reached over the fact that pornography refers to contents whose original intentions are to create sexual arousal, representatives from different societies will always differ on the extent of that which causes sexual arousal.

A representation that is considered to be normal in one society might be considered to be pornographic in another society. There has therefore been a common agreement that pornography is that material that is specifically sold, in designated shops, to create sexual arousal. This however omits other cases of intended pornography (Cebulko 46). The availability of internet to people and similar availability of pornographic contents in the internet has been a factor to the spread and influence of pornography.

According to DeAngelis Tori, a large number of the population is exposed to internet pornography. A consideration to the younger population that consists of teenagers exhibits an almost fifty percent exposure to pornography. This is a combination of individuals who purposely visit the internet sites for the pornographic contents and those who get into the contents by accident. The exposure to internet pornography is also reported to be increasing among populations at a significant rate.

In the year 1999 for instance, only about a quarter of populations were reporting having accessed a pornographic site. This has changed to the current data that reveals almost half of the youth having been exposed to pornographic contents in the internet. There is therefore a threat of universal exposure to internet pornography if no measures are taken to control such access. This representative statistics can be projected to older population (DeAngelis 1).

Dangers of Pornography

One of the dangers of pornography is its addiction ability. Just like other addictions, pornography can captivate an individual to an extent that the individual can make extensive sacrifices to get time and access to pornography. Following an addiction, an individual will be forced into spending resources such as time and even money for access of pornography. Once a significant addiction has been realized, severe dangers of pornography then follow.

One of the effects of pornographic addiction is reduced productivity level of an individual with respect to responsibility. There have been reported cases of office workers spending most of their time either watching or downloading pornographic contents in their places of work. This means that time that is meant for office responsibilities are instead used in the internet for pornography. It is reported that addicts can spend as much as eight hours on internet pornography.

There have also been cases of people loosing their jobs because of pornography. Following their addictions, these individuals carry with them their act to workplaces where pornography is not allowed. They are then fired when found to be accessing pornographic contents while in office (Claiborne 1).

Pornography has at the same time been associated with sex crimes. Both pornographic devices and effects of exposure to pornography have the potential to cause sex related violence as well as health risks. The uses of equipments that are available in pornographic outlets for sex have been associated with deaths of women for example. In cases of sex violence in which minors have been defiled, there has been identified use of contents of pornography to influence the minors into the situations under which they were violated.

Such sex violence has further potential risks such as sexually transmitted diseases or even medical complications that can lead to death. There have at the same time been complaints that pornography affects relationships and even marriages. Cases of divorce have been reported that are purely caused by one partner being hooked up in pornography (Claiborne 1).


Though pornography existed before the introduction of internet, the use and availability of internet has facilitated access to pornographic materials. The use of such pornography is however addictive with further impacts over both economic issues.

Reported cases of reduced efficiencies in workplaces or even lost employment opportunities together with broken marriages are some of the dangers of internet pornography. It is with respect to these negative side effects that internet pornography should be regulated in order to help people out of its dangers.

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