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JTB Corporation Term Paper

Business/Technical Approach

JTB Corporation can use both the Windows Operating System and the Oracle-IT provider as the basic start-up programs. Windows OS runs on personal computers and is easier to use than any other operating system.

There are several versions of Windows OS with the subsequent releases having more features and better interactivity than their predecessors. Any of the latest versions, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 will perfectly match up JTB Corporation’s requirements for use.

Among the numerous functionalities of the Windows OS include the native File Manager, Print Manager Programs, as well as Program Manager. There are also other specialized Windows packages that work perfectly with the operating system.

They include the networkable Windows that are meant for workgroups, together with the Windows NT that are customized for businesses. The operating system also includes built-in internet support that allows users to browse the internet on their PCs (Kayani et al., 2010).

The Oracle software is specifically important for creating and using databases for the organization. Because JTB Corporation is a business entity that definitely deals with different people, products and services, a program that enables the creation of data in an easy to use database is the best way of managing the business.

It makes it easy for the company to deal with a huge amount of data with precision, including gaining access to business associates such as vendors and creditors, as well as enjoying the capability to undertake online business transactions.

This is fast, convenient, and reliable (Brodsky, Egge & Wang, 2012). Although Excel software can still be used for this purpose, JTB should avoid the temptation of using it because it lacks the dynamism needed. It is not possible to utilize an Excel program with other programs, thus limiting its ability.

For the beginning, it is important that the corporation gets a Local Area Network (LNA) for its operations. An LNA will only help in networking the few computer devices at the company due to JTB’s current size. It will enable managers to communicate with their subordinates via the organization’s network and transfer files from one office to the other with ease.

The corporation should also acquire desktops for use in its various offices. This is because they are less costly compared to acquiring laptops. Desktops can also be shared among different office users even where the facilities are limited, as opposed to laptops that are more personal and would require users to carry them around.

JTB Corporation will not need to acquire its own servers at the moment, basing on the scale of business and other necessities. However, they could consider using server services once the company opens up another branch or store. Buying and managing an own server is a challenging exercise that could prove too costly for a firm that is just beginning to gain foothold in the industry.

There are other alternatives of getting server services without necessarily owning it outright, which include leasing. This is a more appropriate choice for JTB because it will cost the company less while they will still be enjoying the full advantages of a server service.

Another important system worth adopting at JTB is the enterprise resource planning (ERP). The system has the ability of integrating external and internal management of information.

Thus, JTB will have the ability to manage such information as customer relationship management, sales and service, manufacturing, and finance among other needs. The system will also support information flow and management within the organization from one department to another.

Business Process Changes / Technology or business practices used to augment the solution

The new changes to be adopted by JTB will involve transforming from manual record keeping to a computerized type of system. The basic software will be installed to enable the devices be able to operate after the acquisition of desktops for use at the company. The Oracle software will present the standard database structure, which the company can customize such that it suits the operations and functions of JTB.

Information that currently exists in the manual system will have to be transferred one by one to the database. This exercise should be conducted with great precision because any alterations made on the data will distort the actual information as it should appear. Staffs charged with the role of transferring data will require some basic training on how to handle Oracle to make it easier for them to understand its functionality.

Use of a computerized system will also enhance interdepartmental coordination within the organization. The computers will be networked such that users from one end can be able to communicate with their colleagues in another department online. Files can be transferred online between users, thus making it more efficient to run the corporation’s business.

An important aspect to comprise the transfer from manual to computerized operation is the idea of cloud computing. JTB is a kind of system that would allow users to log in using their desktop machines and benefit from the functionalities of software and hardware that may not necessarily be managed by the company.

It enhances security in computing, while also providing users with the ability to access the information required in carrying out their day-to-day obligations.

Its other benefits include allowing users to transfer part of their data to a virtual storage location, thus protecting their PCs from slowing down in operations. In instances where workers might be forced to work off location, communication will still be enhanced even through use of video capabilities.

A computerized system will support Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management (Mohamad & Ismail, 2013). This kind of management system will eliminate the need for the company to hold inventory in its stores. Instead, a computerized system linking up with the suppliers’ systems will track movement of products and parts in real time.

The suppliers are automatically prompted to replenish the stock once these products reach a certain level necessary for reordering. Thus, the quantity of stock acquired perfectly matches the demand and no extra quantities are added.

It will be possible for JTB to get to the market faster through the use of a computerized system. The online connection relays feedback details about the market in real time and the company is able to instantly plan accordingly. The new mobile digital platform virtually enables people to compute even while on transit. Such capabilities and the interconnection of the internet would enable even higher efficiency in operations.

The company can in the meanwhile rely on online social media to reach hundreds of millions of people, both of whom could be potential consumers and potential business partners because JTB still does not own a website.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are very common, particularly among the youth who are also potentially JTB’s biggest customer base. Social media is simple to operate and does not cost the company high figures to maintain, unlike the case with websites.


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