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Keep the world secure Essay


How many people believe that guns are essential in defending themselves? Would they have the same feeling if they were aware of how often guns cause the death of innocent adults and children? This would definitely not be the case. The problem is that many magazines and other publications normally talk of the beauty and power of the guns in defending oneself without ever talking of the many individuals that are hurt, and in most instances killed using guns each day.

However, I am now beseeching you to play off the possession of guns by civilians owing to the actuality that a gun can be a weapon of violence. Guns cause the death of innocent people and children each day and make individuals blind to the reality that these persons are dying unnecessarily (Webster, Jon, and Michael 45-52). Now let me present a number of reasons for my allegation.

Keeping guns in the homestead generates the chance for deadly violence

Individuals with guns and that have unsound feelings or anger can bring about violent outcomes very simply.

Domestic dispute in Santa Monica

A good instance of the way individuals with guns and that have unsound feelings can bring about violent outcomes is the case of the killings on 7th June 2013 in Santa Monica, California. This killing spree began with a domestic disagreement as well as consequent fire at home (Webster, Jon, and Michael 95-102).

This was followed by a sequence of shootings close to and at the grounds of Santa Monica College where six individuals were killed, encompassing the suspect (John Zawahri that was aged 23 years), and four individuals got injured in the occurrence.

Guns pose a significant risk especially in schools

Many students and school staff die because of gunshots every year

Virginia Tech massacre

This denotes a school shooting that happened in 2007 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, US. In this happening, Seung-Hui Cho shot thirty-two individuals, injured seventeen persons, and six persons were injured as they attempted to escape through classroom windows in the two incidences.

The second incident happened two hours after the first one; before Seung-Hui committed suicide. This represents the deadliest horrible gunfire occurrence by one gunman in the records of the US. These attacks attracted global media coverage as well as extensive criticism of the gun culture in the United States (Webster, Jon, and Michael 85-89).

Moreover, the attacks ignited acute debate concerning gun violence and gun laws among other concerns. These shootings forced the state of Virginia to shut legal loopholes that had earlier permitted Cho to buy guns devoid of detection by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and caused the establishment of the first key federal gun management appraise. President Bush endorsed a law reinforcing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in 2008.

Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Before the close of 2012, Adam Lanza that was 20-years old killed 20 grade 1 children and seven adults: 4 teachers, the principal, the school psychologist and his mother, who was the first to be killed at their home in Newtown. It was after shooting his mother dead that Adam headed to the school. In this incident, two other individuals were injured. With the arrival of the police, Adam shot himself in the head and died instantly.

This occurrence was the second biggest deadly shooting by one gunman after Virginia Tech massacre. These shootings attracted renewed discussions concerning gun possession in the US, and a recommendation for new laws prohibiting the sale and ownership of guns having a high number of bullets (Webster, Jon, and Michael 75-80).

Guns generate fatal tragedies in the society

Deaths can occur very easily by unpleasant use of guns

Shootings at Sikh temple

On August 2012, Michael Page lethally shot 6 individuals and injured 4 people in a shooting incident at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Afterward, Michael shot himself in the head and died after a reacting policeman shot him in the stomach. Michael was an American white supremacist and a military veteran.

Every one of the individuals that were killed was a member of the Sikh faith (Webster, Jon, and Michael 66-72). This shooting incident attracted reactions from the US President Obama as well as Prime Minister Singh of India. Panjandrums took part in the candlelight vigils in nations like the United States and India with the US first lady, Michelle, paying a visit to the temple after the shooting occurrence.

Spree killing in Grand Rapids

In late 2011, a gunman shot 7 individuals dead and injured two others in a shooting at Grand Rapids, Michigan. These shooting incidences occurred in two different homes with two people getting minor gunshot wounds on the road. The gunman had led policemen on a chase, during which he shot the two bystanders prior to crashing his vehicle into a wall. The gunman then fled to a third home that had three occupants.

The suspect behind this incident was Rodrick Dantzler, who later committed suicide subsequent to a police response after holding the 3 individuals in the third home hostage for four hours (Webster, Jon, and Michael 54-58). The individuals killed in this occurrence encompass Rodrick’s ex-wife; their daughter aged 10 years, his ex-girlfriend and their family members. One of the bystanders that received minor gunshot wounds was also accustomed to Rodrick.


Better regulations require being put in place in a bid to help people; especially children, lead a happy and safe life. If the United States government could care for its residents and their security, then it could curb easy possession of guns in order to save lives (Webster, Jon, and Michael 33-37). If the congress were to ensure that the funds granted by the National Rifle Association have a maximum benefit, they could impose some regulations against easy purchase of guns by any civilian.

It is my hope that by 2020, there will be better regulations and a more concerned government that will succeed in making the United States a safe place without avoidable gun killings. Finally, the government and congress ought to make good use of their funding and power in safeguarding the lives of the residents, who look upon them for protection. My plea to you is that you join me in opposing gun possession in order to keep the world secure.

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