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Khalidiyah Mall: SWOT Analysis Report


The Middle East’s economy has been growing rapidly within the past three decades. This development has catalyzed the emergence of different business firms and new lifestyles. Consumer behaviors and purchasing trends have changed significantly over the years. This change has led to the proliferation of shopping malls and business centers in nations such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Such malls are capable of supporting the needs of the population. This discussion presents a detailed SWOT analysis of Khalidiyah Mall in the UAE.

SWOT Analysis

Khalidiyah Mall is one of the prestigious shopping centers in the UAE. Situated at Abu Dhabi, the mall has managed to support the needs of many customers in the country. The center delivers an unforgettable shopping experience to different clients, such as local citizens and tourists. The mall is owned by EMKE Group. This group has many supermarkets and hypermarkets in different parts of the world. The success of the EMKE Group is associated with the strengths and opportunities of this mall. Such strengths can be tapped to address the mall’s weaknesses and threats.


  • EMKE Group uses an effective leadership model to guide and monitor most of the activities and initiatives implemented at the mall. The mall is managed by competent people who understand the unique needs of more customers from diverse cultural backgrounds or societies.
  • The mall boasts of three levels of space. The space is elegant and attracts different entrepreneurs who market a wide range of products such as furniture, consumer electronics, cosmetics, and apparel. These high-quality products meet the changing expectations of many people.
  • Khalidiyah Mall has unrestrained food courts that offer a wide array of international culinary and cuisine. This model is supported using various restaurants and cafes that serve premium foods and drinks to consumers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Many people recognize and admire the mall because of its distinctive architectural design. Analysts and architects acknowledge that the architectural style exhibited by this structure appears to blend the present with the past. On top of shopping, visitors can take a look at this attention-grabbing structure at the heart of Abu Dhabi.
  • The mall is characterized by a commendable customer service model. The mall has an office at the entrance that is dedicated to concerns and complaints raised by different customers. There is a shopping guide with stores, products sold, and telephone numbers. The parking lot is equipped with wheelchairs to serve every disabled person visiting the mall.


  • The business model implemented at the mall presents a major challenge to the EMKE Group. Although the group promotes appropriate strategies to ensure the targeted customers receive exemplary services, the success of the implementation plan depends on the initiatives undertaken by store owners and managers.
  • The strategy associated with this mall seeks to meet the needs of affluent customers. This means that most of the implemented processes and initiatives do not appear to put the emerging needs of low-income earners into consideration. The process might have affected the success and performance of the mall.
  • The current workforce at Khalidiyah Mall is empowered and guided to deliver exemplary services and support to different customers. Unfortunately, very little effort has been made to attract a diverse workforce that is capable of addressing the unique needs of more foreign visitors. This challenge or weakness explains why a large number of tourists from different regions consider other hypermarkets and centers in Abu Dhabi.
  • EMKE Group has come up with pertinent principles to ensure every objective is realized in a timely manner. These include understanding the aspirations of different customers, establishing a competitive advantage or edge, and discovering value addition areas. Unfortunately, different store owners are not guided in an attempt to pursue these principles.
  • The group’s decision to focus on shopping and food is a strategy that fails to capture the interests of many people in the country and beyond. This practice has created a gap that affects the mall’s overall profitability.


  • Khalidiyah Mall is one of the structures located at Abu Dhabi’s nerve center. This positioning strategy is an opportunity for the mall because it will continue to attract more customers and visitors. Every individual visiting the UAE will definitely be a potential customer. This opportunity can be embraced to support EMKE Group’s aims.
  • The United Arab Emirates is one of the nations with an attractive economic growth pattern and positive indicators for business performance. The country’s attributes and prospects will definitely support the business goals of many businesses and hypermarkets. The mall will definitely benefit from this opportunity.
  • Many people in the country are currently enjoying the fruits of its positive economic position. This development has altered the lifestyles and expectations of more people. The mall stands a chance to consider these changes and develop better models to attract more customers.
  • Abu Dhabi has become one of the leading tourist destinations in the Middle East. More people are visiting the city every month. Khalidiyah Mall should capitalize on this opportunity in an attempt to achieve its business objectives. The city has been observed to host numerous global events and conferences.
  • EMKE Group has been scanning different environments and conditions in an attempt to develop better principles for its malls and supermarkets. The group’s research and development (R&D) department presents better practices and ideas that can make it easier for the mall to achieve its potential.


  • The number of malls and hypermarkets in the UAE has increased sharply within the past two decades. This development presents a major threat to Khalidiyah Mall due to the current level of competition. Experts believe that the number of malls will increase in the next few years.
  • The problem of terrorism has defined the region for many years. This predicament can be described as a major threat that might undermine the mall’s future objectives. Past events show clearly that many malls have become favorite targets for terrorists and criminals.
  • Online shopping has become a common practice across the world. Malls are currently facing a major threat due to the nature of this disruptive business model. Hypermarkets and malls might be required to transform their processes and strategies in an attempt to remain relevant in their respective sectors.
  • The mall’s architectural design is believed by some analysts to be a threat. The Islamic architectural style appears to communicate with followers of the faith. Visitors belonging to different religious groups such as Jews would not be willing to shop from the mall.
  • The current uncertainty regarding the relationships existing between nations in the region presents a challenge to different businesses such as Khalidiyah Mall. For instance, different countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia ended their diplomatic ties with Qatar a few months ago. Analysts acknowledge that the blockade might affect the success of Khalidiyah Mall.
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