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Duncan L. Niederaueris’s Leadership Essay

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Updated: Nov 25th, 2019

Leader selection

Duncan L. Niederaueris the chief executive officer (CEO) of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). His career pertains to corporate management. Such a career is demanding since the person at the helm of such an organization has to deliver certain results.

The stock exchange’s core duty is to facilitate the trading of securities. Trading in this market adheres to certain regulations that protect the interests of shareholders and the government. Duncan has served in numerous managerial capacities in many organizations. This has equipped Duncan with experience which is vital in his current post.

Description of the industry

Duncan has served as the CEO of the NYSE since 2007. The main obligation of the stock exchange is to regulate trading of securities. Citizens may be unknowingly reaped off by unscrupulous entities. The reap-off may entail price manipulation to increase the shares’ values at the exchange.

Such an act would result in people buying shares at higher prices yet there is no economic justification for the increase in the value of securities. Regulation of this market is critical since the current security market is dependent on speculation. It is therefore vital for the board to monitor forces that drive speculation. Additionally, Duncan is in charge of a body that approves the entities to be listed in the exchange.

The approval of the entities that want to go public ought to be a cautious process. As such, the CEO and his managerial team should evaluate if applicants fulfill all the set conditions. Some of the conditions include audited records, legality of an entity’s undertakings and the stability of an entity’s revenues or profits. The sole purpose of this organization is to protect the investments made by the public (Gillen 200).


Such work demands multiple skills that are both professional in nature and others that relate to once character. First, the CEO must have analytical skills. This will enable him/her foresee scenarios that will arise at the stock exchange. For example, the economic meltdown resulted in a reduction in the values of shares.

The CEO should undertake measures in the exchange that will mitigate the ramifications of the economic deterioration. Analytical skills are also vital in the approval of the entities to be listed. Such an evaluation requires effective analytical skills that will unearth the financial strength or weaknesses of an entity.

Duncan’s position also requires a visionary leader. The CEO of any company makes strategic decisions. In this scenario, Duncan’s strategic measures or plans should enhance the efficiency of the stock exchange. Additionally, the strategic measures should also ensure that the stock exchange’s systems are secure.

Thus, investments made are not susceptible to cyber criminals. Political skills are also required in this profession. Any manager or CEO will have to sell the plans he/she wants to undertake to stakeholders. Duncan has to sell his ideas to the government and the listed entities for approval. This process requires political skills, which will ensure his ideas, are approved.

Integrity is a virtue that can never be overlooked in management. Integrity will ensure that the CEO does not tamper with prices of shares to advance personal interests. Investment decisions depend primarily on stock values. Such decisions include takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. Manipulation of shares’ prices would impact such deals negatively. As such, some of the investors would receive less economic value compared to the funds invested (Griffin 9).

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