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Leadership – Ann Fudge Case Study

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Updated: Jun 17th, 2019

Ann Fudge is open to new ideas that her staff propose to her. She is positive in her approach which makes her receptive to new ways of doing things proposed by those she works with. She gets good results out of her team by encouraging her subordinates to be creative.

Her conscientiousness is displayed through the lessons she offers senior managers on the best leadership approaches to use in their firms. This speaks highly of her dedication to work and those who work with her to achieve the desired results.

Her extraversion traits led her to take a break from work for two years. This shows that there are other more fulfilling interests in her life apart from her career. The sabbatical invigorated her personal drive which improved her leadership skills at work. She is agreeable which makes her to get along well with both her juniors and customers.

She has travelled and interacted with her company’s employees in different parts of the world which shows her as affable. Her neurotic side is shown by how she works long hours to ensure that her company stays profitable and competitive in the market.

Ann values collaboration between her employees in the organisation. She encourages those who work under her to be more creative and innovative in their duties. Ann is receptive to her workers’ ideas and suggestions and this helps her to make better decisions. She is constantly involved in her organization’s activities. She inspires her subordinates to emulate what she does by interacting with them constantly.

These interactions help her acquire different perspectives on work related issues. Therefore she is in a position to make better decisions which bring positive results to the organisation.

Ann has created a vibrant work culture which sees her being involved in the activities of her firm globally. Her personality and demeanour helps her subordinates to have positive attitudes to work. She has encouraged her employees to have good customer care skills which has made them more effective in their work assignments.

The policies she has instituted have changed the firm’s organisational culture. Fudge has a strong work ethic which has made it possible for her to steer the organisation in a prosperous direction.

Ann’s decision to take a sabbatical was important for her career. The sabbatical gave her a chance to reinvent herself in order to become a better leader. A sabbatical helps a leader to reflect on the direction his career is taking and the satisfaction he gets out of it. It helps one to relax and eases the burden of expectations placed on a person’s shoulders.

A leader taking a sabbatical can focus on other activities which are more fulfilling to him and offer personal satisfaction. A sabbatical offers a leader a chance to take part in pursuits that nourish the mind to avoid the effects of a burn out caused by overworking.

A leader taking a sabbatical may be seen as incapable and unable to handle work related pressure. A sabbatical makes a person to get distracted and this can make a leader to be less dedicated to his work. The time that is wasted in a sabbatical can cost a person many valuable opportunities. A sabbatical may make a person inefficient and incompetent in his work duties.

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