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Ann Fudge’s Leadership Lessons Essay

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Updated: May 12th, 2021

Where would Ann Fudge be placed in each of the Five Factor Model (FFM) categories?

The Five Factor Model (FFM) includes five categories that represent specific traits that can be discussed as typical of leaders. These categories are openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. While discussing Fudge’s openness to experience, it is possible to state that she can be scored high according to this criterion. The reason is in the fact that Fudge is a broad-minded leader who is interested in receiving new experiences. Thus, she was focused on finding new impressions when she decided to take a break in her career. Furthermore, Fudge became concentrated on a challenge to take the position at Y&R in order to learn and achieve more as a professional. Fudge is also characterized by a medium level of conscientiousness because she can be both well-organized and creative in order to guarantee that her team works effectively.

The factor of extraversion is also important to assess a leader’s traits and qualities. Fudge demonstrates a medium level of extraversion as she is a good motivator and a decisive team leader, but she is also a good listener who can make all members of her team and other employees feel comfortable while working with her. Analyzing Fudge’s agreeableness, it is possible to note that she has a rather high score according to this factor. Thus, Fudge is diplomatic and approachable in her communication with employees to develop their creativity. Fudge also demonstrates a low level of neuroticism as she is optimistic, manages conflicts calmly, and tends to create a positive emotional environment in the company.

Consider the components of creative intelligence from Table 6.3. Identify the key components that have affected Ann Fudge’s success.

It is important to note that Fudge’s success as a leader who has creative intelligence depends on her ability to provide employees with the required autonomy and to draw their attention to achieving long-term strategic goals. In spite of the fact that Fudge avoids performing as a ‘remote’ leader, her control does not limit employees’ creativity. One more key component of Fudge’s creative intelligence is her focus on teamwork. In addition, this leader is also successful in applying the Six Sigma method to increase employees’ creativity. As a result of this woman’s leadership, employees are encouraged to demonstrate their creativity and innovative thinking while being a part of a successful team-oriented to achieving strategic goals. This approach is effective in guaranteeing that employees can realize their potential to help the company become more competitive in the market.

Ann Fudge decided to take a sabbatical to focus on her personal life. Based on her experience, what are the benefits of such a break? What might be some drawbacks?

Fudge is a leader who is open to experience and who needs innovative ideas to stimulate her creativity and be able to motivate her team. Therefore, she can benefit from a break in professional activities significantly. The reason is that Fudge can find more sources for her inspiration as a leader while focusing on traveling and yoga. Moreover, Fudge demonstrates the abilities of a thinker who pays attention to details and other people’s behaviors. Therefore, she can improve her skills in managing employees while interacting with different people in her daily life. As a result, while accepting a challenge to work at Y&R, Fudge can be viewed as ready to realize her new innovative ideas in order to improve a situation in the company. However, in spite of many advantages that the break has for the development of Fudge’s creativity and leadership style, there are also some drawbacks. A two-year break can be discussed as a very long period in the sphere of business, and Fudge can require a lot of time for improving her skills in order to adapt to new business environments.

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