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Leadership Excellence: Audio Resource Production Essay

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Updated: Jan 18th, 2021

Project Planning


It is worth noting that the advancement in audio recording has made a relatively good step towards informing people on various themes and topics (Ferguson 2007). This audio recording depicted the role played by the managers or leaders in the organization toward business excellence. The following audio covered the topic through an interview conducted to source the role played by business training institutes. It is the quest for good leadership that people have got admission to various institutions for both excellence in the future as well as promotion in the workplace.

Technical choices

As a producer, you need to consider the format you deliver the audio recording resource because some players fail to decode some file formats. Therefore, this audio recording resource was supposed to a MPEG Audio Layer III version (Mp3) format encoded at 192 kbps (Moore 2011). Additional information to this audio resource was the size of the file which was 3.69 Megabytes. As a result, the produced Mp3 was playable in most portable devices such as Mp3 players, smartphones, audio players, and computers (Vogel & Morgan 2009). The information, therefore, was ready to be presented using my personal computer during the presentation.

Reference materials

The message contained in this audio recording resource is very clear and it requires the attention of the audience to learn various factors contributing to business excellence. Therefore, depending on the preferences of the audience it could be something worth listening to without requiring any visual aid (Davis & Jones 1990). Nevertheless, some additional information was necessary for facilitating smooth recording. The information on audio recording was present in various publications and web pages.

Stock Material Sources

Among the sources and references used in this project were publications on how to record and produce audio resources (Huber 1995). However, in the script, only the direct conversation was included with no outside reference. This was meant to facilitate smooth recording activity as well as communicating the message. As a result, references in the scripts are omitted intentionally but in-text and referencing are applied in other parts (Jones 2003).


  • TITLE: Leadership Excellence in Business Management.
  • TRT: 2 min. 40 sec.


Most of the businesses and corporations globally have cited good leadership and the ability to offer managerial skills as a paramount achievement to business success. As result, these corporations opt to employ managers with adequate training in the field of study. The following audio record resource captured an interview to elaborate on this topic in better detail.

Package: Leadership Excellence in Business Management

Welcome to our talk today… (Clapping and theme song fades)…

Presenter: So how do you think KIM will come up with training that will make people who are going to resourceful in the country?

Mary: aaahm! I would say that beyond training we do so many other things and it is these other things that build in our programs. And I would give an example; we offer what we call customer performance index. This is a business model that is assisting African corporations to become more competitive by assessing them and we have gone out in the world to look for the best practices in as far as running an organization is concerned.

So what we do is to plow back that knowledge to our programs so that while you are training managers and future business leaders we say that how can these leaders be put anywhere in the world and be able to run an organization and make that organization more or less of a help. So our training really target managers and these are managers who are likely to take up bigger responsibilities in their organizations. We go ahead to look at the challenges they are facing and therefore the training is less tailored to be able to match the skills gap they have.

Presenter: Now Jackie, let us look at some of the success stories in your institution and what kind of strategies you are strategizing.

Jackie: Okay, thank you, from the training especially the business excellence skills offered to our students have had successful stories. We have seen the organizations both from the public and the private sectors that have grown from small to large corporations. To mention an example is in COYA and OPI or OPA COYA, COYA is an award system that will have to go through the OPI process and OPI, in this case, is a business excellence model that helps organizations to align their processes towards getting better performance and at the end being competitive in the market. In addition to that, we have also had higher diploma students. Our diploma is not just like any other in the market. We offer practically oriented diplomas and again in most of the organizations; most of our students hold key positions in those organizations. … (Clapping fades…).

Project plan and budget

As a student, there was very little set for this project but I did everything possible to ensure that the project was successful. The project spent a reasonable budget with most of the equipment borrowed or leased. Below is a breakdown of the budget allotted for this project.

  1. The audio recorder was leased from a local studio at accost of 4 dollars per day.
  2. I collaborated with my friends to interview at no cost. However, there were some refreshments offered to the guests at a few expenses.

Reference List

Davis, G & Jones, R 1990, Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, 2nd edn, Hal Leonard Corp, Milwaukee, WI.

Ferguson, B 2007, ‘Creativity and integrity: Marketing the “in development” screenplay’, Psychology and Marketing, vol. 26, no. 5, pp. 417-428.

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Moore, R 2011, Lab 2. Web.

Vogel, AP & Morgan, AT 2009, ‘Factors affecting the quality of sound recording for speech and voice analysis’, International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, vol. 11, no. 6, pp. 431-437.

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