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London and Bangkok: Tourism Perspective Essay

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Updated: May 19th, 2021

When it comes to traveling, many of us have our personal favorites and for some of the travelers is just a means of chasing their dreams. Our attitude toward exploring new things is the key to understanding the magic of traveling and seeing the world. It is evident that the majority of us have been somewhere outside our hometown or a place of permanent residence. When it comes to tourists, there are several types of them. There are travelers that want to visit only specific locations, and there are those who want to wander the world and see everything merely.

Considering the cultural, ethnic, and other innumerable differences inherent in all the countries around the globe, we shall understand that learning other nation’s traditions and preferences is our personal development. It raises self-consciousness and helps to see the world from a number of perspectives. There are two cities that did not make the list of the most popular destinations, but they regularly get high places in the top ten tourist destinations. These locations are London and Bangkok, and there are numerous places to see in both cities, so it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one should visit both London and Bangkok if they want to see the best of Europe and Asia, but it is vital to remember that the climate in Bangkok is much better and there are way more tourist attractions that will be totally loved by the majority of visitors of all ages.

London is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole world due to its consistent presence in the global political and economic arena. It is important to mention that London is not so picturesque if we compare it to a number of other European capitals, but it is so stylish that it is absolutely impossible to pass on it. Many say that they typically dislike “London weather” and do not want to go there simply because they are not into relatively cold weather sprinkled with smog and heavy rains. Another important fact is that the weather in Great Britain, in general, is seriously impacted by the seas that wash its shores. Those tourists who want to travel to London have to be ready for unpredictable climate conditions and robust climate shifts (even during the day).

Nonetheless, London weather is more of a myth, and one should definitely visit this city if they want to feel the spirit of the Victorian era and almost literally go back in time. When speaking of London, one most definitely remembers Big Ben, Tower Bridge, or Buckingham Palace, but there is much more food for eyes and thought in London than one may imagine. A unique atmosphere envelops this city while the red buses and London cabs seem to come off the pictures from books and magazines. One should not believe, though, that London is too prim and ceremonious for casual travelers as it allows you to get on a giant Ferris wheel that is called “The London Eye” and observe a rather significant part of the city near the river Thames. The fans of Harry Potter will be able to visit the Warner Bros. facility and see how the movie was filmed.

The fact is, if someone is tired of the European architectural decisions, its conformist nature, and a fairly bewildered London-esque mood, there is nothing wrong with exploring the city, which is on almost the opposite side of the globe. Evidently, Bangkok is not as much recognized as London is, but this does not diminish its merits as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In contrast to the previous city on the list, Bangkok meets us with vivid colors, an uplifting mood, and a variety of unforgettable entertaining activities.

When speaking of the capital of Thailand, one simply cannot go without mentioning the astonishing grace of the Grand Palace and numerous temples that can be located at every turn (literally). Bangkok excites and enthralls you, but its influence is not forceful because most of us will be glad to experience the spirit of adventure and treat ourselves with bright lights and shallow streets. Nowhere in the world, you will find the Floating Market that looks exactly like the one in Bangkok, and that is not an exaggeration. Even if that was not enough to persuade someone to visit Bangkok, one should remember that this city features heaven-like beaches that will not leave you unsympathetic or not willing to extend your stay in the capital of Thailand.

Overall, Bangkok is a must-visit location that should not be disregarded by travelers that are tired of European conservatism. If you are not sure whether you should visit Bangkok, you have to realize that this city is the only place where one can see an enormous statue of Buddha that is made of gold. There are also numerous art and history museums (Jim Thompson’s Museum is one of the most popular among them). One can even visit the Safari World and see exotic animals in their natural habitat. Not to mention that the weather in Bangkok is an absolute splendor – the sun shines for almost 24 hours, and a reasonable level of humidity will not have you dying from dehydration.

To sum it up, if we disregard our personal preferences or take the people that travel just for the sake of traveling, we will see that there are certain tourist destinations that are popular among each and every one. There are numerous cities around the world that are called tourist attractions, and they are principally called so because they attract people. For instance, one may not resist the magnificence of New York (Brooklyn or Manhattan in particular) at night, and you just cannot walk past Central Park or the Statue of Liberty simply because these are worldwide known trademarks and not only architectural and ecological monuments. The same relates to such places as Paris (the Tower of Eiffel), Beijing (the Great Wall of China), Rio de Janeiro (Christ the Redeemer), and many more. Irrespective of that, this essay should not be looked upon as a Bangkok sightseeing advertisement.

Instead, it should be perceived as a recommendation aimed at those individuals who love to travel and experience new things. Seeing the best of Europe and Asia by simply visiting two cities actually makes a lot of sense (that does not mean that you should not visit other places either) because exploring other cultures and getting acquainted with others is pure fun. Bangkok seems to be one of the best tourist destinations of all time, and I would absolutely love to travel there anytime. The weather in Bangkok is paradise-like, and the colors of the city are really bright and good-looking. My sincere advice to the reader is to travel as much as possible and learn more about other cultures and nations in order to broaden their horizons.

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